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Search our Census Records


  1. Birth Place

    We are commencing development of the birth place search feature in the light of your feedback in the Birth Place survey. Our volunteers and developers have already undertaken extensive work to improve the quality of information about the place of birth that we hold, so that the ‘type what you see’ place of birth can be searched more meaningfully.

Census location & year

Filters are applied to the results of the specified search, they are not search criteria. (Those people who use spreadsheets will likely be familiar with the concept). The best way of proceeding is to run a search without applying any until you get a good "sample" of results (e.g. 3-400) and then apply filters to those results by revising the previous search. Please read the Help carefully BEFORE using the filters as their usefulness varies according to the year of the census.

  1. Search times are limited to 100 seconds.
    Please do not restart the search once it is working as this will actually slow the process.