IN-CENS Version 2.1 Full Download

This version of IN-CENS (also called WIN-CENS) is designed as Windows-only software. It will operate on PC or Apple VPC platforms from WIN/95 upwards. That is WIN/95, /98, /ME, /2000. It should run on XP, but there is an element of doubt about XP's compatibility. The earlier versions of IN-CENS were designed to run in DOS, but could also be run in WIN/3.1x, WIN/95 or WIN/98.

The minimum screen area requirement of WIN-CENS is 640 x 480 pixels, and you should have at least 5 megabytes of spare hard-disk capacity.

WIN-CENS must be used if you are to transcribe the 1841 Census. However, although you may have WIN/95, if your processor speed is under 266Mhz and you are running in less than 16 megabytes of RAM, then the response speed from some of WIN-CENS' components may not be as you might like, and the DOS version may be better for you. Please note though it has been found that this software generally runs better in an Intel Pentium processor machine, the problem on mainly non-Pentium machines being the use of the <Alt> key as an alternative to mouse click on buttons. However, if you find that you experience problems in using the <Alt> key, you will be able to disable that facility.

It is advisable that if you are using a non-MS mouse, that you install the manufacturer's latest mouse driver. This applies to laptops as well as PC's, and Toshiba systems/mice in particular.

PLEASE NOTE: before you start using WIN-CENS for real, after doing the tutorial it shouldbe a must to use the TEST feature for say 20 entries, to ensure that WIN-CENS works happily on your machine. (If you have been using DOS/IN-CENS, note that WIN-CENS does not interfere withDOS/IN-CENS files in any way.) If youfind that WIN-CENS does not respond properly on your machine, PLEASE inform me with details of what is wrong. After what I've written, please DO NOT be afraid to try WIN-CENS !!'ll probably find you like it !!The chances of it not working properly on your machine are quite low, unless your machine is (say) more than 3 years old.

However, if you think that DOS/IN-CENS may be better for you, please contact me, and do NOT attempt to download this (WIN-CENS) version.

The Main WIN-CENS Components