Coverage for Yorkshire, North Riding (NRY)

Yorkshire, North Riding – 1861 / RG9 InformationRG9 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1861 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
3615 Filey Muston, Filey, Folkton, Cayton Online
3616 Scarborough Scarborough Online
3617 Scarborough Scarborough Online
3618 Scarborough Scarborough Online
3619 Scarborough Scarborough
3620 Scarborough Scarborough, Hackness, Scalby
3621 Hutton Bushell Hackness, Hutton, Brompton, Wykeham, Seamer
3622 Sherburn Willerby, Ganton, Sherburn Online
3623 Rillington Heslerton, Yeddingham, Wintringham, Rillington, Thorpe, Settrington, North Grimston, Kirby Grindalyth
3624 Weston Wharram-le-Street, Wharram Percy, Aklam, Srayingham, Westow, Kirkham, Burythorpe, Birdsall, Langton Online
3625 Malton Huttons Ambo, Old Malton, Appleton-le-Street, Kirkby Misperton, St Leonard New Malto Online
3626 Malton St Leonard New Malto, St Michael New Malto, Norton Online
3627 Hovingham Barton-le-Street, Salton, Hovingham, Slingsby Online
3628 Bulmer Terrington, Barton-le-Street, Bulmer, Crambe, Foston, Sheriff Hutton Online
3629 Stillington Sheriff Hutton, Sutton-on-the-Forest, Stillington, Marton in the Forest, Whenby, Dalby with Skewsby, Bransby with Stearsb
3630 Easingwold Craike, Easingwold, Newton upon Ouse, Alne, Myton upon Swale, Brafferton Online
3631 Coxwold Thormanby, Husthwaite, Coxwold Online
3632 Topcliffe Coxwold, Sessay, Topcliffe, Cundall Online
3633 Pickhill Pickhill, South Otterington, Kirby Wiske Online
3634 Thirsk Kirby Wiske, Thirsk, South Kilvington, Kirby Knowle Online
3635 Sutton Kirby Knowle Online
3636 Knayton Fieliskirk Online
3637 Helmsley Hawnby Online
3638 Oswaldkirk Kilburn Online
3639 Kirkby Moorside Nunnington Online
3640 Kirkby Moorside Kirkby Moorside Online
3641 Lastingham Lastingham Online
3642 Pickering Middleton Online
3643 Sinnington Sinnington Online
3644 Allerston Thornton Dale Online
3645 Lockton Middleton Online
3646 Egton Pickering
3647 Whitby Whitby Online
3648 Whitby Whitby Online
3649 Whitby Whitby Online
3650 Lythe Lythe Online
3651 Lofthouse Easington, Lofthouse, Skelton, Brotton Online
3652 Marske Brotton, Skelton, Upleatham, Marske Online
3653 Kirk Leatham Kirk Leatham, Ormesby Online
3654 Ormesby Ormesby Online
3655 Guisbrough Ormesby, Newton in Cleveland, Guisbrough Online
3656 Danby Guisbrough, Danby, Westerdale Online
3657 Stokesley Kildale, Ingleby Greenhow, Kirkby in Cleveland, Rudby in Cleveland, Stokesley, Stainton, Ayton Online
3658 Stokesley Ayton, Carlton, Whorlton, Helmsley, Seamer, Marton, Hilton Online
3659 Hutton Rudby in Cleveland, Whorlton, Arncliffe, Crathorne Online
3660 Appleton upon Wiske West Rounton, Welbury, Great Smeaton, East Cowton, Gilling, Birkby, Northallerton, East Harsley, Osmotherley Online
3661 Northallerton Osmotherley, Over Silton, Leake, Cotcliff, Kirby Sigston, Northallerton Online
3662 Northallerton Northallerton Online
3663 Northallerton Northallerton, North Otterington, Ainderby Steeple, Danby Wiske, Lazenby, Great Langton, Catterick Online
3664 Bedale Catterick, Kirkby Fleetham, Hornby, Scuton, Bedale Online
