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Last updated 27th May, 2001
Development by Bob Muchamore(AUS).
This facility is mainly based upon queries extracted from the FreeCEN Mailing List.

Answers to most of the questions raised regarding the operation of IN-CENS can, in fact, be found in the "HELP" systems provided within each software module. The following pages, mainly extracted from the FreeCEN Mailing List <>, either draw attention to some of the less-obvious stumbling blocks or clarify some interpretations of procedure.


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1. Correcting Files
I have just had a look at my Daily Back-up disk and when I try to read the file "Censdata" I get a message- "Filename not valid, File must have extension SET."
Is there something I can do?
The transcription is on my hard drive and I can read it on INCENS.

CENSDATA.ZIP is the name given to a back-up disk when you leave the INCENS routine.
When you do a "Restore from / " on the INCENS menu, this should transfer that data back into the programme so that you can resume data entry in the normal way.

There is no need to open any INCENS files by any means except through the INCENS routines. Any interference may void all your hard work!

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2. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I have an entry as follows:
Sch No 2 3 4 5 6
13 South Street 1 2B 4 Eliza --
Do I make an entry of the Column 4 "2B" first, with two Schedules "0" and then enter Sch No 13 as is customary?
The entry before this was an "1U" on a line by itself.

I would favour exactly what you suggest. It is difficult to see what is meant by that entry, but I think we can only deal with it in the manner you suggest.

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3. Households
If a household begins on one page, but finishes on another, the correct page number can only be input for the first page, the remainder of the household will be listed as being on the wrong page. I see no way to input the correct page, other than manually via the DAT file & backup DAT file.

DOS version: When you finish entering a person on the data template you
(1) <END> to signify that the person is complete;
(2) a quick look-over before <ENTER> to "SAVE the Data";
(3) EITHER:- <ENTER> again to continue typing that household from the same census page
OR: <END> because you have finished that household; OR in order to change the HEADER because the household is continued on another page

IF you are continuing the household from another census page - be sure to select the "Continue H'hold (ADD)" or "New Page" option after doing the checks. However, if you blunder and start a "new household" this is no great tragedy - just more work for the Checker later, so leave a short NOTE (such as "Should be with above family!")
Strongly recommended that you try this in TEST MODE with some "pretend" data, just to satisfy yourselves how it works.

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Checkers are reminded that, apart from any interpretations specifically for them, there may be other "Q & A" relevant to their tasks

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5. <F> keys & Pick Lists
Columns 12 (Employer), 13 (Employed) and 14 (Neither Employed nor Unemployed).
In INCENS was there an F key available for the above insertions and if so what was the shortform/abbreviation for Column 14.

Actually, the answer is on the IN-CENS screen...
[DOS] ...when you get to the "Occupation" field, a pick-list of F-keys comes up on the right-hand will see the F-key options there........<Alt>+F8 is the one you're talking of.
[WIN] ... rest the mouse pointer on the "FK" label. <F8> is the corresponding F-key.

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6. Unocc, Bldg, & Vacant
As you know, the summary sheets at the beginning of each registration district show totals for each each page - no of schedules, males, females, etc. Into my 4th district I now have 2 instances as follows; No of Schedules = 5; Inhabited =4
On looking through those pages, in one case there is an 'x' in column 3 of one schedule (as opposed to a '1' for the others), although details are recorded of 4 occupants. In the second case, column 3 is blank but, again, details of occupants are provided.
I know that we don't record the information in column 3 itself, but does this indicate that the family were absent? If so, who provided the details, or were they provided prior to the census date? If they were not absent, why the 'x'?
Should these addresses be flagged with a 'v'?

As far as the Summary Sheets at the beginning of each district are concerned these are of passing interest for the project transcriber.
The thing we are after is the actual Census Schedules and the lists of persons - on the basis that we type "AS IS" (from the relevant columns) and "flag" any queries that we are unsure about at transcription time. Use of the "NOTES" field is also encouraged, and we also have the "MYNOTES" file where we can add extensive explanations of something we have done, or are not sure about.
I haven't previously come across anything quite as you describe, so can only attempt to visualise the pages.
Provided you use the " x flag" and "Notes" you will have done what is requested. We should only use the "v" flag where the Enumerator has specifically stated "vacant" - in which case there would not normally be any persons listed.
We are not able to know the reasons (and therefore to correct) if the Enumerator has made a mistake.

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7. Cannot Save Occupant
I have a girl listed as age 18ys whose mother is 35ys. I am unable to record this as transcribed as the programme will not accept it. I suspect she is actually 8 years old. Is it acceptable to record her age as 8 on the page? If not, what do I do to be able to continue to the next page??
The areas showing up red and the number 18 in the age field and the y next to it. everything else is in black after pressing on end, but the curser is flashing on the enumeration district which I have learnt usually means that something is wrong. I have treble checked the whole page and nothing is incorrect against the microfiche entry. It certainly is a puzzle.

Is the 18-year old a "Scholar"?
(The routines limit scholars to 17 years maximum - any one older than this needs to be entered as "Student (orig Scholar)" or else as "Scholr" (without an "a").
(Feedback: "yes".)

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8. Institutions etc
On two occasions I have had a household with more than 17 occupants - in hotel premises. At the end of each household we have the opportunity to amend any errors made but this only seems possible for the first 17 individuals in the household. Is it possible to access the entries beyond 17 if I want to make amendments?

I think you will find on-screen options to check each "page" and how to go to next page?

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9. Households
Sometimes the first person on a new schedule is not shown as Head. In this case I have entered "as is", for example "Wife" - is this correct?

Perfectly O.K. - thanks :-)

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10. Correcting files
I have entered the wrong civil parish - can I change it or do I leave it for the checker.

You cannot change it ... anything can be corrected by the Checker....

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11. Institutions etc
This army barracks consists of 12 or 14 pages....will it ALL be schedule 1.
Included are a number of families.....I have NOT separated them out at all....they still are schedule 1. Correct??? Not Correct???

Absolutely "army barracks" is treated as an "institution" - one BIG household !!

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12. Not born DEV
I have come across someone born in America, New Jersey. Can someone please tell me how I record this person.

You will find in your notes the following 3 codes that are not Chapman Codes, but are available to cover "other" situations such as this you quote....
OVF : Foreign, born overseas..
OVB : British, born overseas
UNK : Unknown (for use as a last resort)
In all cases, put the details of where born into the adjacent text field.

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13. Enumerator Errors
I have RG12/1800 and in the first family their dau Mary aged 30 was listed as single but at a later time and in different writing the status has been overwritten in blue with a large M. This entry is flagged. As she has the same family name and is listed as dau it is confusing.

This happens from time to time. Some of the "blue pencils" got a bit carried away!
In view of the common surname, plus "dau", I suggest you follow the original Enumerator and enter her as Single.
Since you have flagged the entry, I hope you also left a short note to explain why?

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14. Institutions etc
I'm finishing enumeration district 14 of Exeter which is the parish of St Mary Arches. The next entry includes an army barracks and a prison. The opening page for the "Town Barracks" indicates that we are now in St David parish as does the prison, but there seems to be no enumeration district that I can see.
Should that be continued as St Mary Arches (#14)......I don't think so.....but don't quite know what to do with it.

See "Field Descriptions" - "Enumeration Districts" in the Help Pages:-
Use Enum Dist = 14 (CHECKCENS can easily modify this if we need to) and use the CODE = 1 (Barracks & military quarters) in the small box next to the Enum number.

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15. Where is the HELP
Remember the old days when some programmes used to come with a "crib Sheet" that you could put along the top edge of the keyboard until you got used to the various Function Keys?

Make your own "crib": (space things out to suit your keyboard!)
Some keys are pre-set, (the @@@ is set to the County you downloaded), but those with a * you can programme (and change as desired) to suit your own fancy, so write those in pencil to allow for such changes:-
Those marked ! are not available for programming
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8
* * * * Elizabeth Mary Thomas William
Head Wife Son Dau   !   !   !   !
* * * * Servant (Em'er) (Em'ee) (Notem)
@@@ UNK OVF OVB   !   !   !   !
It's in the Help Pages: <SHIFT+Fn> to programme the F keys.
And don't forget the QM (Quick Memory) function - very useful!

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16. Address
Finally at the end of the first fiche and I have come across one that has 3 street #'s on the same line (30,31,32, DO DO). There is only one head of household, 6 family members, 2 servants and 1 visitor. How do I do this one??

Since we only have one space - enter just the first number (30), flag the address field (right of screen) and leave a NOTE for the Checker.

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17. Correcting files
I think I have made an error, I have only done a few pages so far, but should I be putting an "a" or "b" suffix after the folio number? I have not done so, but just carried the folio number from the page where it is written to the next un-numbered page.
If I did do it wrong, are there any corrective steps, or should I start the correct procedure henceforth.

You appear to be doing everything correctly. The Folio Number is only printed every other page, and so you would carry the number forward, exactly as printed. The suffix facility for the Folio Number is a "just in case" the Folio number is printed with a suffix (as happens occasionally)......i.e. it's not to be used unless you can actually see a suffix to key in.
Please always be aware that (apart from the use of coding systems that are documented in the webpages) this is an "as is" transcription.
If there are any corrections to make to the header data, you cannot do them within IN-CENS; they will be handled by the Checker using CHECK-CENS software.

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18. Enumerator Errors
I have folio 4 on page 1 and no further folio # until page 5 where it is folio 6.
What should i enter for the first 5 pages ?

Please do "as is" ... ...carry through folio 4 until page 5 (when it becomes Folio 6).

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19. Correcting files
Thought I was going great guns till I noticed I hadn't changed the number of the Enumeration District -
how do I go back and sort it out ??? have already been twice round the options - won't let me in, or is it me having a bad day.?

Headings cannot be changed after the first household entry...
This must be left to the checker to be put right.

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20. Enumerator Errors
At the end of a parish on page 36 there is this entry --
(244 See (149.a ) Page 23 )
(245 See (216.a.) Page 32 )
On Page 23
149 Market St Entry of family of 4
on 244) Market St Entry of family of 1

Please enter them in the 244 / 245 positions, as they appear there.
Put the "See 149a" comment in the Person Notes... and an overall comment (only brief) in "MYNOTES".

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21. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I have an entry which follows on numerically with a schedule no, but no people listed and no status as to whether it is actually a dwelling, occupied or otherwise or just a mistake, . He has left a line free with no writing on it except the sched no.

My inclination would be to record it as a 'u' (uninhabited)...
I would suspect that what happened here may well have been that the Enumerator distributed the individual schedules before census day and he either forgot to collect it again - or lost it before writing up the book.
But we may never know ... (nor who lived there in 1891!!)

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22. Extra Information
Now I am about to start St Breward Parish:
The Enumerator has been MOST conscientious by entering the name of house AND name of occupant also name of deceased spouse IF widowed. ALL THIS in column 2, there is no way I can transcribe "as is"
Should I put the extra info in Notes or in Note pad, I am sure this info would be useful to someone.

Certainly enter it in the person's NOTES field if you can manage.
I would also (IF nothing else is there) put it into the "OCCUPATION" field - with brackets () around it, and set the flag with an "x".
That will allow our best attempts to keep the info somewhere on the transcription. (NOTES is generally only used to warn the Checker that you have a doubt about something...)

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23. Not born in DEV
I remember seeing this posted but do not remember the answer. I have a gentleman who was born in Ceylon, what do I enter in the county and place of birth.

Unless the census specifically states "British Subject" use
OVF for the County
CEYLON for the Birthplace
Remember, you can have the On-line HELP and "Fields Descriptions" always available in the background of WIN-CENS.
....and in WIN-CENS you have 'F'-keys to use for county code selections such as OVF, OVB and UNK.

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24. Finished
I have finished a Piece - where do I send it for inclusion on the GENUKI webpages?

