Ownership and Copyright Matters

All Volunteers working on the FreeCEN Project will be deemed to accept the following Conditions:-

  • That the Ownership and Copyright of the Original Census Documents rests with the appropriate Records Office: i.e. The Public Records Office (for England and Wales Census) or the General Records Office, Scotland (for the Scottish Census)

  • That the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, or Archive CD Books, or any other source of images for transcription into the FreeCEN Project, have permission from the P.R.O. or the G.R.O.S. (as appropriate) to loan copies of Census Images to the FreeCEN Project for the purposes of transcription.

  • That the Conditions of such loan are:

    (a) that the medium of such loan copies (whether supplied on fiche, film, or CD) remains at all times the property of the LENDER and must be returned to the Lender when FreeCEN's need for such images has been fulfilled.

    (b) that FreeCEN and its volunteers hold no licence to print or otherwise copy any such images other than for the purpose of facilitating Transcription and Checking for the FreeCEN Project.

    (c) that any such prints or copies of images must be destroyed once the relevant work is completed and further that such prints or copies must not be published in any manner without the express consent of the OWNERS of the document copyrights.

    (d) that FreeCEN has made agreement with the LENDERS of such images, and independantly with the P.R.O. and the G.R.O.S., that FreeCEN will provide an electronic copy of all transcriptions from such images which the Owners or Licencees may use in such manner as they deem appropriate.

    (e) that all work produced using the FreeCEN Software and Organisation may be published on the Internet in accordance with the declared aims and intentions for the FreeCEN Project.

    (f) that, while a transcript of a document may, normally, be the copyright of the transcriber care should be taken that any FreeCEN work published privately in any form shall be the sole work of the publisher and shall not assume 'approval to publish' is necessarily granted by other volunteers who may have contributed to the preparation or checking of such a document.

    (g) that where a co-operation agreement is reached between FreeCEN and any specific Family History Society concerning preparation of transcripts then the F.H.S. shall be entitled to use or publish for their own purposes such portions of the work as shall have been achieved by such a co-operation agreement.

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