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Piece Name Piece Number

1) An Online status of P indicates that only part of the Piece is currently online.
2) Pieces ending with an alphabetic character that are online have the number of records included in the first of that number.

Piece Name Piece Number Online (Date) Records Online Civil Parishes
The part in () is the name of any Hamlet, Township, Ward or Place included in the Civil Parish
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_704 Y (22 Nov 2017) 6960 St Leonard Shoreditch, (Haggerston East)
Edmonton HO107_652 N 0 Edmonton, (Bury Street;Church-Street or Lower Edmonton;Fore-Street or Upper Edmonton;Palmer's Green;South-Street or Southgate)
Edmonton HO107_653 N 0 Enfield, (Botany Bay;Bull's Cross;Enfield Chase;Enfield Highway;Ponder's End)
Edmonton HO107_654 N 0 Monken Hadley, South Mimms(Barnet;Potter's Bar), Tottenham(High-Cross), Tottenham(Middle), Tottenham(Lower), Tottenham(Wood-Green)
Elthorne HO107_655 N 0 Cowley, (Cowley;Cranford;Great Greenford;Hanwell;Harefield;Harlington;West Drayton), Harmondsworth(Sepston), Hayes(Botwell;Yeading), New Brentford
Elthorne HO107_656 N 0 Hillingdon, (Colham Green;Cowley;Gould Green;Grewsley;Hockley-Hole;Long Atter;Peel Hatch;Uxbridge;Uxbridge Moor), Ickenham, Northolt(West-End), Norwood(North-Hyde;Southall), Perivale, Ruislip(Eastcott;North-Wood)
Gore HO107_657 N 0 Edgware, (Edgwarebury;Elstree or Idlestree), Great Stanmore(Stanmore Marsh), Harrow on the Hill(Alperton;Greenhill;Harrow-Weald;Kenton;Preston;Roxeth;Sudbury;Wembley), Hendon(Golders Green;Mill-Hill), Kingsbury(Hyde), Little Stanmore(Elstree or Idlestree), Pinner
Inns of Court and Chancery HO107_729 N 0 Barnards Inn, Clements Inn, Cliffords Inn Fleet Street, Furnivals Inn, Grays Inn, Inner Temple, Lincolns Inn, Middle Temple, New Inn, Serjeants Inn Chancery Lane, Staple Inn
Isleworth HO107_658 N 0 Heston, (Cranford;Hounslow;Lampton;North-Hyde;Scrattage;Sutton), Isleworth(Brentford-End;Hounslow;Smallberry Green;Whitton Dean;Wyke Green), Twickenham(Whitton)
London Within the Walls HO107_719 N 0 All Hallows Barking, All Hallows Bread Street, All Hallows Honey Lane, All Hallows Lombard Street, All Hallows London Wall, All Hallows Staining, All Hallows the Great, All Hallows the Less, St Alban Wood Street, St Alphage Sion College, St Andrew Hubbard, St Andrew Undershaft with St Mary Axe, St Andrew by the Wardrobe, St Anne Blackfriars, St Anne and St Agnes Aldersgate
London Within the Walls HO107_720 N 0 Christchurch Newgate Street, St Antholin, St Augustine Watling Street, St Bartholomew by the Royal Exchange, St Benet Fink, St Benet Gracechurch Street, St Benet Pauls Wharf, St Benet Sherehog, St Botolph Billingsgate, St Christopher le Stock, St Clement Eastcheap, St Dionis Backchurch, St Dunstan in the East, St Edmund King and Martyr, St Ethelburga, St Faith the Virgin
London Within the Walls HO107_721 N 0 St Gabriel Fenchurch Street, St George Botolph Lane, St Gregory by St Paul, St Helen Bishopsgate, St James Dukes Place, St James Garlick Hythe, St John Zachary, St John the Baptist Walbrook, St John the Evangelist, St Katherine Coleman, St Katherine Cree Church, St Lawrence Jewry, St Lawrence Pountney, St Leonard Eastcheap, St Leonard Foster Lane, St Magnus by London Bridge, St Margaret Lothbury, St Margaret Moses, St Margaret New Fish Street, St Margaret Pattens, St Martin Ironmonger Lane, St Martin Ludgate, St Martin Orgars, St Martin Outwich, St Martin Vintry
London Within the Walls HO107_722 N 0 St Mary Abchurch, St Mary Aldermanbury with St Thomas, St Mary Aldermary, St Mary Bothaw, St Mary Colechurch, St Mary Magdalen Milk Street, St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street, St Mary Mounthaw, St Mary Somerset, St Mary Staining, St Mary Woolchurch Haw, St Mary Woolnoth, St Mary at Hill, St Mary le Bow, St Matthew Friday Street, St Michael Bassishaw, St Michael Cornhill, St Michael Crooked Lane, St Michael Paternoster Royal, St Michael Queenhithe, St Michael Wood Street, St Michael le Quern, St Mildred Bread Street, St Mildred Poultry, St Nicholas Acons, St Nicholas Cole Abbey, St Nicholas Olave
