Coverage for Surrey (SRY)

Surrey – 1871 / RG10 InformationRG10 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1871 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
592 Chrstchrch Southwark Chrstchrch Southwark, Christchurch, Southwark Online
593 Chrstchrch Southwark Chrstchrch Southwark, Christchurch, Southwark
594 Chrstchrch Southwark Chrstchrch Southwark, Christchurch, Southwark
595 St Saviour Southwark St Saviour Southwark, St Saviour, Southwark
596 St Saviour Southwark St Saviour Southwark, St Saviour, Southwark
597 St Saviour Southwark St Saviour Southwark, St Saviour, Southwark
598 Kent Road St George Martyr, Southwark
599 Kent Road St George Martyr, Southwark
600 Kent Road St George Martyr, Southwark
601 Kent Road St George Martyr, Southwark
602 Borough Road St George Martyr, Southwark
603 Borough Road St George Martyr, Southwark
604 Borough Road St George Martyr, Southwark
605 London Road St George Martyr, Southwark
606 London Road St George Martyr, Southwark Online
607 London Road St George Martyr, Southwark
608 London Road St George Martyr, Southwark
609 London Road St George Martyr, Southwark
610 Trinity Newington Newington
611 Trinity Newington Newington
612 Trinity Newington Newington
613 Trinity Newington Newington
614 St Peter Walworth Newington
615 St Peter Walworth Newington
616 St Peter Walworth Newington
617 St Peter Walworth Newington
618 St Peter Walworth Newington
619 St Peter Walworth Newington
620 St Peter Walworth Newington
621 St Mary Newington Newington
622 St Mary Newington Newington
623 St Mary Newington Newington
624 St Olave Southwark St Thomas Southwark, St Olave Southwark
625 St John Horsleydown St John Horsleydown
626 St John Horsleydown St John Horsleydown
627 Leather Market Bermondsey Online
628 Leather Market Bermondsey
629 Leather Market Bermondsey
630 St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey
631 St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey
632 St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey
633 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
634 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
635 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
636 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
637 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
638 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
639 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
640 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
641 St James Bermondsey Bermondsey
642 Rotherhithe Rotherhithe
643 Rotherhithe Rotherhithe
644 Rotherhithe Rotherhithe
645 Rotherhithe Rotherhithe
646 Rotherhithe Shipping
647 Waterloo Road First Lambeth Online
648 Waterloo Road First Lambeth
649 Waterloo Road First Lambeth
650 Waterloo Road First Lambeth
651 Waterloo Road Second Lambeth
652 Waterloo Road Second Lambeth Online
653 Waterloo Road Second Lambeth
654 Waterloo Road Second Lambeth Online
655 Waterloo Road Second Lambeth Online
656 Waterloo Road Second Lambeth
657 Lambeth Church First Lambeth
658 Lambeth Church First Lambeth
659 Lambeth Church First Lambeth Online
660 Lambeth Church First Lambeth
661 Lambeth Church First Lambeth
662 Lambeth Church First Lambeth Online
663 Lambeth Chrch Second Lambeth
664 Lambeth Chrch Second Lambeth
665 Lambeth Chrch Second Lambeth
666 Lambeth Chrch Second Lambeth
667 Lambeth Chrch Second Lambeth
668 Lambeth Chrch Second Lambeth
669 Kennington First Lambeth
670 Kennington First Lambeth
671 Kennington First Lambeth
672 Kennington First Lambeth
673 Kennington First Lambeth
674 Kennington First Lambeth
675 Kennington First Lambeth
676 Kennington Second Lambeth
677 Kennington Second Lambeth
678 Kennington Second Lambeth
679 Kennington Second Lambeth
680 Kennington Second Lambeth Online
681 Brixton Lambeth Online
682 Brixton Lambeth Online
683 Brixton Lambeth Online
684 Brixton Lambeth
685 Brixton Lambeth
686 Brixton Lambeth
687 Brixton Lambeth
688 Brixton Lambeth Online
689 Brixton Lambeth
690 Brixton Lambeth
691 Brixton Lambeth Online