3665 Bedale Bedale, Burneston, Kirklington, Pickhill Online
3666 Masham Well, Thornton Watlass, Masham Online
3667 Middleham Masham, East Witton, Middleham, Coverham, East Witton Online
3668 Leyburn Spennithorpe, Bedale, Thornton Watlass, Thornton Steward, Wensley Online
3669 Leyburn Spennithorpe, Haukswell, Hornby, Patrick Brompton, Masham, Finghill Online
3670 Askrigg Aysgarth Online
3671 Hawes Aysgarth Online
3672 Muker Grinton Online
3673 Reeth Grinton, Arkengarth Dale, Marrick, Downholme Online
3674 Richmond Richmond, Gilling Online
3675 Richmond Gilling, Downholme, Marske, Catterick, St Martin Online
3676 Catterick Middleton Tyas, Easby, Catterick, Patrick Brompton, Gilling Online
3677 Newsham Kirkby Ravensworth, Kirkby on the Hill, Barningham, Hutton Magna Online
3678 Aldbrough St John Stanwick, Forcett, Melsonby Online

Yorkshire, North Riding – 1871 / RG10 InformationRG10 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1871 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
4814 Scarborough Filey, Muston, Folkton, Gristhorpe, Osbodby, Lebberston, Cayton Online
4815 Scarborough Scarborough Online
4816 Scarborough Scarborough Online
4817 Scarborough Scarborough
4818 Scarborough Scarborough, Falsgrave, Scalby, Throxenby, Burniston, Cloughton, Stainton Dale, Harwood Dale, Newby
4819 Scarborough Hutton Bushell, Hackness, Silpho, Broxa, Suffield, Everley, Brompton, Snainton, Troutsdale, Sawdon, Hutton Bushell Online
4820 Scarborough Hutton Bushell, Wykeham, Langdale, Ruston, Seamer, Irton, East Ayton, West Ayton Online
4821 Scarborough Sherburn, Ganton, Potter Brompton, Willerby Online
4822 Malton Rillington, Knapton, Wintringham, Scampston, Thorpe Bassett, Heslerton, West Heslerton, Yeddingham, East Heslerton, Duggleby, Kirkby Grindlayth, Thirkleby, Scagglethorpe, Settrington, North Grimston Online
4823 Malton Westow, Mennethorpe, Eddlethorpe, Howsham, Kirkham, Firby, Leavening, Kennythorpe, Burythorpe, Acklam, Barthorpe, Leppington, Langton, Birdsall, Wharram Percy, Raisthorpe Online
4824 Malton Malton, Huttons Ambo, Swinton, Broughton, Amotherby, Hildenley, Appleton le Street, Norton Online
4825 Malton Malton, Great Habton, Little Habton, Ryton, Old Malton, Wykeham, New Malton Online
4826 Malton Hovingham, Scackleton, Airyholme, Howthorpe, Wath, Slingsby, South Holme, Fryton, Barton le Street, Butterwick, Brawby Online
4827 Malton Bulmer, Terrington, Wiggenthorpe, Foston, Thornton le Clay, Ganthorpe, Henderskelf, Coneysthorpe, Stittenham, Welburn, Hardy Flats, Crambe, Barton le Willows, Whitwell on the Hill, Sheriff Hutton, Cornbrough Online
4828 Easingwold Stillington, Marton in the Forest, Moxby, Farlington, Huby, Sutton in the Forest, Brandsby, Stearsby, Whenby, Dalby, Skewsby Online
4829 Easingwold Easingwold, Craike, Raskelf, Newton upon Ouse, Linton upon Ouse, Alne, Aldwark, Tholthorpe, Flawith, Myton upon Swale, Brafferton Online
4830 Easingwold Coxwold, Newburgh, Angram Grange, Wildon Grange, Yearsley, Oulston, Thornton on the Hill, Baxby, Husthwaite, Carlton Husthwaite, Thormanby Online
