U.K. Census Data Validation Program
but freely distributed to approved projects. Contact us
VALDREV Download (Version 4_1) : Click here
Any Piece started using VALCENS must be completed using VALCENS
(If you are not far into the piece it will be worth starting again using VALDREV)

Please download the file VALD4_1.EXE to a clean floppy disk. (606Kb)

RUN "VALD4_1.EXE" from the floppy disk.
This is a self expanding routine which may be installed into any drive or folder name of your own choice.
As an upgrade, the routine may be expanded safely into a folder containing VALDREV work-in-progress

From that folder: RUN "VALDREV.EXE" to start the programme.

HELP is available at any time using the < F1 > function key, and instructions are included to enable you to set up a Desktop Icon for future use.

Last updated 21st February, 2004.

Please contact us with any comments