The original action in putting transcribed work onto the GENUKI site was meant (and succeeded) to generate publicity for the Project. It was never intended that we would do this for all transcriptions, and indeed the practice was stopped some months ago.
Please advise your Regional Co-ordinator when you have completed a piece and follow the "Pack for Sending" instructions ready for the next stage. Your co-ordinator will provide information about what to do next ...
... and probably ask if you want some more work :-)

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25. <F> keys and Pick Lists
I have received the following comment from one of our Checkers:-
"Would it be worthwhile for you to post an email to the group gently reminding transcribers of the benefits of using the 'F' key and pick lists especially to complete the name, relationship, occupation and employment status data fields. I have found that I have spent the greater part of my checking time altering these fields to ensure consistency."

While the introduction of WINCENS has in some ways reduced the number of 'F' keys available to us, other features and the actual Pick Lists have been augmented so that instant access to a standardised spelling is available. ... and, if you don't like using the lists, please ensure that the entries you type do conform to the spellings laid down in the WebPages.

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26. Cannot read the fiche
There are some bits of the fiche that I simply cannot decypher!

Just remember that if you can't read it and the checker can't read it - then the chances are that no one can read it - so what is lost?
But if you can read a little then someone consulting the online database might get enough of a clue to know where to look and they can go back to the original, or the film of the original, and have a look for themselves.

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27. Enumerator Errors
I have moved into an enumeration district where the enumerator failed to record the marital status of 'wives' - ie the head is shown as Married, but never the 'woman living with him'! I have started entering a blank (-) as that is how it is enumerated.

Spot on !!.....i.e. that's fine !

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28. Correcting Files
I have entered all the names in a college and now seem to have missed one (and I thought I was being sooo careful) there a way to check all the names. When I go back to amend households it only shows 17 of the 31 entered for that page.

'Fraid not, unless there were more than 40 entries for this "household", in which case, you are allowed to continue adding entries. It may well be better to leave it as it is and wait for the checker to insert the missing entries.

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29. Households
I am sure I must be missing something here, but I can't tell how the data entry differs for two households in one building (separated by a single stroke) from two consecutive households in the same road (separated by a double stroke). They both have different schedule numbers (if the enumerator did his job correctly). The only difference on the form is that the second household in the former does not have a "1" in the inhabited column, but we aren't using that column.

OUR data entry methods do not differ in this instance. We treat as separate households.
I believe the single/double stroke was purely a census thing to determine how many people lived at the same address.
It's just another problem thrown at us by the Enumerator to complement the usual atrocious writing, and the clerks who put those pencil crosses over the critical data.

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30. Finished
Can sks please tell me when I pack and send what I have transcribed. Do I wait until the whole set of microfiche are done or can I send it earlier.

"Pack for Sending" only when you have completed the whole "Piece" (usually of two or more fiche). When you have done the "Packing" please contact your Co-ordinator for further instructions.
Strongly recommended of course that you do your own "floppy Back-up" at the end of each working session.

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31. Parishes
A question with regards to parishes.
I have five parishes listed for the microfiche that I am transcribing. I am nearing completion and find that the last two parishes are named Lewannick. The other Parish named Polyphant is recorded as additional schedule numbers on the parish of Lewannick census schedules. One of the Folio Pages has entries for both areas on it.

The "Parish List" is generated 'mechanically' from another list and so may have redundant names included. This is just the state of affairs.

Shall I continue to enter these as written and have no entries for the Polyphant Parish? Will this create any problems when preparing this fiche to return to you? If not please let me know how to enter this.

The important thing is that you should enter the data against the "Civil Parish" that is written (top left) on each census page.
If there should be any change to be made to what you will have done, rest assured that it is a simple change for the CHECK-CENS routine and will be no reflection against your own accuracy and abilities.

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32. Cannot get started
My fiche have RG12/1849 on them. I entered 1849 and message said it was not valid. What am I doing wrong ?

Have you downloaded the relevant "COUNTY" file from the WebSite?
If using WINCENS, you must have correctly closed off the Tutorial
Piece #1849 belongs to CON - which could explain the "Non-valid" message.
Alternatively you need to have selected "Live Data Entry" before attempting to start #1849.
...#1849 belongs to Cornwall, and as such you will not be able to pick it up in Tutorial mode.

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33. Enumerator Errors
Checking ahead on the above and came across two schedules 44/45 on page 8 crossed out. Page 9 commenced with schedule 46 onwards
Then found schedule 44/45 on page 12 (no other schedules on the page)
Presumably I just copy them into their proper place on page 8 and ignore page 12.

No, the rule is transcribe "as is".....which means that you enter them as entered in page 12. If enquirers on the database ever want to know where to find the original detail, they will need to have the exact location of where it is on the film and not where it logically should be.

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34. Correcting Files
Is it possible to just change the house number without rewriting the whole address (typing Perranuthnoe a hundred times is getting a bit wearing!!)

That is why there is a number box in front of the street name to enable you to do just that. There is also a suffix box for the number in those case like 71a, 71b etc.

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35. Enumerator Errors
I have a listed family of ten. In columns 1 and 2, opposite the 9th family member, the enumerator has inserted the Schedule Number and Street Name of the next family. Following the 10th family member is the new family but no Schedule Number or Street Name.
Is it acceptable for me to correct this? It is such an obvious error and if it stays as is, it will put two children from Family A living with Family B at a different address.

... I don't read it as an obvious error at all !! Children from a large family often slept "next door"
Without looking at the actual return, I would not like to make a judgment as to what was intended, but I am afraid the rule is "as is"......warts and all !!
So please transcribe purely as you find it.....remember, that when it comes to searching for a person on the database, it will not make a bit of difference.

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36. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I have an enumerator who gives me the schedule #, house and street address, then puts a thick line to cross it out,marks 1U and writes "not slept in". It is not included as a schedule at the end of page for total numbers. Should I still write as is?

Since we have the Schedule Number allocated for this particular address it does look as though there were normally residents here.
Enter as the address flag as V - defined in the "Field Descriptions / Help" for use when the normal occupants are "absent" or "visiting".

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37. Not born in DEV
First I had: "Born on a ship on the sea".

Presumably you have name (etc) details for the person? --- then just enter the above in Born Place field with county code OVF.

Now I have an entry "In a caravan on the roadside, Travellers, 4 male 4 female, total of 8 persons" - No Schedule Number, No Address, No Names, No ages, No Occupations, No County or Place of Birth.
What do you suggest?

In the "Road" (Address) field......."In caravan; 4 male 4 female"
Press (in WIN-CENS) the "Schedule Number Not Used" button (no further detail available).

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38. Enumerator Errors
If the occupation has been entered as 'assistant' but there has been an addition to the description in another hand ie 'shop' do we put it in or ignore it ?

General rule is "as is" other words, whatever info is present, capture it !!
It's not a bad idea, though, to make a comment in "Notes" that it was a different hand that wrote "shop".

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39. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
Do you need to list an unoccupied house with no schedule number and no street number.

Unoccupied should be "u" and Schedule No ="zero"
Flag "n" was devised for those instances where the Enumerator has omitted to record specific numbers - as in #40 (below) - and is our "cover" that it is not the INCENS workers who have "lost" those Schedule numbers.

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40. Folio & Schedule Numbers
Do you enter your data in Schedule Order or in Folio and Page Order. I have just come across a page as follows. Schedule 132,133 then 158,159, 160, 161,162 which is the end of the east ward. - then I have four pages of the missing schedule nos. and the end of the west ward.

By the "standard definition" Schedules 134 through 157 should all be entered against that page number with the flag set to "n"
You would then need to type them in full against the appropriate Folio and Page numbers.

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41. Cannot read fiche
If you get really stuck due to the enumerators faded and blotchy handwriting
. . .

try cleaning the fiche reader glass (the one that sits on the film), it makes a world of difference :-))

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42. Relationship
I have a relationship (to Head) as 'Mothers Help'. This is also the description in the Profession or Occupation column (11).
What do I put in "Relationship"? 'Hyphen' with an "X' in the query box or should I make it Servnt.

This is a good one!!
I would suggest (a) putting in an abbreviation in "Relation", such as 'Mthelp', (b) mark the query box with a 'x' (c) put the full text in the Notes box, so that when we upload to the database, we can provide an interpretation table of these abbreviations.

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43. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
Somehow I missed learning this-
There are names of five schools and churches entered at the end of a village --
These are in Column 2, but nothing entered in 1, 3, 4, 5
What is the procedure?

I have had some of these and simply treated them as "Unoccupied" buildings - just in case it is of any use to someone tracing the Enumerator's journey.
Schedule No = zero
Description (eg "Elementary School") as the address; and "u" for Unoccupied, if appropriate.

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44. Address
I have Address as "Italian's Sleeping Quarters" Rowe Village, St Breward. The names are entered as Surname, then Christian name. All of these young men appear to be working at the Granite Quarries in the area

Following the general instruction for Inns etc, the "Rowe Village" bit should be entered first, then let's see how much of the rest will fit on the line.
Thus you could have the "Road" field reading "Rowe Village, Italian Quarters" - (it just fits) - but please put the full address either in the NOTES for the first person at this address - OR in your MYNOTES.dat file that you can access as "Your Notepad" from the "Main Options" page.
Regardless of how names are written onto the Census Page we must keep Forenames and Surnames in the appropriate fields.

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45. Finished
Having completed a piece (only a small one); I would now like to start a second one.
Do I just input a new piece number?

Yes. A file is created for each Piece Number, and these files may be zipped together for sending to the regional organisor for the checking process (using the IN-CENS menu option).

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46. Institutions etc
And..can you remind me how to handle the families that are employed within the prison. Are they just to be transcribed...."prisoner", "prisoner", "head", "wife", "dau", etc. Or, are the families separated out some way???

Make the entries in the order they appear on the Census page
Institutions are handled as one BIG household, :-( But....IN-CENS recognises an institution by virtue of the number of persons : if the number of persons is 40 or more in one household. This means that before exit from IN-CENS, you must be careful to enter at least 40 persons at an institution, so that next time you enter IN-CENS it will say "This Household appears to be an Institution", and allows you to continue entry to this, the same "household" as before. You can then exit and re-enter IN-CENS as you like, still adding to the same "household" until it is completed.

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47. Address
I just started work on the next parish and the enumerator has not recorded any street names from schedule one to 100 and on. What do I do. I have perused all info that I have downloaded etc and can not find anything about having no street names.

Nothing to do except just to insert a '-' (dash, or hyphen) into the street name !!

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48. Correcting Files
I see no way to input the correct page, other than manually via the DAT file & backup DAT file.

This is easily corrected at the Checker stage!
Please may I re-iterate for those newer to this List, that manual modification to a transcription (DAT) file is not permissable.
The dangers in doing so are too great, and if an error is made then there is the danger that your work may be scrap!
Please note that the UK-CENS software (IN-CENS and CHECK-CENS) are self-sufficient , and so any external modification is in any case unnecessary.

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49. Cannot Save Occupant
It is when I have completed the whole household I go to review them and find the head is missing. I have even tried to add him at the end and it just will not accept him. I also tried another household, I had the same result.I then tried another street in the same district (Aston) no luck again. I just cannot see the reason for this at all.

When you hit the [SAVE] button you will find that some fields are carried over to the next person - but a Forename is never carried over following a successful "save" so, if it should still be on show after an attempted [SAVE] there is something that WINCENS has found that is not correct.
Is it possible that there is (for example) a hyphen missing from one of the "compulsory" fields when you are working the "head of household" - this would be reset into position for subsequent members and could be the reason they are being saved but not the head.
(Feedback: "It was the folio number that was causing the problem, or rather me and where I had put it - in the wrong place. I had thought it was me that was doing something wrong but could not see where."

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50. Folio & Schedule numbers
I have an entry as follows:
Schedule (U)
38 1 Remainder of line blank
39 1 Remainder of line blank
Where Schedule Nos. are not indicated I have been entering an (N), but these have Schedule Nos. Should I enter a (U), a (B) or flag it with an (X)?

Here an 'U' will do, thanks .
Note that "Schedule Number = 0" must be substituted for "Unocc" or "Building" entries where the enumerator has not used a sequence number.
The code "N" must only be used where the Enumerator has missed out a Schedule number.

