Database Pieces for Alnham in Northumberland in 1841 as of 21 Feb 2024
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Piece Name Piece Number

1) An Online status of P indicates that only part of the Piece is currently online.
2) Pieces ending with an alphabetic character that are online have the number of records included in the first of that number.

Piece Name Piece Number Online (Date) Records Online Civil Parishes
The part in () is the name of any Hamlet, Township, Ward or Place included in the Civil Parish
Coquetdale (East Division) HO107_828 Y (25 Nov 2023) 7944 Alnham, (Alnham;Prendick;Screnwood;Unthank), Alnwick(Cauledge Park;Abbey-Lands;Alnwick;Alnwick South Side;Broomhouse;Canongate;Denwick;Friars Buildings;Greensfield;Gumwell's Park;Heckley;Heckley Farm;Heckley-Grange;Hobberlaw;Hulne-Abbey;Hulne-Park;Park-Farm;Rugley;Shieldykes;Snipe-House;Whitehouse), Alwinton(Allenton or Alwinton;Biddleston;Borrowdon or Burradon;Clennell;Fairhaugh;Farnham;Linbriggs;Netherton North Side;Netherton South Side;Peals;Sharperton), Brinkburn(Brinkburn High Ward;Brinkburn Low Ward)
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