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VALDREV checks each record to confirm that the birth-place and county are present on an "approved" listing. If not found then VALDREV will pause the scanning for an "Alert" to be attended to.
The "approved" placenames may be present either in the inbuilt GENIE Place Locator or in a personally constructed Supplementary Places List.
There are various advantages in carrying forward this "Supps List" from one validation piece to another, rather than having to start each new piece with an empty "Supps List".

While there is nothing particularly complicated about the procedures below, it is strongly suggested that any exchange of the Supps List should be conducted immediately after importing a New Piece into VALDREV and before commencing validation work on that piece.
That way, if anything should go wrong, you do not risk losing validated effort!

You will either have completed validation of earlier work, or someone has made available to you one or more "PLACESUP.GEN" files.

Previous Supps List files can be found as "PLACESUP.GEN" in a folder named drive:\VALDREV\filename.DIR\ (where filename might be "RG12.1234".)
These files will be found to have a general structure similar to:-
          Bramford Speke(DEV:
The list is seen to be alphabetic, one entry per line. The record structure must not be altered.

However, files can be added together (end to end) - do not worry that this upsets the alpha sequence.

Save the resultant file as a text file with the name "PLACESUP.GEN" and copy this file into the VALDREV\filename.DIR\ folder for the piece you are about to start validating. (It will replace a file of the same name which is initially size 0K)

Start VALDREV for the filename to be worked.
Before doing any work:-
Right-click the birthplace field: this presents the GENIE list of place-names.
Click [View Supp'y] just below this display.
The new Supplementary Place List is presented and will be found to be now correctly sorted alphabetically.

Duplications may be found in the list, especially if it was compiled from two or more earlier Supp Lists. These will not impair operation of the routine but will increase the overall list length and perhaps make it more tedious to use the list. Duplications and any other unwanted entries can be removed by highlighting the line and [Remove Entry].

VALDREV is now ready to continue the file-validation processes.

Remember: do not add mis-spelt or 'wrong-county' placenames to a Supplementary List.

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