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51. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I have the word 'void' written above '1U' in the 4th column (uninhabited).
How do I handle this? Enter as normal but put an entry saying the 'void' was above the 1U in MyNotes.txt for the checker?
Or do you think the enumerator just meant that the property was empty?

A good one that!! I would go for entering as normal, but putting the word "(void)" in the Street box, next to the address if there is one.

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52. Enumerator Errors
I am busy with Page 3 (no not from "The Sun" newspaper), but with District 7, Folio 53. The enumerator has drawn a thick black line across the page (after schedule 13) and identified everything below the line as 3a (in his own hand writing).
Should I ignore this and continue with the rest of the page as page 3 or show it as 3a?

3a, I suggest.

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53. Relationship
I have a "Great Granddaughter" as an entry.
What should I put for this?

My suggestion would be.... Gtgdau

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54. Back Up
I've been clicking away for two or three days. It seems that I must be missing something when it comes to backing up my work. The disks seems to be empty.

If you are saying that instead of showing Drive A (or B) it is showing 'N', then it sounds as though your UKCENSIN.DAT (parameter) file is not set correctly.
It is easy to interpret the "User Options" boxes as "things we want" rather than "status quo". I suspect you saw "Floppy Drive A", thought "Yes, please" and so clicked it. Since there is no feedback from the click it is easy to assume that you have now changed things to "floppy = A"

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55. Enumerator Errors
Where the Place of birth / town is blank - I have left it so - is that correct

The correct entry is a "-" (hyphen), and the program would not have accepted the entry otherwise - it will put a red question mark in the box if you did not enter anything and will not "save" the entry.
IN-CENS (vsn 1.3 onwards) is supplied with a Help facility which you can load from the Main Options screen. Please refer to this as it gives all the values you should enter for every field where there is no data to enter from the census.

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56. Institutions etc
I have reached Enumeration District 10 and at the end is The Axminster Workhouse.
Would that be listed as ED 10 - 3??? I am assuming so.

Quite correct.

The first sheet of the Workhouse lists Folio 123, page 1 and the inmates and union master are listed (each on a separate line) numbered 1 through 23. The next page (2) has no listing for Folio or page numbers and it starts again with the inmates listed from 1 through 23. Don't quite know how to handle that.
Should I just keep numbering....disregarding the numbers on the side of the page. Should I also list this page (2) as PAGE 2, even though there is no printed number on the upper right corner?
The next page (3) now has a folio number and a page number which reads "Folio 124, page 3.
There are five (5) pages total covering the Axminster Workhouse, each one of them lists the inmates from 1 through 23.

IGNORE the numbering 1 thru 23 - just treat them as one big extended household.
Include the PAGE Numbers and FOLIO numbers.
Since there is probably no SCHEDULE number (unless it appears written onto the form page) use SCHEDULE = zero.

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57. Wit & Wisdom
HELP. I feel I've made enough mistakes and I don't want to proceed without some kind of direction.

Anyone who has typed up as many pieces as you have is entitled to few mistakes. :-)

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58. Parish
When it comes time to "close" a parish I do not have a name to close (referring to Hawkchurch and Thorncombe).
Now what do I do....just use the remaining parish as Combpyne????

Only DOS Versions require "Close Parish."
It's a bit difficult to visualise without seeing the fiche but I would expect (from other sources) that Hawkchurch & Thorncombe will actually be on your parish list for Piece #1667 even though they are "out of county". (The options should appear on the "Places" key selection list.)
I would also expect these places to be under a different enumerator?
So, when you get to the end of the appropriate Devon parish , close it. You will then usually open (select) another parish to continue. IF Hawkchurch or Thorncombe are not there then, by all means continue under Combpyne - (it can be "re-opened" easily from the prompts) knowing that the Checker (or Validator) will be able to sort things out.

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59. Cannot Save Occupant
I'm going nuts. I have been trying to follow instructions for the 1891 census tutorial. I think I'm fairly bright, and I have just competed 10 pages of entries for FreeBMD. However, I have now followed the instructions for the "Kingsbridge" sample several times. I can enter the Oldrieves quite easily, and get the screen to come up that gives me the opportunity to end household (which I don't do).
BUT, I cannot get Bessie Brown to save and give me the same screen. Is this because she has a flag because of the "illegible" birthplace? I see from the notes that I have to correct an error or I will not be allowed to leave the field. I have entered - as instructed.
Please advise what I have to do to correct this?

My immediate reaction is whether you have put a hyphen in "Birthplace" AND an "x" in the small flag-box alongside?
We don't often get problems with this stage of INCENS which suggests to me that you have overlooked some relatively minor point of the programme - probably a point so minor that it is easily missed!
(Feedback:"I now realise that instead of putting 'UNK' in Born (county) I was putting a hyphen '-'. Why I couldn't see that is pathetic..."

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60. Correcting Files
This is my first go at inputing data into In-Cens and have fallen at the first hurdle.
Having typed in four pages I now realise that I have not only entered the wrong folio number but also the same one for each page. (What beeps)
I have made a note on the first schedule for each of the relevant pages to this affect, but am a little reluctant to proceed further if it can be rectified at this early stage.

No it cannot be corrected at this stage, ... but at the Checking stage.
Sorry, but don't worry :-)

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61. <F> keys
In doing the tutorial, one thing I found difficult is that most of the instructions are given for the DOS program, i.e. keying, and nowhere could I find a list of what all the F keys do in certain fields. Is there such a list, or does each researcher make their own?

WINDOWS versions
You'll find that there is a lot of help already implanted within the program. If you right-click on the mouse whilst in the main details entry screen (not the upper panel), you will get several help options which tell you what FK and QM tabs are, how to set them and how to see what's in them.
This is also mentioned in the Help documentation that is auto-loaded at Tutorial time and can be loaded by right-click on the mouse in the upper panel.

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62. Back Up
I got it over ok but ... I CAN'T back up onto a floppy ...tried new ones...nope!! it won't back up properly..also I seem to be missing F1 for scholar? I press F1 and nothing happens or F2 3 4 they seem to be blank...DUH am I dumb or something?

(Feedback: "Duh! again .....pity I don't read instructions too well! Yes! of course that was the problem! I just went into panic mode ... "right-mouse" - forgot I had one!"

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63. Cannot get Started
Why can't I open the Real Work that I want to start? - I have done the Tutorial.

WINDOWS versions
(Feedback: the problem had been a miscomprehension about how to close up the Tutorial - clicking [OK] too early, so of course remaining in TST mode!

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64. Enumerator Errors
I have the following entry:
District 13, Parish of Shobbrooke, Folio 108 Page 10, which looks like this:
Schedule 59, Guttin Cottage, with 5 occupants (all named, with ages, POB etc)
After this entry someone? has drawn a line across the whole width of the page i.e. to separate the entry from the next one (Schedule 60) and made a remark on the side of the page adjacent to column 1 "This was formerly a part of Cheriton Fitzpaine, amalgamated with Shobbrooke" (the handwriting is not the same as the enumerator).
Should I include schedules No. 60 to 63 (page 10) and 64 to 69 (page 11), which is then the end of this part of Shobbrooke, or put it in Cheriton Fitzpaine (which is completed) or leave it in Shobbrooke and add an explanation in "mynotes.txt". District 14 is a continuation of Shobbrooke.

Leave it in Shobbrooke and add an explanation in 'mynotes.txt', please.
"As is" rule !!

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66. <F> keys and Pick Lists
How do I enter London?? It won't accept LON - I have put in MDX just to get out of the program.

Use LND where appropriate. (It's in the "Chapman Codes" Pick List)

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67. Relationship
Could someone please confirm how to deal with a blank 'Relation to Head' field?
The subject would appear to be a son, but we cannot assume that. As it is a mandatory field, should a "-" be entered?

The hyphen "-" is the standard response on a mandatory field where no data is present.
(On numeric fields, such as Schedule No, it would 0 (zero)).
Please refer to the Help Pages where all the options are given.

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68. Duplications
Would someone please clarify for me what I should do about pages that are repeated, should I transcribe the 1st page and ignore the 2nd copy, and sort out the folio Nos as I go???

If it is a duplicate printing onto the fiche of a page - then you can safely ignore the "extra" copies.
This is not a particularly rare occurrance, it is just an error that creeps in during the microfilming. (Better that they film two copies, than actually miss out pages)
Transcribe ONLY the Folio Numbers that have been stamped onto every second page of the census - DO NOT correct or otherwise adjust any Folio numbers.
Please make a note in your MYNOTES file so that the Checker will be able to see how you have interpreted this problem.

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69. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I have an entry in the 1891 Cornwall Census as follows:
Sched Road, Street U/code Name/Surname Relat'n
(1) (2) (4) (6) (7)
Providence B.C. Church & School 2U Joseph Butt Head
97 Carthew Harriet Butt Wife
Should I enter it as is, or drop Joseph Butt (occupation - Miller) down a line?

I would convert this "line" into THREE INCENS lines:
(1) Schedule= 0 ... Providence B C Church & School .... U(nocc)
(2) - an identical entry, since we are told there are "2 x U"
(3) Sched = 97: ..... Head = Joseph BUTT ... etc
From my experience it often looks as though the Enumerator wrote up his book and then had to go back because he had forgotten the "Unoccupied" instruction; so he had to make the entry on a line already used for a real household.

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70. Not born in DEV
How do you know if the person is overseas british or overseas foreign?
If the parents were born in Britain I've been listing them as overseas British but what if it was the parent(s) who were born abroad?

If there is any doubt at all, then enter UNK (unknown)!

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71. Enumerator Errors
I have an entry on the census as follows:
4 Ruddle Cottage Enumerated in Schedule No. 2 M. Spear (the enumerator)
On the next page (still schedule 2?) there is this entry:
8 Ruddle Cottage Francis Bullen Head (etc.)
These are the only two entries on the census for Ruddle Cottage. How should I enter the first one - 4 Ruddle Cottage?

At first reading of this we have two schedule numbers used - so please type in the best entries you can against these and flag the address line in both cases, with a brief explanation of the problem written into "MYNOTES".
It is not uncommon to find house numbers omitted in this manner - the enumerator may have been required to diverge slightly from a 'main' street', and other houses in that particular block could appear on another enumeration.
The best response for many of these curious entries is not to spend too much time trying to resolve the 'oddities' - make sure you write "Notes" and carry on with the rest. As long as there is something typed for every line of the census page we will be able to look at things in detail at the Checker stage.

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72. Wit & Wisdom
Spare a thought for the Enumerators - some with two or three hundred schedules to collect (having done the same round a few days earlier to distribute them) and unlikely to be a case of just collecting the papers - they would have needed to check that the information appeared to be correct.
And for those illiterate households, the actual completing of the household forms before he could be on his way again!
Doubtless a fair share of "hospitality" along the way, a cider here, maybe an ale there. And contending with England's "spring" weather, dubious as it may be.
And then home to write them all into the census book! Literally no doubt "burning midnight oil" (no electricity those days!) - and we know how long it takes us to transcribe a Piece ...
And a thought for the clerks at the Statistics centre - there were many of them working on each piece, each scanning for their own particular "conditions", putting a mark on the census form and another on their separate tally sheet. Nothing automatic for them - find the data, mark it, add the tallies - and hope the supervisor isn't going to be too picky!

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73. Notes
I have now struck an uninhabited house with no schedule no and cannot understand where to put the appropriate codes, also is it alright to use ? when explaining queries in notes.

The codes are entered as u,b,v or n in the "Address Flag Box" for DOS versions
In WINDOWS versions you select the appropriate [button] on the "Header" screen.

The NOTES field is for communication to the Checker later - and will not be included in the final work. Space is limited so the "?" is certainly used (but only in NOTES) to save keying, as perhaps with " ? surname ? " - or even " ? s/n " is sufficient to draw attention to your doubts.

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74. Not born in DEV
What do I input for 'County' where place of birth is merely shown as 'London' ... obviously it prompts for something.

You could have searched the County Pick-list using L to find your answer which is LDN.

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75. Relationship / Status
Where 'condition re marriage' is not shown as 'S(ingle)', blanking it out doesn't work, but typing '-' does. Is this the correct procedure?

That is the defined procedure!