4831 Thirsk Topcliffe, Catton, Skipton upon Swale, Dalton, Hutton Sessay, Birdforth, Sessay, Elmire, Crakehill, Fawdington Cundall Online
4832 Thirsk Pickhill, Roxby, Sinderby, Holme, Ainderby Quernhow, Howe, Maunby, Newby Wiske, South Otterington Online
4833 Thirsk Thirsk, Sowerby, Carlton Miniott, Sand Hutton, Bagby, Islebeck, Kirby Wiske, Newsham, Breckenbrough, South Kilvington Online
4834 Thirsk
4835 Thirsk Sutton, Kilburn, Hood Grange, Thirkleby, Osgoodby, Balk, Sutton u Whitstone, Whitestone Cote, Feliskirk, Thirlby Online
4836 Thirsk Knayton with Brawith, North Kilvington, Thornton le Street, Thornbrough, Upsall, Kirby Knowle, Cowsby, Kepwick, Boltby, Thornton le Moor, Knayton Online
4837 Helmsley Helmsley, Carlton, Pockley, Beadlam, Harum, Sproxton, Rivaulx, Scawton, Cold Kirby, Old Byland, Arden, Ardenside, Smilesworth, Hawnby, Dale Town, Morton, Bilsdale, Westside, Laskill Pasture Online
4838 Helmsley Oswaldkirk, Oldstead, Byland Abbey, Wass, Thorpe le Willows, Ampleforth Birdforth, Ampleforth Oswald, Ampleforth St Peter, Stonegrave, East Newton, Laysthorp, Gilling, West Newton Grange, Grimstone, Coulton, Cawton Online
4839 Helmsley Kirkby Moorside, Nunnington, Salton, East Ness, West Ness, Normanby, Thornton Risebrough, Little Edstone, Great Edstone, North Holme, Kirkdale, Welsburn, Muscoates, Wombleton, Nawton, Skiplam, Bransdale, Farndale High Qrtr, Farndale East Side, Farndale Low Qrtr, Gillamoor, Fadmoor, Appleton le Moors, Hutton le Hole Online
4840 Pickering Lastingham, Spaunton, Rosedale West Side, Rosedale East Side, Cropton, Hartoft, Turnhill Online
4841 Pickering Pickering, Kingthorpe, Marishes, Middleton, Aislaby, Wrelton, Cawthorne, Newton Online
4842 Pickering Sinnington, Marton, Kirkby Misperton, Barughs Ambo Online
4843 Pickering Allertson, Ebbertson, Thornton Dale, Ellerburn, Wilton, Farmanby Online
4844 Pickering Lockton, Levisham Online
4845 Whitby Egton, Eskedaleside, Grosmont, Sleights, Glaisdale, Leaholm Online
4846 Whitby Egton, Glaisdale, Ugglebarnby, Sneaton, Eskedaleside Online
4847 Whitby Whitby Online
4848 Whitby Whitby, Ruswarp Online
4849 Whitby Whitby, Ruswarp, Aislaby, Hawkser, Stainsacre, Fylingdales, Robin Hoods Bay, Thorpe, Raw, Stone Brow, Normanby, Newholme, Dunsley Online
4850 Whitby Lythe, Newton Mulgrave, Ellerby, Mickleby, Ugthorpe, Hutton Mulgrave, Barnby, Goldsbrough, Sandsend, Kettleness, Briscoe, Borrowby, Roxby, Hinderwell, Ruswick, Port Mulgrave Online
4851 Guisborough Lofthouse, Easington, Liverton, New London, Moorsholme, Gerrick, Kilton, Kiningrove Online
4852 Guisborough Marske, Saltburn by the Sea, Upleatham, Redcar Online
4853 Guisborough Marske, Redcar, Skelton, Brotton, Stanghow Online
4854 Guisborough Kirkleatham, Eston, Old Easton, California, Eston Junction, Clay Lane Cottages, Normanby, Ormesby Online
4855 Guisborough Upleatham, Ormesby, Normanby, South Bank, Tees Tilery Online
4856 Guisborough Kirkleatham, Yearby, East Coatham, Wilton, Lazenby, New Lackenby Online
4857 Guisborough Guisborough, Tocketts, Upsall, Morton, Hutton Lowcross, Pinchingthorpe, Newton in Cleveland Online
