Coverage for Carmarthenshire (CMN)

Carmarthenshire – 1871 / RG10 InformationRG10 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1871 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
5465 Llanelly Llanelly Online
5466 Llanelly Llanelly Online
5467 Llanelly Llanelly Online
5468 Llanelly Llanelly
5469 Pembrey Pembrey
5470 Pembrey Kidwelly, Pembrey
5471 Llannon Llanelly, Llannon Online
5472 Llannon Llanedy, Llannon Online
5473 Llanddausant Llanddausant Online
5474 Llangadock Llangadock Online
5475 Llansadwrn Llansadwrn, Llanwrda Online
5476 Myddfai Mothvey Online
5477 Llandingat Llandingat Online
5478 Llanfairarybryn Llanfairarybryn Online
5479 Llanwrtyd Llandulas, Llanwrtyd Online
5480 Cilycwm Cilycwm Online
5481 Conwil Cayo Conwil Caio, Conwil Cayo
5482 Talley Llansawel, Talley Online
5483 Llanfynydd Brechfa, Llanfihangel Cilf., Llanfynydd
5484 Llangathen Llanegwad, Llangathen
5485 Llangathen Llanegwad
5486 Llandilo Llandilofawr
5487 Llandilo Llandilofawr, Llandyfeisant Online
5488 Llandebie Llandebie, Llandilofawr, Llanfihangel Aberb.
5489 Llandebie Bettws, Llandebie
5490 Llangendeirne Llanarthney, Llangunnor
5491 Llangendeirne Llanarthney, Llanddarog, Llangendeirne, Llangyndeyrn
5492 Llangendeirne Llangendeirne
5493 Llangendeirne Llandefeilog, St Ishmael
5494 St Clears Laugharne, Saint Clears, St Clears
5495 St Clears Laugharne, Llandawke, Llandilo Abercowin, Llanginning, Llangunnock, Llansadurnen
5496 St Clears Laugharne, Llandowror, Llanfihangel Aberc., Llanstephan, River Towey
5497 Carmarthen Carmarthen, St Peters
5498 Carmarthen Carmarthen, St Peters
5499 Carmarthen Abergwili, St Peters
5500 Carmarthen Abergwili, Abergwilly, Carmarthen Quay, Llangain, St Peters
5501 Conwil Llanllawddog, Llanpumsaint, Newchurch
5502 Conwil Abernant, Conwil, Merthyr
5503 Conwil Conwil, Trelech, Trelech a'r Bettws
5504 Conwil Llanwinio, Mydrim, Trelech