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76. Address
There seem to be a number of "families" living at one address. For instance, I come to "#8 Queen Street" and with a number of schedules listed the address (#8) stays the same. Just wondering if all those people are living together or if the numbering system would be just for a building of flats???

We must beware what we type in the address field for these instances: the query infers that "#8 Queen Street" is repeated against each Schedule - so it gets typed in.
The Plymouth patch that I am currently doing would (by comparison) give "#8 Queen Street" only against the first "household" at that address - and no ditto signs or any other info against the other households, although each has their own Schedule.
In those instances we MUST NOT INTERPRET that the address is unchanged. It is not given so we do not type anything!!!! (only the dash "-")
I know it can be argued as fairly evident that they are going to be "#8" until we reach "#9" BUT the point is that we are TRANSCRIBING what was written, not INTERPRETING what was written (or omitted).

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77. Institutions
I have a problem with transcribing the Raglan Barracks. The return is in a different format with no schedule numbers but with every line on the page numbered 1 thru 25. So I used the line number for a schedule number and I've done 2 pages. Now it seems that I've got to the married quarters and on line 24 is Head and line 25 wife and so on.
What to do? I won't be able to change what I've already done. I did remember to add the numeral 1 after the enumeration district.

Simply: "don't worry about the Schedule Number. If there b'ain't be one there, then just enter zero".
As you said, the page is a different format, so everything in the Barracks is "Schedule 0"
The Checker will correct the other matters.

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78. Enumerator Errors
Census sheets have a lot of what I call "blue pencil" on them, presumably put there by some supervisor or later checker. Do we take any notice of what was written. e.g. an occupation marked as Cook and amended Dom, some are more severe with the occupation quite strongly crossed out and replaced. It is usually quite clear what was original and what has been added because the handwriting changes ...

If there is space, then I suggest you put all information present (and over-run to Notes if necessary).

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79. Correcting Files
Is there ANY way to go back and change a page number?

NO, but don't worry about what has been done. It is very easy for the Checker to correct this error - almost "with one stroke of the keys" to correct the whole page.
The IMPORTANT thing is to get into the habit of checking (for yourself) that the Header information is correct before it is saved.

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80. Wit & Wisdom
Yeeaaaahhhhh, finally an enumerator I can read without examining each name!!!!

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81. Finished
Is it OK to just start another set of fiche after I have completed and packed the first one? If I remember correctly, someone recently said they were doing 2 at once.

Both statements are correct.
Please "Pack" the one set for now, make two floppy copies of the CENSnnnn.ZIP file (in your UKCENSUS\DATA folder) and label them pending future instructions from your Regional Co-ordinator.

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82. Enumerator Errors
The page has a new Folio No. and page no printed at top but no writing on it --
Next page is normal.
Please confirm what I should do.

This one IS a case of "if it ain't written then don't bother".
Instances of an empty page are also common at the end of an Enumerator.

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83. Relationship
My current enumerator has several occurrences of, for example, a household head, of say 26, followed by a mother in law/father etc and then children. He defines the children in their relationship to the previously listed person e.g.. 'grandson' of the mother in law rather than as 'son' of the head of the household. This looks a bit strange . . . i.e. Household head, age 26 with grandson age 6!
I have been typing these in 'as is' but should I make any sort of note?

....I don't think so: the Notes and Flags are intended for clearing up obscure technical points only. That the situation you describe occurs is what the researcher would find if looking at the original census, and that is the picture we should transcribe without further concern.

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84. Parish Names
I have just started my 2nd fiche for Ilfracombe and find that the first entries are a continuation of the last enumeration district that I thought I had finished and have packed! Is this going to cause a problem?

No problem to be encountered, but I hope you "Packed" at the completion of a whole Piece - not just at the end of a fiche ...?
You will find that you can "re-open" any Parish in the same Piece (previously closed as finished) either to look at it, or indeed, to continue additions. DOS versions

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85. Folio & Schedule Numbers
I think I must be going nuts. I have been over every page of my first microfiche and I cannot find any folio numbers. I know where I should be looking (honest!) and there's NOTHING THERE.

You must have scored the Jackpot :-)
(Folio numbers usually are hand-stamped on the top right hand corner of every second page: A Folio Number also applies to the following (un-numbered page).
If there is no Folio Numbering - enter "0" (zero) and make a note of your problem in "MYNOTES"

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86. Correcting Files
After entering a household, I've just carried out an F9 check, & to my horror, discovered three households entered with incorrect Folio No. attached! Any comment appreciated...
(signed) Desperate...........

....don't be !! This is a matter that is easily sorted out by the Checker (poor guy!). Simply enter the remaining data with correct values (if possible), and please don't worry unduly!!

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87. Cannot read the fiche
Help!!!!! does anyone have a street map....... St Thomas Apostle area.... it looks like Eb- m?gton Terrace...then it becomes Eb- m?gton Road
I've found that if I walk away from it for a period it looks different when I return.

Without having seen the fiche nor a map - how about EBRINGTON?
I am sure we are all having our frustrations with the enumerators but my own personal "Aid" for these puzzles is to move back from the fiche reader and get a more general view of the page and line. Sometimes by concentrating too hard on a specific word we can block out some of the possibilities.
I would always say - don't spend too long on a single entry, FLAG the offending word and move on. That way will avoid any doubts about whether we are up to this mammoth task.
(Rest assured that if we cannot sort a word out - and if the Checker cannot sort it out either - then some researcher looking at the fiche is going to have exactly the same problem!)

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88. Extra Information
I have a case where the helpful enumerator has written "children by her first marriage" sideways down the name column (after all the names) spanning all six children. Shall I just put it in the notes - for the first one or for all?

I suggest just inserting the comment (in Notes) against the mother....

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89. Correcting Files
First of all, we have forgotten to change a folio number and page number on the last page we have done. Is there anything we can do about it now? Have tried to alter but it will not let us.
The other thing is that on some occasions where a family has gone over to the next page we have ended the household instead of using the ADD command and started again on the new page (but obviously with the same schedule no. & same address). As I have said, my fault entirely for not spotting your instruction on this point. I do hope this will not be a complete disaster.
What should I do for the best?

Not a disaster, but you're right, those errors, once made, cannot be corrected within IN-CENS.
However, the checking program is designed to pick up such problems. So not to worry.

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90. Cannot get started
Tried the download & install today but I get an error - "One or more system files not installed" when loading in-cens from the icon. My machine is running Windows 98 and both files were downloaded to floppy. I deleted the first install on HDD & downloaded & re-installed but still the same message.

Everything you need should be in that first download from the Internet (hopefully you downloaded BOTH the INCENS.EXE and the CONPARMS.EXE?)
These both get run ON THE FLOPPY before you run A:\INSTALL which effects the final transfer onto your hard drive.
(Feedback: - Failure to read and follow the installation instructions!)
The important aspect here is to follow exactly all instructions provided on the download web-page.

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91. Not born in DEV
Can anyone tell me if there is a code for Countries of theWorld the same as Counties,I have a few ODD countries popping upand everything I put in is rejected,SO I have ground to a halt All suggestions accepted

The "Chapman Codes" that we are using on the project cover the Counties of the British Isles and include SCT, WLS, IOW and LND for use in appropriate situations.
ALL OVERSEAS births should be treated as :-
EITHER "OVB" where the person is stated to be "a British Subject" (or words to that effect)
OR "OVF" for other foreign countries
and in each case any country detail is entered into the "Place" field. Note that this may include such as "(OVF) Dresden, Germany"
As always, if you are left with any doubts about what you have entered please "flag" the relevant flag space, and make a brief comment in "Notes".

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92. Initials
Whilst I am sure of the first name and surname, in many cases I am uncertain of the middle initial.
Should I ignore it or guess it and flag them all - the latter option will obviously increase the number of flags significantly.

The general rule is to give it your best shot and flag - to warn the Checker of your doubt.

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93. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I have a number of cases where the record says 4u or even 10u. Am I supposed to enter an uninhabited building 10 times or is there a quicker way?

...well, to look at it another way, that might have been 4 or 10 dwellings with multiple occupants, so having 10 uninhabs is quicker :-)
Sorry, there is no other way... ...each has to be entered individually.

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94. Finished
Can sks please tell me when I pack and send what I have transcribed. Do I wait until the whole set of microfiche are done or can I send it earlier.

"Pack for Sending" only when you have completed the whole "Piece" (usually two or more fiche). When you have done the "Packing" please contact your Co-ordinator for further instructions.

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95. Cannot Save Occupant
Could some 'guru' let me know why I had the birthplace name of Zeal Monachorum rejected?
What I finally did was to put Buckland Monachorum (one of my 'F' options) with a check in the box, and then in the notes column said it should have been Zeal .

... can only think that either you got some "forbidden character" into the field, or maybe there was something wrong in one of the "mandatory" fields which you somehow put right before entering Buckland.

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96. Enumerator Error
Where the enumerators continually misspell a name eg. Wear Gifford (Weare Giffard) should we correct each one and x them with a note or transcribe as is. Could be many xxx's.

Don't worry about the number of xxx's - they will be there to show that the transcriber has some doubt or other - makes the Checker's job so much easier than having to guess "why have they transcribed it this way?"

Despite the original definition in the "DATA FIELDS DESCRIPTIONS" section of the project notes, the preferred method will be:-
"... key the ORIGINAL into the Birthplace Field, and your (corrected) option in the Notes Field... Put a 'x' in the Place Flag"

This policy change need NOT concern work already done. It occurs because of the developing VALCENS routine which will permit data-base search for both the original and the revised placenames. This feature cannot be incorporated readily into the Data Entry (INCENS) routines.

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97. Pick Lists
DOS versions When I type h in county for Hants then home key.. F2 is the code HAM.. F1 has same code is it correct?.

This is one of the idiosyncracies of "the English Way" ... the county of HAMPSHIRE is frequently referred to as HANTS.
Just one of those things ...

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98. Correcting Errors
If I make a glaring error and know where it is I find it can be corrected by going into the "results" file in text format and correcting it there.

1. The Checking programme is going to allow such corrections to be made quite easily ...
2. There is a very big risk that the file may become "corrupt" in terms of its ability to be handled by the INCENS processes.
Attempts to edit the "finished" edition could result in the need to scrap all of a person's hard work as "unreadable"


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99. Folio & Schedule numbers
Schedule numbers jump from #8 to #10 missing #9
Do I make any comment or just miss out #9?

DOS versions>There is provision on INCENS to type the letter "n" in the Header Check Field (where we would type in "u" for the unoccupied houses...)
So although the Schedule number has not been used by the Enumerator WE should type it in with the Flag "n" (to denote "not used by the Enumerator").
WINDOWS versions have specific [buttons] on the Header page
Doing this will tell our eventual Internet searchers that the omission was not a mistake by the transcribing team.

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100. Household
Have just closed off a household minus one member. Is there a remedy for this - can I make a notation somewhere? Can I use same sched. no. & house no. & make another separate entry? All advice taken.

You can create the missing person as a stand-alone family, but if that person is further down the file, you should also go back and use the Notes box of the last entered family member to state that that is what you have done...The Checker will be able to re-align the records.

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101. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
I am having a problem recording uninhabited houses. I have several with no schedule number. I left the address written in the address line but entered n in the Flag section. I then pressed enter and I thought the process would take me to the next entry, but it keeps taking me back to a question mark in the schedule # block. I then put a - in the said block and I still am taken back to a flashing red.
What am I doing wrong, please?

The Sched No field is numeric, and the field instructions ask for a zero ("0") to be inserted if missing.

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102. Cannot read the fiche
After nearly 10 days I have managed to transcribe my 1st district on to paper, a total of 31 pages. I had to do this because the enumorator had awful writing
  • 1.Should I transcribe it as is with best guesses?

    Yes please.

  • 2. Should I flag every query (there will be a lot!)?

    Yes - it warns the Checker that you have a problem section. You can save a lot of individual Notes (against each person) by using MYNOTES and writing there (in general) about the sorts of problems you have encountered with this man's writing. But ALWAYS flag doubts.

  • 3. Some of the surnames are totally unreadable, what should I do with them?