4858 Guisborough Danby, Commondale, Arnthorpe, Castleton, Westerdale Online
4859 Stokesley Stokesley, Kildale, Ingleby Greenhow, Greenhow, Battersby, Kirby in Cleveland, Broughton, Hemlington, Skutterskelf, Great Busby, Little Busby, Easby, Little Ayton Online
4860 Stokesley Seamer, Newby, Great Ayton, Nunthorpe, Carlton, Faceby, Marton, Hilton, Bilsdale Midcable, Bilsdale Kirkham, Chopycat, Towns Green, Owra Online
4861 Stokesley Hutton, Rudby in Cleveland, Middleton upon Leven, Sexhow, Hutton Rudby, East Rounton, Crathorne, Whorlton, Potto, Goulton, Ingleby Arncliffe Online
4862 Northallerton Appleton Upon wiske, West Rounton, Welbury, Hornby, Great Smeaton, East Cowton, South Cowton, Hutton Bonville, Birkby, Little Smeaton, Deighton, East Harsley, West Harsley Online
4863 Northallerton Northallerton, Ellerbeck, Gueldable, Over Silton, Nether Silton, Landmoth, Catto, Borrowby, Crosby, Leake, Cotcliff, Sowerby und Cotcliff, Osmotherly, Thimbleby, Sigston, Winton, Brompton Online
4864 Northallerton Northallerton, Lazenby, Romanby, North Otterington, Warlaby, Ainderby Steeple, Morton upon Swale, Thrintoft, Yafforth, Danby wiske, Little Langton, Great Langton, Whitwell, Kiplin Online
4865 Bedale Killerby, Kirkby fleetham, Scruton, Ainderby Myers, Holtby, Hackforth, Bedale, Firby, Rands Grange Online
4866 Bedale Bedale, Aiskew, Langthorne, Exelby, Leeming, Newton, Gatenby, Swainby, Allerthorpe, Burrill, Cowling, Crakehall, Burneston, Theakstone, Carthorpe, Kirklington, Upsland Online
4867 Bedale Masham, Swinton, Warthermask, Burton upon Ure, Ilton, Potto, Thornton Watlass, Snape, Thorpe, Well, Clifton upon Ure, Thirn, Rookwith Online
4868 Leyburn Middleham, Healey, Sutton, Caldbridge, Fearby, Ellingstring, Ellingtons, Witton East, Within, Agglethorpe, Coverham, West Scrafton, Carlton Highdale, Horsehouse, Without, Carlton, Melmerby, Witton West Online
4869 Leyburn Bellerby, Hauxwell East, Hauxwell West, Hunton, Hornby, Arrathorne, Patrick Brompton, Leyburn, Thornton Steward, Wensley, Redmire, Castle Bolton, Preston under Scar, Newton le Willows, Finghall, Hutton Hang, Akebar, Constable Burton, Garriston, Barden, Harmby Online
4870 Aysgarth Askrigg, Newbiggen, Bainbridge, Thornton Rust, Aysgarth, Carperby, Thoresby, Thoralby, Burton, Walden, Bishopdale Online
4871 Aysgarth Hawes, High Abbotside, Cottesdale, Sedbusk, Simonstone, Hardrow, Highshow, Low Abbotside Online
4872 Reeth Muker, Keld, Thwaites, Satrow, Oxnop, Melbecks, Gunnerside, Feetham, Lodge Green, Low Row Online
4873 Reeth Reeth, Fremington, Arkengarth Dale, Booze, Grinton, Ellerton Abbey, Marrick Online
4874 Richmond Richmond Online
4875 Richmond Richmond, Gilling, Harlforth, Downholme, Walburn, Stainton, Marske, Skeeby, Hudswell, Easby, Hudswell n Catterick, Aske, Hipswell, Sleegill, St Martin, Middleton Tyas, Kneeton Online
4876 Richmond Catterick, Tunstall, East Appleton, West Appleton, Brompton upon Swale, Bolton upon Swale, Ellerton upon Swale, Brough, Scotton, Calborn, North Cowton, Moulton, Uckerby, Scorton Online
4877 Richmond Newsham, West Layton, Dalton, Gayles, New forest, Ravensworth, Washton, Kirkby on the Hill Online
