U.K. Census Data CENSDUPL Program
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Any Piece Validated using VALDREV prior to version 1.2.4
may have been subjected to a bug which caused duplication and overwriting of some records.

The CENSDUPL routine, a basic 'DOS' routine, will detect any such faults so that they may be rectified.

Please download the file CENSDUPL.EXE to any folder or hard drive, and RUN CENSDUPL.EXE to extract the files.
RUN CENSDUPL.BAT (the "Batch" file) to start the routine.

Simple instructions are available on-screen:
The "FreeCEN.VLD" file must be copied into the folder running CENSDUPL and a printable report is prepared detailing any instances where records appear to have been duplicated.
Note that consecutive unoccupied premises will be reported even if this is not incorrect transcription.
The datafile may then be corrected after reference to the source fiche/film/or CD images.

A small demo file "RG129898.VLD" is included in the download, for "Tutorial" purposes.

Last updated 14th July, 2003.

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