    Best guess & flag please.

  • 4. Very few of the houses are numbered, most are refered to by the district. Should this go in as is?

    Type only the data that is given. If there are no house numbers - then so be it. If there is nothing in the street address then type a dash - DO NOT assume that it is necessarily the same as the one above (- while it most probably is (the same), we are transcribing, NOT interpreting, the census).

  • 5. County & place born sections are a problem (unreadable) also as I don't have a lot of knowledge of this area of the UK, what do I do?

    Best guess and flags, please.

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    103. Unocc, Bldg & Vacant
    On one of the pages, after the last entry, it has "Board School" written in the road, school column with no other details. I have noted this in Mynotes.txt file. Is there any other way for this to be recorded?

    Entering the Schedule as "0" and "Board School" in the address is about all we can do - we must beware of assuming that the school is in fact in the village of "Wotsit", but we may reasonably list it as "Unoccupied" if there are no names.

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    104. Cannot get started
    I'm afraid I've done something very stupid. I was trying to clear some space on my computer and I have wiped off a part of the census programme.
    I can get into the programme and start it up and put in information but can't save it. A page comes up that says UKCENSIN.BAS. Chapman Code.

    I'm afraid that for this type of problem you will have to contact John or Bob for personal guidance - we can get you out of trouble, but it is specific to your conditions rather than the Helpers-List !

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    105. Cannot Save Occupant
    I have a person who has no age given and cannot enter unknown, a ? or exit the page. How do I record this, and continue with the data entry?

    "Data Field Descriptions" in the HELP system explains we should use "999" as the age where none has been specified, and also set the Query Flag.

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    106. Correcting Files
    I entered the wrong schedule and street name - probably didn't choose new family. I have someone living at the previous address. I didn't enter the other two people living at this address - thought I'd better ask what to do. I'm sorry - I think I was trying too hard.
    The program won't allow me to edit the schedule or the street name.

    Don't worry about these. Apart from personal pride in getting things right they can be altered very easily in the Checker Programme.

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    107. Where is the HELP
    Do I need to print out, and keep updating, all the Internet Pages concerning my routines?

    The Internet pages provide useful information about the routines and the Project but we don't expect you to learn all that.
    All later versions of INCENS and CHEKCENS already contain general Help Information, most importantly the "Data Field Descriptions", which can be "loaded" and kept on a background screen for ready reference while you are working INCENS.

    It really is worth spending a little time in TEST Mode (so that you cannot harm any Real Work!) to discover just what features are available on your version
    All WINDOWS versions of the routines also have many Help Features available from use of the right mouse button. Clicking this button in different parts of the screen can reveal various Help Topics.

    Additionally, WINDOWS workers will find that placing the mouse pointer over the [FK] and [QM] markers will reveal information, while clicking the right-mouse button on these locations will reveal how to gain the best advantage from these options.

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    108. Notes
    Replies variously talk about "Notes" and "Mynotes". What is the difference between "Notes" and "Mynotes"?

    Both options are intended for communication between you and subsequent workers concerning the Transcription or Checking that you are conducting
    It is NOT intended that any of these notes will be transferred to the final database

    "Notes" is a limited Field that appears at the bottom of every Occupant Record. It allows two lines (not exceeding 22 characters each) for a brief explanation of any Query that you may have flagged somewhere on that Occupant.
    For example: if you are doubtful about your reading of a Surname or Place then "?s/n" or or "?place" would constitute a sufficient note to explain why you chose to flag those fields, especially if you have interpreted a spelling error in the Birthplace - the Alternative should be included in Notes.

    "MYNOTES"(.TXT) is a file in which messages (of extended length, if necessary) of a more general nature may be recorded for following workers
    Such messages can be of any subject matter you feel should be commented and should always be started with "Piece Number / Folio Number / Page Number" (as relevant).
    Typical messages might include:- "Piece #1234; Folio #27" Sorry, but I kept muddling New Household and New Page around here so I have created a lot of 'Split Households'."
    Or perhaps "Piece #9876; Shipping Lists, found and entered at the end of the Piece, seem to refer to Parishes covered by earlier Enumerators"
    Always imagine that you might be the next person who has to examine this Piece - you would doubtless like to have some notes provided to explain what has been happening during the early stages?

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    109. Institutions etc
    In looking ahead I find the prison in Exeter. All the names are listed alphabetical....last name first. I am assuming that it would be better to list them....given name, then surname.

    Yes, please ... according to the programme prompts

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    110. Households
    What does one do when a household has two schedule numbers ? I thought it would still be one batch, but you don't seem to be able to have multiple schedule numbers per batch, so I started a new household, but with the same address. Was I correct?

    Only by looking at the fiche can one judge this. Please see John's Internet Page notes about the census (enumerator's) instructions concerning the single or double slash mark between "households"
    Again, if the transcriber cannot sort it out - flag the address and leave a note for the Checker. Don't let it slow you up too much :-)

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    Validators are reminded that, apart from any interpretations specifically for them, there may be other "Q & A" relevant to their tasks

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    112. Initials
    Does one put dots after initials in names? I would tend to put them in. My "buddie" has said "as is" but it is very hard to tell if they are really there and consistency may be more useful here.

    Strictly speaking, you should "as is" rule... However, if you're confident that (if definitely present) their absence would not upset the sense of what is there, then you can feel at ease to leave them out.....

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    113. Cannot get Started
    Can you explain: how do I use the basic files - specifically WAR. I have been through the tutorial and arrived at the red PLEASE NOTE:

    Assuming you're using WIN-CENS - what "PLEASE NOTE" ?! Where does it appear?
    To answer your question with the hope of getting you over this - once you've finished the tutorial (having followed the Help pages on this topic) you should have come to the Utilities window, and been asked to "Exit Tutorial".
    By pressing this "Exit Tutorial" button, the WAR files will be engaged (assuming it's the WAR files you downloaded with the software), so that next time you enter WIN-CENS you should automatically be reading the WAR placenames.

  • sorry for being so obtuse, the PLEASE NOTE is about the bottom of page two of three on the printout of the "Full Download web page", advising to use the TEST for at least 20 entries.
    When I go back in, it offers me a list of the WAR files, but how do I access the detail for typing practice?

    You either need the fiche to work from, or just input some purely fictional data --- only please do it using "Continue - Test Mode" from the Welcome screen.

  • Just one further question: Why did I need to download the WAR file?

    The INCENS Download contains all the essentials to be able to operate - except for a single data file that is specific to the County and Year that you will be working; thus the "WAR" file contains all the piece numbers and parishes/places to be used in the transcription of Warwickshire. If you were transcribing another county then there would be different reference data for that county.
    The practice "data" in the software Help is simply some typical data assembled to cover, and to familiarise you with, various aspects of the Data Entry routines.

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    114. Wit & Wisdom
    ? prisons and workhouses? I can see it now ... inmate after inmate ... layer upon layer of human flesh ... jammed into rooms the size of sardine cans.
    The Census taker is getting annoyed - he's been there for hours. It's unbearably hot, and his hand is slipping on the feather pen as he writes, resulting in illegible documentation. He is past caring; his lungs are nearly bursting in their need for fresh air. He knows he should try to focus, but the screams from the Lunatic Wards have become unbearable ...
    He scribbles at a furious pace, thinking the whole of the time, "What do they expect for tuppence a thousand - nobody'll ever be interested in this lot!"

    I had kept my fingers crossed in the hope of being allocated some barren wasteland with approx. four souls per square mile...

    On the positive side - there is a good chance that the Enumerator in a city may be better educated than his rural counterparts, so his writing may be better and he may make fewer mistakes.

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    115. Cannot Save Occupant
    I put in the age of a gentleman and when I went to save the file a box appeared saying: Invalid age and/or age period fields. I am in Test mode not Live as yet. I am transcribing the 1841 census.

    The "age boxes" problem can occur if either the numeric age box is empty, if it contains too large an age, or if the "period" box (y, m, w or d) contains an invalid letter or the associated number value is exceeded. It is also reported if you have a "student" over 17 years of age, or an excessively young "wife".
    These limitations are fully described in the "Data Fields Transcriptions" and (with respect) we normally find that the problem occurs because the worker has overlooked some minor aspect of the requirements.

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    116. Cannot get Started
    (Four people discussed the same "thread")
    1. In the instructions it tells you to go to start then programs and then the WINCENS icon but it is not there!
    2. ...the IN-CENS download page says..... Now find and execute WIN-CENS [Start -> Programs -> In_cens].
    3. I had the same thing happen, however by scrolling down through 'programs' I found it by clicking on 'in_cens' then 'WIN_CENS'.

    4. My WIN-CENS button is on my desktop...I can't remember whether I dragged it there or it was done during installation. Anyway you just do as you did, only when you get to the WIN_CENS icon left click, hold and drag it to your desktop.

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    117. Correcting Records
    I am still in test mode of the 1841 census. I am entering a large farm which continues onto another page.
    I have sucessfully entered a number of ag labs from this second page when I realised that I needed to amend the age of an entry within these entries. When I click on Household correction, the form flashes up, and all the names that I have entered, roll past. But does not stay on the screen, so that I can amend one. I would be interested to know how to work arround this

    (There are some known problems that can occur, for instance, on a 486 machine).

    Meanwhile, if this is your only problem please do not worry unduly about such errors - the CHECKCENS programme can correct these quite simply (Yes, I know we all like to hand in perfect work)

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    118. Households
    The first problem I have encountered is that I have an entry where the schedule number has changed from 3 to 4 but the resident is within the same household so schedules 3 and 4 actually cover the same house. How do I change the schedule number without ending the household?

    May I point out that a "household" does not equate to a "house". What the situation here appears to be is that there are multiple dwellings in one house, therefore it is correct to end the household and start the next schedule number as a new household.

    Secondly, when filling in the entries, there is a query button next to the surname but not the christian name. If I press the query name button does the checker check both given and surname or should I make a note in the 'notes' section.

    The checker will check all fields anyway, but will be considerably aided by you making a note, suggesting name if possible.

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    119. Folio Numbers
    I'm transcribing 1891 Ashburton, DEV. I've got no problem with any numbers, apart from where to locate the folio number. I've even asked a friend of mine who is a data archivist who has stacks to do with censuses, and she couldn't spot it on the fiche either. Suggestions?

    We have had this situation reported before on one occasion.
    If the Folio numbers have not been stamped in the usual place (top right corner of odd-numbered pages) then we can only do data entry using "Folio Number = 0"

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    120. Parish Name
    Transcribing 2418 and it defaults to Nechells parish, but I cannot see how to change it. The first pages on the first fiche show the civil parish as Aston and the ecclesiastical parish as St James. Nechells does not get a mention

    Not personally aware of the details involved with _your_ county, may I give a general answer?
    If Aston really is not on the PARISH list - pick the best match you can find for the fiche and leave a suitable note in the MYNOTES file so that the Checker will be able to understand the problem.
    Rest assured, we can put these things right (fairly easily) later on, therefore such problems should not be allowed to hold up your valuable transcription time.

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    121. Schedule Numbers
    I have 2 records with schedule no's 12 & 13 .... 15 & 16.
    I'm really not sure how to put them in because they each refer to only 1 household/family. Any idea's how to deal with this please?

    At this stage please type the households according to those little slanty lines on the left of the people names. This may or may not line up with "Head" of households, or even against the Schedule numbers written.
    This could mean that you don't use some of the schedule numbers here!
    Please leave an explanation in "MYNOTES" file, and the Checker can arbitrate what to do later.
    (Three cheers for Checkers !!)

    sorry, I should have given a few more details..
    If I do it as you suggest..according to the slanty lines the schedule number would still be 12 & 13....15 & 16.
    The first instance has "12 & 13" written for the schedule no.It is written next to one family (not repeated). The second instance the same except schedule no. "15 & 16". There aren't differtent addresses or double listings. I thought perhaps I should use the first number and put the second number in the notes, but the census taker has clearly written 12 & 13 .. etc for which I cant see any logical reason.

