U.K. Census Data CSV Check Program
but freely distributed to approved projects. Contact us

Self-expanding download CSVCHK.EXE

Zipped download CSVCHK.ZIP

Please download one file: CSVCHK.EXE (341Kb) or CSVCHK.ZIP (326Kb)
Copy this file into a primary folder named C:\FCTOOLS\ (You may change the hard drive letter if you wish.)

Either RUN "CSVCHK.EXE" to expand the contents.
If necessary:RUN "CSVCHECK.EXE" to start the programme.

(Note the Option available to make a Desktop Icon for future use...)

The routine contains all necessary prompts and Help, which should be read carefully.
Care should be taken that Spreadsheet files are named according to the FreeCEN standards, and saved as Comma Separated Variables (.CSV), in order to be acceptable for testing.

Last updated 29th January, 2005.

Please contact us with any comments