4878 Richmond Albrough, Stanwick St John, East Layton, Caldwell, Carkin, Forcett, Eppleby, Melsonby Online

Yorkshire, North Riding – 1891 / RG12 InformationRG12 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1891 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
3962 Scarborough Cayton, East Flotmanby ERY, Filey ERY, Flixton ERY, Folkton ERY, Gristhorpe, Lebberston, Muston ERY, Newbiggin, West Flotmanby ERY
3963 Scarborough Scarborough
3964 Scarborough Scarborough
3965 Scarborough Scarborough
3966 Scarborough Scarborough
3967 Scarborough Scarborough
3968 Scarborough Burniston, Cloughton, Cloughton Newlands, Harwood Dale, Scalby, Scarborough, Stainton Dale, Throxenby
3969 Scarborough Brompton, Broxa, East Ayton, Hackness, Hutton Bushell, Irton, Langdale End, Raincliffe, Ruston, Seamer, Silpho, Snainton, Suffield & Everley, Troutsdale, West Ayton, Wykeham
3970 Scarborough Binnington ERY, Ganton ERY, Potter Brompton ERY, Sherburn ERY, Staxton ERY, Willerby ERY
3971 Malton Duggleby ERY, East Heslerton ERY, Knapton ERY, North Grimston ERY, Rillington ERY, Scagglethorpe ERY, Scampston ERY, Settrington ERY, Thirkleby ERY, Thorpe Bassett ERY, West Heslerton ERY, Wintringham ERY, Yeddingham ERY
3972 Malton Acklam ERY, Barthorpe ERY, Birdsall ERY, Burdale ERY, Burythorpe ERY, Eddlethorpe ERY, Firby ERY, Grange ERY, Howsham ERY, Kennythorpe ERY, Kirkham ERY, Langton ERY, Leavening ERY, Leppington ERY, Menethorpe ERY, Raisthorpe ERY, Westow ERY, Wharram Percy ERY, Wharram Street ERY Online
3973 Malton Amotherby, Appleton le Street, Broughton, Easthorpe, Great Habton, Hildenley, Huttons Ambo, Little Habton, New Malton, Old Malton, Ryton, Swinton, Wykeham
3974 Malton New Malton, Norton ERY, Old Malton
3975 Malton Airyholme, Barton le Street, Brawby, Butterwick, Fryton, Hovingham, Howthorpe, Lingsby, Scackleton, South Holme, Wath
3976 Malton Barton le Willows, Bulmer, Coneysthorpe, Cornbrough, Crambe, Foston, Ganthorpe, Henderskelf, Sheriff Hutton, Stittenham, Terrington, Thornton le Clay, Welburn, Whitwell on Hill, Wiganthorpe
3977 Easingwold Brandsby, Dalby & Skewsby, Farlington, Huby, Martin in Forest, Stillington, Sutton on Forest, Whenby
3978 Easingwold Aldwark, Alne, Brafferton, Craike, Easingwold, Flawith, Linton upon Ouse, Myton upon Swale, Newton upon Ouse, Raskelf, Tholthorpe
3979 Easingwold Angram Grange, Carlton Husthwaite, Coxwold, Husthwaite, Newburgh, Oulston, Thormanby, Thornton on Hill, Wildon Grange, Yearsley
3980 Thirsk Birdforth, Catton, Dalton, Elmire & Crakehill, Fawdington, Hutton Sessay, Sessay, Skipton upon Swale, Topcliffe
3981 Thirsk Ainderby Quernhow, Holme, Howe, Maunby, Newby Wiske, Pickhill & Roxby, Sinderby, South Otterington Online
3982 Thirsk Bagby, Breckenbrough, Carlton Miniott, Kirby Wiske, Newsham, Sand Hutton, South Kilvington, Sowerby, Thirsk
3983 Thirsk Balk, Cleves, Feliskirk, High Kilburn, Hood Grange, Kilburn, Low Kilburn, Osgodby, Suuton Whitestone, Thirkleby, Thirlby
3984 Thirsk Boltby, Cowesby, Kepwick, Kirby Knowle, Knayton & Brawith, North Kilvington, Thornborough, Thornton le Moor, Thornton le Street, Upsall