    Fair enough...
    Please type the first household against #12.
    Follow this with an "empty household", #13, using the flag "Schedule not used"
    And treat #15, 16 in a similar manner.
    It now seems fairly clear that the Enumerator got something wrong here - but we can adjust if necessary when we get to the Checking and Validation phases.

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    122. Cannot read the fiche
    Have just started today, and though really interesting I am finding reading the handwriting difficult. There are loads of crossings (where they have totalled?) which makes it difficult.
    Also the way I am deciphering, I am coming up with some very strange surnames - that can't be right. How can I check if it is the right spelling?

    I am afraid that it is often difficult, especially when some long-ago clerk has crossed through the enumerators writing. Often the later additions are in a paler shade of blue.
    The golden rule is - do it "as is". That includes the enumerator's spelling mistakes.
    Just take your best shot at it; flag up anything you feel uncertain about; make notes. Someone else is going to run your work against the microfiche and they will pick up your queries.
    It may help to try transcribing the first few pages to paper before you attempt keyboard work. This allows maximum concentration on the handwriting problems.
    It does get easier after those first few pages - but, then you find the Enumerator is changed and it all starts again ... Take hope that some Enumerators were very readable - and not all clerks had a "let's cross it all out" mentality.

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    123. Cannot get started
    My lovely children have broken my floppy drive at the moment. So I downloaded the files from the website onto the hard drive.
    When I come to finalize the installation and do the tutorial there is a box regarding the installation disc with choose A or B as your floppy drive. This is no good to me.. What do I need to do now to carry on and do the tutorial.

    This kind of problem can only be answered by John

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    124. Finished
    I finished one parish and packed the file ready for sending.
    I've now started to input data from the next microfiche, but I find that when I look at the file of data already input it still contains data from the previous parish, as also does the mynotes file. Is this what's supposed to happen or have I done something wrong???

    "Pack for Sending" does not take place until you have finished the entire _Piece_, (not Parish) - i.e. a Piece (e.g. RG12/1666) may consist of several fiche slides; only when all slides have been finished for the entire Piece do you send off the file with ALL the related fiche. Also, after completion of a Piece, it would be best if the "mynotes.txt" file is cleared down in readiness for the next Piece (if you have multiple Pieces to transcribe).

    NOTE: If working CON 1841 please check with your Co-Ordinator for specific instructions.

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    125. Abbreviations (1841)
    Does any one know if 'f s' as an occupation stands for family servant ????

    Usually it's an abbreviation of Female Servant. You might also get M S - Male Servant

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    127. Where is GENIE for CHECKERS?
    I noticed that John talked about Genie when using InCens. There does not appear to be a similar product available for ChekCens. Is this so ?

    That used to be a very good point!! --- and has now been rectifed. Checkers wishing to download GENIE Place Locator can now do so from the Project URL

    ... but this need not overly concern our Checkers.
    By all means, if you see a query note about a Birthplace or a "most mysterious" entry then do have a look at it and make a contribution.
    But recall that the "<F5> message" (allowing you to accept a record) comes before the Birthplace details; Checkers are not expected to spend a lot of time on Birthplaces - including the fact that (on most fiche readers) this seems to require some repositioning of the fiche image on the screen.
    The Validation programme has been written to retain the original "Enumerator's Version" of a Birthplace and also the modern spelling or corrected County and this task is one of those specifically targeted to the Validator. It enables our transcription to retain the intended "AS IS" feature while being searchable (in the Database) against modern/corrected place names.
    Thus: suppose an Enumerator had written "Born Brummagem". If the Checker corrects this we would lose "Brummagem", whereas if the Validator makes the alteration then the record would be findable under both "Brummagem" and "Birmingham".

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    128. Addresses
    I have several addresses of the type: 1Bk 7 Baker Street, 2 Bk 7 Baker Street, 1Bk 19 Baker Street - at least I think they say Bk (the k is as a superscript), which I'm assuming means they were round the back ?
    How do I enter this ? The house number field does not seem able to cope with this.

    Yes, it means back. Each house might be split into front and back. I would enter 1 Bk 7 Baker St as No 7, then the street address as 1 Bk 7 Baker St.

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    129. Addresses
    How do you input houses with numeric half in them e.g. 37 1/2

    I suggest we leave the 1/2 out. It reduces the accuracy of the transcription but just a little bit.

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    130. Checkers
    I have just begun the checking process and have some notes that I need to correct. I have not been able to delete the notes and cannot find the method of doing so. Can you please point me in the right direction.

    You're right that the transcriber's notes cannot be changed. However, you can raise your own notes. ... It is F4 on the main details screen to load Notepad and add your comments.

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    131. Cannot get Started
    What am I doing wrong? I am trying to download the software from the Freecens.Rootsweb site onto floppy disk. It all goes according to plan till it starts copying onto the floppy disk.

    By "starts copying onto the floppy disk" I assume you are still in the download process from the website.

    I have got comments like 'the disk in the destination drive is full' - a brand new disk? or 'the disk in drive A is not formatted, so I then format it and again it comes up with 'the disk in the destination drive is full. Have I not got the right disks? Please help as I really want to go through the software before I receive the fiche.

    Disks should be DS/DD format (1.44 megabytes capacity). Have you checked that they are of this standard?

    Thank you for your help, I shall now go and buy the correct floppy disks, she says embarrassingly.

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    132. Extra Information
    There are annotations on the microfiche which appear to have been added later. For example, an occupation entered as "Laundress" has an annotation "Wash" (perhaps meaning Washerwoman); "Labourer" has "GL" added (perhaps meaning General Labourer). Up to now we have included these but should we ignore them?

    Only ignore anything that seems to be repetitious - in the above examples, I would think that GL added to "Labourer" IS repetitious, and not worth recording, but if anything seems to be genuinely additional, then please enter it.

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    133. Not Born in Devon
    I need to know what to do if an occupant is born outside of Devon. I am able to sort out the first field eg. Cornwall, but what do I do for the next field? The programme tells me to check on a map. Do I do this or just put in my best guess and flag the field for the checker to sort out.

    If the person is born "Cornwall" then you can only type "CON" in the County and a dash for the town. You are not allowed (by the programme) to leave that field empty.
    If the problem is one of bad writing - make your best guess, flag the query box, and don't waste too much time trying to solve the place name.

    Query: Are you using the GENIE PLACE LOCATOR? This can help in many instances with doubtful spellings.

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    134. Folio Numbers
    Am I right in thinking that the folio number is on the top right? On this fiche there is no explanation as to what the number is for. Also can anyone help me in what to do when this number is missing because the page has been torn?

    The Folio Number is a stamped number on every other page, and generally appears in the top middle, but can also appear on the top right (without explanation as to what the number is for).
    Folio numbers only appear on ODD-numbered pages.
    As defined in the HELP NOTES for INCENS: "A page with no folio number takes the number of the previous page"
    If there are no Folio numbers at all, then please enter "0" (zero) as the Folio number.

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    135. Cannot Read the Fiche
    I have been using the test program to input data from this census and am now ready to start doing it live. Before I start however I would like to clarify what I do when I cannot read the enumerator's handwriting, this enumerator has the most appalling handwriting! Do I give it my best guess and then flag it? Do I also put a comment in the notes facility at the bottom of the screen?

    Exactly right. Just make sure you have an entry for every line; behind you will come a checker, then the validater. If the three of you can't read a line, then no one is going to be able to. And the online db will flag it up as a query - in red!

    Yes, you do just what you say. Give it your best guess, flag it and if you feel it warrants another comment, put it in the box at the bottom of the screen.>br> Good luck with the handwriting and hopefully it might change before long - some are definitely better than others.

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    136. Relationships
    Having followed the scholars, students and age, why when a son or daughter is entered (along with other gender orientated relationships, does the program not prevent entry of the wrong gender.?
    E.g. it is possible to enter a son as a female.

    We chose this method because there are many"relationships" that are not gender oriented. Much safer that you get used to making the appropriate entry every time.

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    137. Enumeration District
    For the last few days I have been familiarising myself with the handwriting on the fiches and transcribing to paper. I now wish to start inputting, but after reading the tutorial I still cannot understand which is the Enumeration District No.
    At the beginning of the fiche, it has written RG12/1250 171 5c.

    There are normally six "standard pages" before you reach "Page 1" of the actual records; the first of these pages has a sub-heading "Description of the Enumeration District" and will bear a number.
    (Assuming you are using WINCENS:)
    Having selected the "Piece" you intend to work, the screen will change to one asking for input of "Enum Dist" - this segment has two boxes, so enter "5" in the first, "c" in the second.
    Highlight the appropriate "Civil Parish", [STORE] it all and you are in business.

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    139. Extra Information
    Throughout the twelve pages of transcription that I have done for one parish I have found on many occasions, at the side of a person's occupation, remarks in lighter ink almost/and sometimes unreadable.
    ie; occupation stated River Keeper but next to it in very small writing 'GameK'. Another example was Dairyman then next to it 'milk'. I feel that I should not put them in, though I know that we should transcribe what we see. One particular wife (whose husband was a grocer) had the occupation field marked as grocer, but the ink was so light, I almost felt I wasn't supposed to see it. One gentleman had 'law' in very light ink then 'solicitors clerk'.
    Shall I just leave those little remarks out or not?

    The darker ink is the Enumerator writing down what he was told by the people themselves. The lighter marks, which were probably pencil, possibly red on the original books but now look a pale blue due to the photographic method, were put in later by a clerk preparing data for the statisticians. They needed the occupations normalised so that, for example, all sailors were counted as such whether they called them selves mariners, sailors, or old salts. So the occupations changed by this man were very much simplified - fish, serv, seas, etc.
    This counting was probably done fairly late. Other people came along earlier and did other things to the book - checking that it was all in a standard format (so you will see crossings out and alterations in another hand). Checking the counting by that irritating person who crossed through the ages with a very heavy pen and all sorts of other passes through peoples hands.

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    140. Households
    I have a particular household that splits in two.
    Sch. No. 75 'Grange Farm' James A Henman, Jane A Henman and Rosa Humphrys followed by Sch. no. 75a (In "one of the farms holdings") Albert Coleman and Thomas Coleman. Then two lines to indicate end of household - both Albert and Thomas are servants; James Henman is the head of the household.
    Do I split it as two different households or do I keep it as the one household and make a note of the schedule no and address in the notes?

    Defiintely TWO different households. Any change in schedule number indicates a separate household for our purposes. The Schedule Number field (in IN-CENS) allows for the entry of an alpha suffix in the adjacent field.

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    141. Abbreviations
    Well I am "live" and seem to be going okay, but---- do we expand on the names eg: Wm to William, Thos to Thomas, etc,

    No.....please leave these "as is".

    Also have F.S and M.S where I have put in female/male servant, have flag it for checker and left notes to my queries but thought I better check with the experts before going on. Also have an occ as shoem, any ideas what that is.

    To expand F.S./M.S. is fine and a desirable thing to do.
    "Shoem" is probably "Shoemaker".

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    142. Enumerators ...
    Where does one find a copy of the instructions to enumerators for the various censuses?

    It should be in the pages prior to the actual data, at the begining of each booklet used for each enumeration district. You know - those pages everybody skims over in order to get to the meat, as it were:-))

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    143. Addresses
    Is there any where online that I can get a copy of street names for Marham Church Stratton Cornwall. I need a little help trying to transcribe the street names.

    Even a modern list (if available) would probably look quite different from many of the old names.
    The main thing is not to let this aspect hold up your work too much - flag any doubts, confident that there will be a Checker and a Validator looking at the data after you have done your bit.
    I would also confidently suggest that it will become easier to decipher these places after you have done a few pages. It's not that you "know" the words any better but you will develop little tricks in working out the Enumerator's scribble.

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    144. Finished
    I have just finished transcribing my set of microfiche for the 1891 Cornwall census. I have In-Cens V 1.4
    What do I do with it now?.

    It doesn't matter which version of INCENS you use, they all have a "Pack for Sending" feature.
    After running this routine you will need to Find the file that has been produced and make two floppy copies of the file.
    You may choose to use (Desktop) Explorer to find the file... it will be found in your folder UKCENSUS\DATA\ and will have a name of the type CENSnnnn.ZIP (where the "nnnn" stands for your working Code).
    Having made the copies please notify your County Co-Ordinator and wait for his further instructions (which may differ from county to county).