London Within the Walls HO107_723 N 0 Holy Trinity the Less, St Olave Hart-Street with St Nicholas in the Shambles, St Olave Old-Jewry, St Olave Silver-Street, St Pancras Soper-Lane, St Peter Cornhill, St Peter Westcheap, St Peter near Paul's Wharf, St Peter-le-Poor Broad Street, St Stephen Coleman-Street, St Stephen Walbrook, St Swithin London-Stone, St Thomas Apostle, St Vedast Foster-Lane
London Within the Walls HO107_724 N 0 St Andrew Holborn, St Bartholomew the Great, St Bartholomew the Less, St Botolph Aldersgate, Thavies Inn
London Without the Walls HO107_725 N 0 St Botolph Aldgate, St Botolph without Bishopsgate
London Without the Walls HO107_726 N 0 Serjeants Inn Fleet Street, St Bride or St Bridget(Bridewell Hospital), St Dunstan in the West
London Without the Walls HO107_727 N 0 St Giles without Cripplegate
London Without the Walls HO107_728 N 0 Holy Trinity Minories, St Sepulchre without Newgate, White Friars Precinct
Ossulstone HO107_670 N 0 St Andrew Holborn, St George the Martyr
Ossulstone HO107_716 N 0 St Mary Whitechapel
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_659 N 0 Friern Barnet, (Colney-Hatch;Whetstone), Old Artillery Ground, St Botolph Aldersgate(Charter-House;Glass-House Yard), St James Clerkenwell(Amwell)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_660 N 0 St James Clerkenwell, (Goswell Street)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_661 N 0 St James Clerkenwell, (St James)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_662 N 0 St James Clerkenwell, (Pentonville)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_663 N 0 Finchley, (Whetstone), Hornsey(Crouch End;Fortis Green;Highgate;Muswell Hill;Newington Green;Stroud Green)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_664 N 0 St Mary Islington East, (Ball's Pond;Highbury;Holloway;Kingsland Green;Newington Green)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_665 N 0 St Mary Islington West
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_666 N 0 St Luke, (City Road East)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_667 N 0 St Luke, (City Road West), St Luke(East Finsbury)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_668 N 0 St Luke, (Golden-Lane;Old Street;West Finsbury;Whitecross-Street)
Ossulstone (Finsbury Division) HO107_669 N 0 St Sepulchre, Stoke Newington
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_671 N 0 St Andrew Holborn, (Ely-Place;Ely-Rents;Hatton-Garden;Saffron-Hill), St Clement Danes
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_672 N 0 St George Bloomsbury, St Giles in the Fields
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_673 N 0 St Giles in the Fields, (North;South)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_674 N 0 St John Hampstead, (Kilburn)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_675 N 0 St Marylebone, (All Souls and Trinity)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_676 N 0 St Marylebone, (Cavendish Square)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_677 N 0 St Marylebone, (Christchurch)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_678 N 0 St Marylebone, (St John)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_679 N 0 St Marylebone, (St Mary)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_680 N 0 Paddington, St Marylebone(Rectory)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_681 N 0 St Pancras, (Camden Town)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_682 N 0 St Pancras, (Grays Inn Lane)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_683 N 0 St Pancras, (Highgate;Kentish Town)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_684 N 0 St Pancras, (Regents Park)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_685 N 0 St Pancras, (Somers Town)
Ossulstone (Holborn Division) HO107_686 N 0 Duchy of Lancaster, Rolls Liberty(Lincoln's Inn), St John Baptist Savoy, St Pancras(Marylebone)