3985 Helmsley Arden, Beadlam, Bilsdale Westside, Carlton, Cold Kirby, Dale Town, Harum, Hawnby, Helmsley, Laskill Pasture, Morton, Old Byland, Pockley, Rivaulx, Scawton, Snilesworth, Sproxton, Wethercote
3986 Helmsley Ampleforth, Byland with Wass, Cawton, Coulton, East Newton, Gilling, Grimston, Laysthorp, Oldstead, Oswaldkirk, Stonegrave, Thorpe le Willows, West Newton Grange
3987 Helmsley Ankness, Appleton le Moors, Bransdale West Side, Fadmoor, Farndale East Side, Farndale Low Side, Farndale West Side, Gillamoor, Great Edstone, Hutton le Hole, Kirkby Moorside, Little Edstone, Muscoates, Nawton, Ness, Normanby, North Holme, Nunnington, Salton, Skiplam, Thornton Risebrough, Welburn, Wombleton
3988 Pickering Cropton, Hartoft, Lastingham, Rosedale East Side, Rosedale West Side, Spaunton
3989 Pickering Aislaby, Cawthorn, Kingthorpe, Middleton, Newton, Pickering, Pickering Marishes, Wrelton
3990 Pickering Barughs Ambo, Kirkby Misperton, Marton, Sinnington
3991 Pickering Allerston, Ebberston, Ellerburn, Thornton Dale, Wilton
3992 Pickering Levisham, Lockton
3993 Whitby Egton, Egton Bridge, Eskdaleside, Glaisdale, Goathland, Ibburndale, Lealholm Bridge, Sneaton, Sneaton Thorpe, Ugglebarnby
3994 Whitby Ruswarp, Whitby
3995 Whitby Aislaby, Dunsley, Fylingdales, Hawsker, Newholm, Robin Hoods Bay, Ruswarp, Stainsacre, Whitby
3996 Whitby Barnby, Borrowby, Ellerby, Goldsborough, Hinderwell, Hutton Mulgrave, Kettleness, Lythe, Mickleby, Newton Mulgrave, Roxby, Runswick, Sandsend, Staithes, Ugthorpe
3997 Guisborough Brotton, Loftus, Wapley
3998 Guisborough Boulby, Brotton, Easington, Girrick, Kilton, Liverton, Moorsholme, Scaling, Skiningrove, Staithes
3999 Guisborough Marske, Redcar, Saltburn
4000 Guisborough Skelton, Upleatham
4001 Guisborough East Coatham, Kirkleatham, Lackenby, Lazenby, Stanghow, Wilton, Yearby
4002 Guisborough Guisborough, Hutton Lowcross, Morton, Newton, Pinchingthorpe, Tocketts, Upsall
4003 Guisborough Ainthorpe, Castleton, Commondale, Danby, Westerdale
4004 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4005 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4006 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4007 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4008 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4009 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4010 Middlesbrough Middlesbrough
4011 Middlesbrough Linthorpe, Middlesbrough
4012 Middlesbrough Linthorpe
4013 Middlesbrough Linthorpe
4014 Middlesbrough Linthorpe, Marton, Middlesbrough, Tollesby, West Acklam
4015 Middlesbrough Eston
4016 Middlesbrough Eston, Normanby
4017 Middlesbrough Normanby, Ormesby
4018 Middlesbrough Cargo Fleet, Eston, Normanby, Ormesby
4019 Middlesbrough South Stockton, Thornaby
4020 Middlesbrough South Stockton, Thornaby
4021 Middlesbrough Hemlington, Ingleby Barwick, Maltby, South Stockton, Stainton
4022 Stokesley Battersby, Broughton, Easby, Great Ayton, Great Busby, Ingleby Greenhow, Kildale, Kirby in Cleveland, Little Ayton, Little Busby, Newby, Seamer, Skutterskelf, Stokesley