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    145. Enumeration District
    I think I may have been using the wrong name for the Enumeration District. But nowhere can I find anything that says, "Enumeration District such-and-such" There is an Administrative County, a Civil Parish, a Municipal Borough, a Municipal Ward, an Urban Sanitary District, a Town or Village or Hamlet, a Rural Sanitary District, a Parliamentary Borough or Division, an Ecclesiastical Parish or District, but NO ENUMERATION DISTRICT. All I can find is No. 35 on the first page.
    Soon I will be coming to a new section and I would like to know where to find the name of the Enumeration District so I can get it right this time. I noticed that the Municipal Ward has changed but there is no place to record this change. Does it matter?

    Each ED starts with 6 pages that have no data to be transcribed. The first page is headed 'description of enumeration district'. This lays out the route the enumerator followed. Top right it says Enumeration District No.......

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    146. Extra Information
    Could someone answer the question about the added remarks to the occupations column soon as I have now completed 32 pages of Birmingham 2371 and have been putting these in. If you don't want them my checker has a lot of deleting to do. When we transcribed the 1881 all these added remarks went in brackets.

    I think you have to exercise your own judgement here, and no one is going to fault you for putting in more rather than less.
    In the case of 'river keeper' amended to GKeeper, I would say that 'river keeper' is much more interesting, but Game Keeper in brackets might help some later reader. I have just done a Royal Navy ship with 600 people on it. Each has his RN trade but some 'light blue pencil' merchant has written 'sailor' for all of them. Which doesn't add anything!

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    147. Addresses
    The first was someone who was "Born on a ship on the sea".

    Presumably you have name (etc) details for the person? --- then just enter the above in Born Place field with county code OVF.

    Now I have an entry "In a caravan on the roadside, Travellers, 4 male 4 female, total of 8 persons"
    No Schedule Number, No Address, No Names, No ages, No Occupations, No County or Place of Birth. What do you suggest?

    In the "Road" field......."In caravan; 4 male 4 female"
    Press (in WIN-CENS) the "Schedule Number Not Used" button (since there is no further detail available).

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    148. Back Up problems ...
    I've been clicking away for two or three days. It seems that I must be missing something when it comes to backing up my work. The disks seems to be empty.
    On the prompt screen, when it says something like.....put the disk in the 'N' drive...

    You go from the main data entry screen into "Utlities" and select "Backup Data Files to Floppy". What it should then be saying is...
    "If you wish to do end-of-day backup NOW, place diskette (#1 of this generation) in Drive 'A' and select 'Yes' to Continue, else 'No' "
    If you are saying that instead of showing Drive A (or B) it is showing 'N', then it sounds as though your User Options file is not set correctly.
    If the right-mouse button and User Options does not correct this, please check (direct) with John.

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    149. Correcting Errors
    I have been happily typing in my part of the Beds 1891 Census - >Biggleswade (1258), and suddenly realised I've not been putting in whether they were an employer, employee etc. I have got as far as Folio 15 on my first area! Can I go back to rectify this problem?

    Sorry, you cannot go back once the household has been committed.

    Also can I clarify one other thing - I have an orphanage to put in which the enumerator has down as an instit. - it therefore needs a suffix under the enumeration district (yes?) should it be 3 - Pauper school or 9 - school.

    I'd go for "9".

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    150. Cannot get Started
    I have downloaded the data entry program and the data files for Bedfordshire 1891. When I try to run the test program, I get the message:
    Cannot open file: mk@MSITStore:C:\Program Files\in_cens\help.chm

    "help.chm" is supplied with WIN-CENS to use for the tutorial and as help in general, and should have been picked up by WIN-CENS.

    This is either a fault in the down-loading, or it may be a machine-related problem. Please contact John direct.

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    151. Abbreviations

    Have just finished my first census as Checker. I noticed a number of abbreviations used by the Transcriber in the Occupation fields. Is this ok, and if so is there a list of valid abbreviations? Same could also be said for the Relationship field.

    You should find documentation on what exists in this respect in the CHECK-CENS help file (loadable through F1 / section Field Definitions).
    Bearing in mind the limited space for the various descriptions there may often be a need for some form of abbreviation with occupations. However "Ag Lab" and "Dom Serv" are sufficiently understood that these may be used rather than spelling out all words.
    Workers on the 1841 projects - please note that we have asked you to expand abbreviations such as "m s" and "f s" (respectively male or female servant).
    As far as "Relationship" goes there is an extensive list defined in the above HELP pages and these should be followed by everyone. There are some instances that are not specified (e.g. "Ggrson") and we must ensure that any abbreviation chosen is going to be self-explanatory.

    (from another enquiry:-)
    I have a concern about expanding abbreviations: an ancestor had Ind. against his name and I thought it meant he was an Industrialist but later discovered it meant he was of Independent means!

    If there is anything that worries you and makes you think needs expansion or no expansion, then by all means use the Notes facility on each occupant record, flagging the section of data you are querying. Expansion of abbreviations should only take place where there is some certainty as to what is meant. If you are in doubt, please leave it to the checker to decide based on the Notes you have provided.

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    152. Relationships
    I realise that, where the Enumerator had left Marital Status blank , I have typed many instances as "S". What should I do?

    I would suggest not taking any action. Children would be "S" anyway by inference, and it seems a lot of effort to change all at this stage. I add that this decision is very much a "one-off" as there is practically no importance in changing the field concerned in this particular case.
    However, I should also have added that this project is very much an "as is" transcription, and the decision I have made here clearly is a (small) departure from that ethos. I would not like this decision to be taken as a loosening of our rules of working... please keep to the "as is" rule, and check back for guidance if you seriously think there is a case for deviating from that.

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    153. Notes
    Since downloading the new version I have had trouble with Notepad also.
    When trying to open notepad it clicks loudly and the screen stutters then the program screen minimises into the bar at the bottom then when I have written into notepad I have to close it then restore the checker screen.
    Also one other query please. When I write something to notepad and recheck it I find the information has been minimised and sometimes things I would like validator to see are gone.

    When using Notepad in CHECK-CENS and WIN-CENS... you must save the file each time you make any manual additions and/or changes. Otherwise you are right, the information will be lost.

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    154. Correcting Files
    When I opened Win Cens to start another day of transcribing I got an error beep, with the notification "enum. dist. not complete". I am sure I exited the proper way using the exit button. So I had to re-enter the enumeration district, then it opened up, showing the last household entered, but no names were shown.
    Is there a way to check this household?

    When you start up again, on the "Continuing" screen (Enum/Parish):- click right mouse; The top option allows you to [VIEW...] whatever has been saved for the Piece.

    I also put the wrong birthplace for a person, can I go back and alter it to the correct place?

    Please see other FAQ about "Correcting Files" - and leave it for the Checker.

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    155. Folio & Schedules
    Some advice: I've just completed page 19, the next page has page 21 written on it in heavy capital print and the original page number 20 scored out. The schedules follow as they should for page 21.There is also a partly readable note added to the top of the page which I think draws attention to the mistake.
    The following page similarly has page 20 written on the top and the original page number 21 scored out. The schedules follow as for page 20.
    Should I proceed as is.

    A major identification of a "source" is its Folio Number; secondary comes the actual Page Number; and then we work by Schedule Number.
    A Piece that I am currently Validating has a block of Schedules (#68 thru #91) completely "misplaced" by the Enumerator (by several pages) - and has been typed up "AS IS", i.e. following the sequencing that appears in the Enumerator's Book - there is no way I can tell whether #67 and #68 were indeed "neighbours" in a rural district.
    In the enquirer's example: "Folio nnn" would normally comprise pages 19 & 20 with the next Folio comprising pages 21 & 22.
    Without having seen this particular fiche I don't know whether addresses, or even families split over the page perhaps, follow logically on the "renumbered" or the original pages.
    For better or for worse, I advocate typing in the sequence of the fiche (since this is the sequence of the original document) - provided a note is left for the Checker, Validator and Uploader to be able to re-appraise the situation for appropriate action later on, if necessary.

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    156. Correcting Errors
    It is Cornwall, 1891 census. The entry that concerns me is schedule 44. I was having a bad day apparently. I also made an error that I should have known not to do, on schedule 43 I ended the household too early, so I made the next entry 43 as well, what should I have done?

    Well, what you should have done is what you yourself not exit from WIN-CENS before closing off a household (except institutions - which may have 40 or more occupants - where you must enter the first 40 before closing down and having a rest :-) In the case of institutions, the program will automatically pick up from the last entry.
    But the checking phase will correct that, so please don't worry about it. But make a note for the checker if you haven't already done so, please.

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    158. Enumerator Errors
    What does one do about lines that are blank between households or lines crossed out and hence effectively blank in the middle of households.

    Blank lines seem to depend on the whim of the Enumerator! They signify nothing.
    Lines that have been crossed out may be ignored UNLESS you find that a Schedule Number "vanishes" and is not used
    Beware also the lines where it may say only "1 U" (for an unoccupied house/tenement) - ALL UNOCC must be entered.

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    159. Folio Numbers
    I can not see a folio number on the fiches I have. How many digits should it be and does it say folio.
    Also what information do you use for test mode as the fiches do not match the years and parishes in test mode.

    The folio numbers are outside the frame of the page on the top right. You will see the page number inside the frame and the folio number outside.
    When you start a new Piece, the folio number normally starts from 1 or thereabouts. The folio number changes every other page. It is a number by itself and _without_ any heading or printed statement "Folio". That it is stamped on every other page should make it recognisable.

    Also what information do you use for test mode as the fiches do not match the years and parishes in test mode.

    You're probably still in Tutorial mode. Once you've finished that then you will find Test Mode and Live Mode use the same reference files. The Tutorial is most important to get through before you do any further testing or live entry.

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    160. Enumeration District
    I found the "Description of the Enumeration District" but for the first parish 'Biddenham' part of the page is missing where the Enum Dist. no. would have been. So I went through the rest of the fiche and noted that the next parish Enum Dis. no. was 15 the next being 16 then 17 and the final parish being 18. Can I take it from this that Biddenham Enum Dist. no. would have read 14?

    This is a fair assumption in this instance, and is one of the few assumptions that we are prepared to tolerate in the Project.

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    162. Addresses (& Birthplaces)
    I discovered a few websites that I turn to for help with place-names. The Association of British Counties has a gazetteer at which is a great help. Also, many of the county sites on GENUKI have alphabetical lists of towns and parishes. If I really want to know the location as well as confirm my guess at spelling, I use

    BUT....please don't forget that WIN-CENS has its own gazetteer, called GENIE, which can be loaded in the top-right panel via the right-mouse click, OR loaded via Explorer from the folder \Program Files\in_cens
    It has over 20,000 placenames, but of course will not cover hamlets and suchlike.

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    164. Cannot Re-Start!
    I have lost my 1891 "Wincens" census data when my hard drive was reformatted last week by my son. (Bless his dear little heart)
    I do however have a current backup but dont know how to attach the zipped file data to the newly reinstalled program.
    Have you a set of faily explicit instructions to do this process, or where I can find them easily.

    I believe you are the first with this specific problem - but the answer should be quite easy.
    Put your latest back-up disk in Drive A: -
    Enter WINCENS in the normal manner - and immediately select [Exit/Utilities] button (top right corner of the screen)
    Then "Recover Data from Floppy Backup"
    You should be back in business with no data losses.

    NOW EVERYONE will realise the importance of REGULAR Backup :-)

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    165. Wit & Wisdom
    Out of intertest, in my transcription I have arrived at a pub where three male Pedlars are lodging. Against each there is what looks like crude hieroglyph representation of a their ages.
    The first could be a swan on four legs, of course the arch of the swans neck could be a number 2 but the others have no obvious clues.
    Any suggestions, I would of course,transcribe as is, were it possible, I will however make suitable comments in the notes.

    I like the description, "Swan with four legs", and know what you mean.
    As always suggested - don't spend too long on any specific puzzle. If the worst comes to the worst then simply enter "999" for the age and move on.