Ossulstone (Kensington Division) HO107_687 N 0 Acton, (East Acton;Steyne), Chelsea(St Luke)
Ossulstone (Kensington Division) HO107_688 N 0 Chelsea, (North-West;South)
Ossulstone (Kensington Division) HO107_689 N 0 Chiswick, (Turnham-Green), Ealing(Little Ealing;Old Brentford), Fulham
Ossulstone (Kensington Division) HO107_690 N 0 Hammersmith, (St Peter), Kensington(Brompton;Kensall Green), Twyford Abbey, Willesden(Kensall Green;Kilburn)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_691 N 0 Bethnal Green, (Church)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_692 N 0 Bethnal Green, (Green)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_693 N 0 Bethnal Green, (Hackney-Road)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_694 N 0 Bethnal Green, (Town)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_695 N 0 Bow or St Mary Stratford le Bow, St Botolph without Aldgate or East Smithfield, St Catherine by the Tower, St Leonard Bromley
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_696 N 0 St George Middlesex or St George in the East, (St John;St Mary;Wellclose)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_697 N 0 St George Middlesex or St George in the East, (St Paul)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_698 N 0 St John Hackney, (Dalston;Hackney;Lower Clapton)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_699 N 0 St John Hackney, (South Hackney)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_700 N 0 St John Hackney, (Beauvoir Town;Dalston;Kingsland;Shacklewell;Stamford Hill;Upper Clapton;West Hackney)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_701 N 0 Norton Folgate, St Anne Limehouse(Ratcliffe)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_702 N 0 All Saints, Poplar(Blackwall)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_703 N 0 St Paul Shadwell
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_705 N 0 St Leonard Shoreditch, (Haggerston West)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_706 N 0 St Leonard Shoreditch, (Holywell and Moorfields)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_707 N 0 St Leonard Shoreditch, (Hoxton New Town)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_708 N 0 St Leonard Shoreditch, (Hoxton Old Town)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_709 N 0 St Leonard Shoreditch, (St Leonard)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_710 N 0 Christchurch Spitalfields
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_711 N 0 Stepney, (Mile-End New Town)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_712 N 0 Stepney, (Mile End Old Town Lower)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_713 N 0 Stepney, (Mile End Old Town Upper)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_714 N 0 Stepney, (Ratcliff)
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_715 N 0 Old Tower Without, St John Wapping, Tower of London or St Peter ad Vincula
Ossulstone (Tower Division) HO107_717 N 0 St Mary Whitechapel
Spelthorne HO107_718 N 0 Ashford, East Bedfont(Hatton), Feltham, Hampton(Hampton-Court Palace;Hampton-Wick), Hanworth, Laleham, Littleton, Shepperton(Lower Halliford), Staines, Stanwell(Colnbrook), Sunbury(Charlton;Upper Halliford), Teddington
Westminster HO107_730 N 0 St Anne Soho
Westminster HO107_731 N 0 Duchy of Lancaster, St Clement Danes
Westminster HO107_732 N 0 Hanover Square, St George
Westminster HO107_733 N 0 Hanover Square, St George
Westminster HO107_734 N 0 Hanover Square, St George
Westminster HO107_735 N 0 St James Westminster
Westminster HO107_736 N 0 St James Westminster
Westminster HO107_737 N 0 St John the Evangelist
Westminster HO107_738 N 0 Kensington Town, Knightsbridge, Privy Gardens, St Margaret(Whitehall)
Westminster HO107_739 N 0 St Martin in the Fields
Westminster HO107_740 N 0 St Martin in the Fields
Westminster HO107_741 N 0 Duchy of Lancaster, St Mary le Strand, St Paul Covent Garden, The Close of the Collegiate Church of St Peter
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