4023 Stokesley Bilsdale Midcable, Carlton, Castle Leavington, Chopgate, Faceby, Great Ayton, High Worsall, Hilton, Kirk Leavington, Low Worsall, Nunthorpe, Pickton, Urra, Yarm
4024 Stokesley Crathorne, East Rounton, Hulthwaite, Hutton, Ingleby Arncliffe, Ingleby Cross, Middleton on Leyton, Potto, Rudby in Cleveland, Sexhow, Swainby, Whorlton
4025 Northallerton Appleton upon Wiske, Birkby, Deighton, East Cowton, East Harsley, Great Smeaton, Hornby, Hutton Bonville, Little Smeaton, South Cowton, Welbury, West Harsley, West Rounton Online
4026 Northallerton Borrowby, Brompton, Cotcliffe, Crosby, Ellerbeck, Foxton, Landmoth & Catto, Lazenby, Leake, Nether Silton, Northallerton, Osmotherly, Over Silton, Sigston, Sowerby Cotcliffe, Thimbleby, Winton
4027 Northallerton Ainderby Steeple, Danby Wiske, Great Langton, Kilpin, Little Langton, Morton upon Swale, North Otterington, Northallerton, Romanby, Thirntoft, Thornton le Beans, Warlaby, Whitwell, Yafforth
4028 Bedale Ainderby Myers, Aiskew, Allerthorpe, Bedale, Burneston, Burrill & Cowling, Carthorpe, Crakehall, Exelby & Leeming, Firby, Gatenby, Great Fencote, Hackforth, Holtby, Killerby, Kirkby Fleetham, Kirklington, Langthorne, Little Fencote, Londonderry, Newton, Rand, Scruton, Swainby, Theakston, Upsland
4029 Bedale Aldburgh, Burton upon Ure, Clifton upon Ure, Ilton with Pott, Masham, Rookwith, Snape, Swinton, Thirn, Thornton Watlass, Watermarske, Well
4030 Leyburn Agglethorpe, Bradley, Caldbergh, Carlton, Carlton Highdale, Colsterdale, Coverham, East Scrafton, Ellingstring, Ellingtons, Fearby, Gammersgill, Healey with Sutton, Hindlethwaite, Horsehouse, Jervaulx, Melmerby, Middleham, Swinethwaite, West Scrafton, Witton East Within, Witton East Without, Witton West, Woodale
4031 Leyburn Akebar, Arrathorne, Barden, Bellerby, Castle Bolton, Constable Burton, Finghall, Garriston, Harmby, Hauxwell East, Hauxwell West, Hornby, Hunton, Hutton Hang, Leyburn, Newton le Willows, Patrick Brompton, Preston, Redmire, Spennithorne, Thornton Steward, Wensley
4032 Aysgarth Askrigg, Aysgarth, Bainbridge, Bishopdale, Burton cum Walden, Carperby & Thorseby, Counterside, Marsett, Newbiggin, Stalling Busk, Thoralby, Thornton Rust, Woodhall, Worton
4033 Aysgarth Appersett, Burtersett, Cotterdale, Fossdale, Gayle, Hardraw, Hawes, High Abbotside, Litherskew, Low Abbotside, Sedbusk
4034 Reeth Angram, Fetham, Gunnerside, Kearton, Keld, Melbecks, Muker, Thwaite
4035 Reeth Arkengarthdale, Booze, Ellerton Abbey, Eskeleth, Fremington, Grinton, Healaugh, Langthwaite, Marrick, Reeth, Whaw
4036 Richmond Aske, Downholme, Easby, Gilling, Hartforth, Hipswell, Hudswell, Marske, Middleton Tyas, Richmond, Skeeby, Skelton, St Martin, Stainton, Walburn
4037 Richmond Appleton, Bolton upon Swale, Brough, Brumpton on Swale, Catterick, Colburn, Ellerton on Swale, Moulton, North Cowton, Scorton, Scotton, Tunstall, Uckerby
4038 Richmond Dalton, Gayles, Kirkby on the Hill, New Forest, Newsham, Ravensworth, Washton, West Layton
4039 Richmond Aldbrough, Caldwell, Carkin and Forcett, East Layton, Eppleby, Melsonby, Stanwick St John