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Active County Projects

FreeCEN  are always looking for help .
This could be to help as a Coordinator, Transcriber or Checker.

To help with FreeCEN volunteers will need:-

  • A computer and some spare time.
  • A spreadsheet program. (Excel, Works, Open Office etc)
  • You can help with a County of your choice.
  • See the individual County Status pages to see what area's are available.
  • We Transcribe and Check from CD's supplied to you.
  • The software, instructions and lots of help and advice is also on hand at all times as well as by the individual County Coords.
  • The software is designed to make the task as easy as possible.
  • Although the software is designed for PC/Windows machines, arrangements can be made to accommodate Linux-based PCs and Apple computers.
  • There are also dedicated mailing lists where you can post questions or queries on and to receive advice in all aspects of FreeCEN.  

Project Phases

There are four phases that we go through before the DATA gets uploaded to the Online Search facility.

  1. Transcribing
  2. Checking
  3. Validating
  4. Post Validating.

Phase 1 : Transcription

We transcribe into a specially designed Spreadsheet from the CD.

The first  couple of pages are done to start you off.

You are supplied with the Images  from which you will Transcribe
for the PIECE you have chosen. This is normally on a CD.

We have a program called CSVCHECK that you can use yourself  or your C Coordinator will run the spreadsheet through it for you.
This produces a report that will ultimately help you as well.

Phase 2 : Checking

Each transcribed piece will be checked by another volunteer using a FreeCEN program called WINCC.

We also have what we call  the Visual Checking  method from the Transcribed Spreadsheet.
This is more for those that have the new Windows 7.

Phase 3 : Validation

A validation will be carried out using local knowledge of the county to assist particularly in the validation of place names.

This is mostly done by the COORD or their designated volunteer.
We use a FreeCEN Program called VALDREV for this purpose.

Phase 4 : Post Validation.

Finally Phase 4 is normally done by the County COORD  prior to the PIECE being uploaded to the ONLINE DATABASE.

How to Volunteer

You can contact the  individual COORD from the active County list on the left hand side of this  page.

Alternatively please contact Brenda by clicking on her name.


Transcriptions Already Done


If you have already done a transcription
of ANY large census area (in the U.K.) or year,  then please contact me to discuss how we might use your considerable effort in conjunction with the FreeCEN project.


Background to the FreeCEN Project:

The FreeCEN project was initiated in July, 1999.
One of the main instigators was Brian Randell (GenUKI, Devon)

If you would like to help with FreeCEN in any way or form, please link on one of the committed County Projects, (see left column above) or email Brenda Bowers 




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                          FreeCEN Chairperson:                             Brenda Bowers    

County Coordinator Link to Status Page 
   England Counties not
Covered by those listed below.

1841 1851  1861 
 1871  1891

Brenda Bowers

Status Page For those Counties not listed elsewhere
1841   1851   1861
Rena Mitchell Status Page
 1861 1871 1891
Brenda Bowers Status Page
Bev Howlett Status Page
Ian Cameron Status Page
CHANNEL ISLANDS  1861     1891    Brenda Bowers Status Page
CUMBERLAND  1861     Carol Barber Status Page
DERBYSHIRE  :  1861 Brenda Bowers Status Page 
DERBYSHIRE 1891  Brenda Bowers    Status Page 
DEVON   : 1841 Brenda Bowers Status Page
DEVON  Carol Barber Status Page
DEVON  : 1861 1891  Lesley Dawson Completed
1861   1871   1891
Carol Barber Status Page
ESSEX   :  1871 : 1891  Brenda Bowers Status Page
GLOUCESTERSHIRE  1841  Chris Mahoney Status Page
HAMPSHIRE   :  1891     David Philpot Status Page
Jane Earles Status Page
KENT : 1871 : 1891 Rebekah House Too Follow
KENT  :  1861 Jen Sheehan Status Page
 1861 : 1891

Neil Southern
LEICESTERSHIRE  1861 : 1871 : 1891  John Toplis Status Page
1861  1871  1891
Michael Borrill Status Page
Bethnel Green,
Mile End, Stepney, 
St Pancras &  Whitechapel
 Barbara Pearce Status Page
MIDDLESEX : 1861  1891 Ian Cameron Status Page
NORFOLK    :   1861    Bev Howlett Status Page
NORFOLK    :   1891 Bev Howlett Status Page
NORTHUMBERLAND     1861 Carol Barber Status page
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE1861 Brenda Bowers Status Page
NOTTINGHAMSHIRE1891 Brenda Bowers Status Page
RUTLAND    :   1861 Michael Borrill Status Page
1841 : 1851
     1861 : 1871
Geoff Jarvis Status Page
STAFFORDSHIRE North & South  Ian Cameron Status Page  
SUFFOLK  :   1891  Brenda Bowers Status Page
SUFFOLK  :  1871   William (Bill) Butcher Web page to follow
SURREY   : 1871    1891 Bev Howlett Status Page
SUSSEX   :  1891 Marilyn Smith Status Page
SUSSEX   : 1861 1871 Simon Brickell Status Page
WESTMORLAND   :  1861  Carol Barber Status Page
1861   1871    1891
Carol Barber Status Page
Huddersfield 1891 Only
Janet Ogden Completed

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