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    166, Cannot Save Occupant
    I have a person who has no age given and cannot enter unknown, a ? or exit the page. How do I record this, and continue with the data entry?

    "Data Field Descriptions" of the HELP system explains we should use "999" as the age where none has been specified, and also set the Query Flag.

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    167. Not born in County
    There have been several people born overseas in my Birmingham census but whether they are British subjects or not is not stated. I've had America, Russia and Austria and have put OVF for all. Should I have been putting OVB for the children of parents born in the UK?
    I'm well into my second enumeration district by now I'm afraid - if I have been in error.

    Don't worry, ... the checker will determine what is correct (and consistent).

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    168. Cannot get Started
    ... apologies for what was a very obvious error......not changing the subject line to the appropriate one for the message. I really am sorry and realised later (hence the message about the ... census transcribing) that I was adding to the confusion........and I was already totally confused myself. I am going to bed now ... ... it is late and I am tired... ...too tired to cope with any mistakes that I will probably make, so I will download and be in touch tomorrow.

    Which demonstartes the importance of taking things slowly and resting before one "gets into a state"

    I DON'T BELIEVE IT! ...I want to be doing 1891 and I've downloaded 1841 instead. Now what???

    .....yes, you've guessed it !!! ...... back to square one I'm afraid :-(((

    You will need to....
    1. Uninstall WIN-CENS (Start->Programs->in_cens then the Uninstall option)
    2. Delete CONCENS41.EXE from your installation floppy.
    3. Download onto that floppy the 1891 CON files (CONCEN91.EXE)
    4. Re-install !!!! (you can bypass the tutorial)

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    170. Unoccup., etc
    I was going along so well too. I had gotten to page 11 and came upon an unoccupied dwelling number 6 flat 8 Proctor street with no schedule number. I pressed the "u" if unoccupied button. The program took me into the next household option screen with the flagged "u" for 6 flat 8 Proctor street in the upper panel, which was correct.
    I continued to enter the details for the address of the next household which was occupied, schedule 78, 6 flat 9 Proctor street. I stored this ready to enter the household details.
    An option screen came up again and I found that the program had also flagged this address as "u" unoccupied. What have I done wrong and what do I do now, how do I stop the flagging and continue.

    This is a WINCENS situation:-
    There is a "right-mouse-button" option available - the same menu appears as when you load-to-screen the HELP pages and the GENIE Place Locator.
    Resting the mouse-pointer on the label [User Set Options] will open a secondary menu.
    The second item on that menu is [Dwelling Status; xxx xxx xxx] and the message shows which option is currently selected. (NOT what you are about to select)
    It may be [... as prev dwelling] - which is what Mary's will be showing, and under these conditions you must keep an eye on the status buttons...
    If you click on [... as prev dwelling] the situation will be changed to [... Reset each time] i.e. the buttons will _automatically_ reset to the [No Address Query ...] button after every address entry.

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    171. Relationships
    Am I ok just putting m-law for mother in law in the relationship field?

    Among the On-Screen HELP Pages of WINCENS you will find a link to a table of permitted Relationship Abbreviations.
    (The Correct answer here would be "Ma-Law")

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    172. Households
    Not quite sure what to do with this one it's more the way it's been laid out than anything else.
    1) Top line is Priory Road, Infant school.
    Next line - schedule 29 ditto for the road then the list of occupants. Note there isn't a house number.
    The double lines indicating the end of a household and the beginning of a new one are before the top line and after the last occupant. Do I assume that the school and household are separate or together?

    It sounds as though "separate" is the best conclusion.

    2) Top line is Catholic church.
    Next - schedule 30 St Marys' Priory followed by list of occupants. Same problem with the double lines.
    Do I put a suffix of 9 for the first and class it as unoccupied, then go on to the household separately?
    If so should I do a similar thing with the second.

    Your suggestions sound right. The checker will confirm all that

    I have also found that there are 122 people living in the priory. Do I count this as an institution?

    Any "household" of 40 or more occupants is automatically counted by IN-CENS as an institution. This means that after the first 40 you can take a break, come out of IN-CENS, and when you go in again it will allow you to pick up from where you left off.

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    173. Extra Information
    Additional information - Birthplace
    It's come to my attention from those at the checking stage that, frequently, not all data is being transcribed. For example, in the Birthplace, often only the parish might be transcribed instead of a full address.

    PLEASE always transcribe "as is" - albeit we abbreviate some fields. If there is insufficent room in the data box, please key the full details in the Notes facility, and set the appropriate flag box.

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    175. Cannot SAVE data
    I had reason to check an entry, so used the View procedure. This showed that, for at least the last 20 entries, the only details recorded were Folio, Page, Schedule, Address and Surname. Missing were Status and Forename. I do not know what has happened, and because I was not able to check back beyond the last 20 records, do not know how many records are affected.
    The only "oddity" in the situation was that, because the writing was barely decipherable, I had flagged "Address Query on Occupied Building" for those entries. I then entered a household with no address query, which produced a full listing, i.e. including status and forename.
    1. Assuming that something has gone wrong, what and how has it happened?

    Well, you have discovered a programme bug that, ONLY when that flag is set, causes what you describe.
    The answers on what to do are...
    a. Carry on.....missing details will need to be (re-)entered by the checker. As stated, the problem occurs ONLY when that flag is set (for that household).

    This problem has since been resolved with a programme revision
    . IMPORTANT: ensure that you all keep up with the latest Upgrades!

    > 2. Is it possible to check the full listing on View, and, if so how do I do it?

    You can.....the query box comes up asking if you want the last 20 records.
    [Yes] gives you just 20, [No] allows you to see the whole file.

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    176. Initials
    Is there a standard way of entering middle initials in the forenames box?
    What about eg David J E (no full stops)

    When in doubt, the rule is "as is". What you've suggested above is perfectly O.K.

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    177. Civil Parish
    The fiche is named 387 ASTON( Warw.) 1L Deritend but when I started the IN-CENS programme and entered the Enumeration District 68, which says on the fiche Aston sub district Deritend, the only name in the civil parish box is BORDSLEY and I cannot seem to change it yet the "civil parish" on the fiche is stated as "Aston part of" and BORDSLEY is the "town village or hamlet"

    Continue using the BORDSLEY box but please leave an explanation in the MYNOTES file ... (Checkers can correct most things if necessary, and it is better that you do not waste too much of your time on a detail like this)

    To expand a little: the Parish Pick List is prepared using a pre-existing list that (we are now finding out) does not contain every Civil Parish in some districts; Aston is one of these, there will doubtless be other major centres having the same sort of problem.
    Provided you leave a note in MYNOTES, the Checker will be able to correct each Enumeration with a single entry (CHEKCENS is a clever programme!).

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    178. Function Keys
    I seem to remember seeing somewhere that we are supposed to indicate employer status.
    How do we do that?

    In the Occupation box.....if you put your cursor over the FK label, you will see what F-key options there are for adding this bit of info to the occupation (i.e. you add it after the occupation proper).
    Also, please note that use of the right-mouse will give you help as to the significance of the FK and QM facilities.

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    179. Cannot Save Occupant
    1. On my fiche I had a scholar who was 19 and the program wouldn't accept it, so I had to leave the occupation blank and put it in the notes.
    2. I have had several the same, I put "at school"
    3. I haven't struck this yet, so am not sure if prog. will accept that data. But perhaps "at School" could indicate a Teacher as well as Scholar!!

    This (third) answer is exactly right. :-)
    The program does a validation check of "Scholar" and the person's age. It is required that you enter "Student" instead, with "[Scholar]" annotated to indicate the original transcription entry.
    Actually, this is stated in the help documentation, so please have a look.... :-)

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    180. Getting Started (using form1891.doc as supplied with IN-CENS)
    Tell you what I have found with this document. It's formatted for some weird paper size, & I had to adjust it to fit A4. Anyone else found this to be the case?

    Yes I had this problem, but after going into printer options and set as 'fit to page' it was ok. I then saved it again under 'form1891' and saved it in the same place so that I could find it again when needed. So now I can just print!

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    181. Cannot Save Occupant
    One of my entries was for a child aged 0 months but the program wouldn't allow this. As I was entering the data at the time I put in 1 month and then added a note about it. I hope this was ok?

    It's as good as any of us could have done

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    182. Cannot Read the Fiche
    What do I do when I find a surname that is almost totally unreadable? I think it begins with a B but otherwise it is unguessable! The page is a particularly bad one as the ink is very pale, the writing very small, and it tends to fade off into a scribble at the end of each word. The page is also riddled with mistakes, words crossed out etc.

    You give it your best shot. There should be a line for each entry in the returns, even if you cannot read most of it. Remember that behind you comes the checker, and behind the checker comes the validater. Also, you yourself may have second and better thoughts as you progress through the piece. In the end, if the three of you can't read it - probably no one can.

    Another problem is that the enumerator has failed to give a schedule number to an unoccupied house. What should I enter?

    When there is no schedule number against an unoccupied house you enter '0'

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    183. Extra Information
    I have the following entry:
    District 13, Parish of Shobbrooke, Folio 108 Page 10, which looks like this:
    Schedule 59, Guttin Cottage, with 5 occupants (all named, with ages, POB etc)
    After this entry someone? has drawn a line across the whole width of the page i.e. to separate the entry from the next one (Schedule 60) and made a remark on the side of the page adjacent to column 1 "This was formerly a part of Cheriton Fitzpaine, amalgamated with Shobbrooke" (the handwriting is not the same as the enumerator).
    Should I include schedules No. 60 to 63 (page 10) and 64 to 69 (page 11), which is then the end of this part of Shobbrooke, or put it in Cheriton Fitzpaine (which is completed) or leave it in Shobbrooke and add an explanation in "mynotes.txt". District 14 is a continuation of Shobbrooke.

    Leave it in Shobbrooke and add an explanation in 'mynotes.txt'", please .
    "As is" rule !!
    (The annotation confirms that the area was part of C.F. and is now in Shobbrooke.)

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    184. Checkers:
    CHEKCENS: I have tried the SHIFT+TAB but find that sometimes it won't take me back to headers. But, as I said, it has only happened a handful of times and it was obvious that the EP was Falmouth.

    I can only comment that I don't have any problem getting back into E.P. at any stage, using <SHIFT>+<TAB>, and that I can change/insert data as I wish - even in the middle of a household! (not that one should need to do that!)
    One can also get back into (and change again) a record that has previously been marked as CHECKED - so I am left a little unsure about just what your problem may be caused by.
    If all else fails: please return to the Main Menu and use <F10> to access "Notes" and put a note there explaining the nature of your problem. The problem can then be resolved at the next stage of processing.

    One thing you must not attempt please - no-matter how computer-competent you may be - is "editing" any of the data files by any means other than the programme. CHECKCENS may appear to have an unusual way of handling its changes, but they are consistently recorded to give the required end result.

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    185. On-Screen HELP?
    Can someone tell me where to click for the VIEW facility. I once found it accidentally, but can't find it again.

    Upper panel, right-click mouse.

    However, to review the full answer about the "right mouse-button:
    Once past the first INCENS screen the "right mouse-button" may be used to display various features. When using the "right mouse-button" in the top panel the following important features are available:-

    1. LOAD HELP PAGES - which may be left running in background while you are working and which contain the essential information to successful data entry.
    You will need to print out the "TUTORIAL" Section of the Help Pages in order to obtain the Text needed to complete the Tutorial.

    2. GENIE PLACE LOCATOR As above, this gazetteer may be left running in background. While not exhaustive, more than 20,000 England & Wales Placenames are listed and can often assist on confirming the existence and spelling of an unfamiliar "Birthplace"

    3. USER SET OPTIONS The same "right mouse-button" - you may need to adjust these settings to suit your personal working methods.

    4. "HOUSEHOLD ENTRY" Template.
    When you reach this screen you will find that the "right mouse-button" assumes additional functions when clicked over parts of the display.
    The items regarding "FK" and "QM" are particularly worth understanding as a means to save on "key-strokes" for common words.

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