692 Norwood Lambeth
693 Norwood Lambeth
694 Norwood Lambeth
695 Clapham Clapham
696 Clapham Clapham
697 Clapham Clapham
698 Clapham Clapham
699 Clapham Clapham
700 Battersea Battersea Online
701 Battersea Battersea
702 Battersea Battersea
703 Battersea Battersea
704 Battersea Battersea
705 Battersea Battersea
706 Battersea Battersea
707 Battersea Battersea
708 Wandsworth Wandsworth Online
709 Wandsworth Wandsworth Online
710 Wandsworth Wandsworth Online
711 Wandsworth Wandsworth Online
712 Wandsworth Wandsworth Online
713 Wandsworth Wandsworth
714 Wandsworth Wandsworth
715 Putney Putney
716 Putney Putney Online
717 Putney Putney
718 Streatham Streatham, Upper Tooting, Balham
719 Streatham Balham, Knights Hill, Streatham
720 Streatham Streatham, Lower Tooting, Tooting Graveney
721 Dulwich Dulwich, Camberwell
722 Camberwell Camberwell
723 Camberwell Camberwell
724 Camberwell Camberwell
725 Camberwell Camberwell Online
726 Camberwell Camberwell
727 Camberwell Camberwell
728 Camberwell Camberwell
729 Camberwell Camberwell
730 Peckham Camberwell, Peckham
731 Peckham Peckham
732 Peckham Peckham
733 Peckham Peckham
734 Peckham Peckham
735 Peckham Peckham
736 St George Camberwell, St George
737 St George Camberwell, St George
738 St George Camberwell, St George
739 St George Camberwell, St George
740 St George Camberwell, St George
795 Carshalton Banstead, Carshalton
796 Carshalton Carshalton, Cheam, Sutton
797 Carshalton Sutton
798 Epsom Ashtead, Chessington, Cuddington, Worcester Park, Epsom
799 Epsom Epsom, Horton, Ewell, Gibraltar
800 Leatherhead Leatherhead, Pattersham, Fetcham, Stoke D'Abernon, Oxshott
801 Leatherhead Cobham, Great Bookham, Little Bookham
802 Walton Walton On Thames, Hersham
803 Walton Walton On Thames, Hersham, Weybridge, Oaklands Park, Weybridge Heath, Weybridge Common
804 Chertsey Eastworth, Chertsey, Botleys, Long Cross, Ottershaw, Lyne, Addlestone
805 Chertsey Chertsey, New Haw, Byfleet, Pyrford
806 Chobham Bisley, Horsell, Windlesham, Sunningdale, Chobham
807 Woking Woking, Goldsworth, Kingfield, Mayford, Shackleford, Sutton, Westfield, Bunkers Hill, Bunkers Common, Hook Heath, St Johns, Bridley, Knaphill, Brookwood
808 Woking Worplesdon, Perry Hill, Rydes Hill, Pitch Place, Whitmoor, Broadstreet, Commons, Wyke, Burgham, West End, Pirbright, Cowshot, Deepcut, Pirbright Green, Upper Mill, Lower Mill
809 Ripley Send, Ripley, Ockham, Wisley
810 Albury Albury, Farley Heath, East Clandon, West Clandon, East Horsley, West Horsley, Shere, Gomshall, Felday, Pislake, Merrow
811 Guildford Stoke Next Guildford, Guildford
812 Guildford Guildford, Guildford St Mary V, St Mary The Virgin, Friary, Bowling Green, Holy Trinity, Guildford Holy Trin
813 Guildford Guildford, Holy Trinity, Guildford Holy Trin, Guildford St Nich, St Nicholas, Artington
814 Godalming Godalming, Shackleford, Eashing, Farncombe, Hurtmore
815 Godalming Godalming, Catteshall, Crownpits, Wormley Heath, Compton, Wanborough, Puttenham
816 Frimley Aldershot (HAM)
817 Frimley Aldershot (HAM), Military South Camp, South Camp, W Cavalry Barracks, S Cavalry Barracks
818 Frimley Aldershot (HAM), South Camp, E Cavalry Barracks
819 Frimley Aldershot (HAM), South Camp, E Cavalry Barracks
820 Frimley Ash, Normandy, Frimley, Cambridge Town, Seal With Tongham, Seal, Tongham, Crooksbury
821 Farnham Dockenfield (HAM), Farnham, Hale, Hoghatch
822 Farnham Farnham, Badshot, Culverlands, Runwick, Wrecclesham, Wrecclesham Bourne, Bourne, Compton, Rowledge, Tilford, Runfold, Upper Bourne, Lower Bourne, Waverley, Frensham, Shottermill, Churt
823 Witley Hambledon, Hascombe, Witley, Milford, Pepper Harrow, Elstead
824 Witley Thursley, Clay Hill, Haslemere, Chiddingfold
825 Cranley Alfold, Alfold (SSX), Bramley, Graffham, Wonersh, Shamley Green, Dunsfold, Cranley, Cranleigh
826 Cranley Cranley, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Shalford, Gosden, Shalford Common, St Martha On Hill, Chilworth, Wonersh, Shamley Green, Lords Hill Common, Dunsfold
827 Capel Capel, Coldharbour, Ockley, Walliswood, Mays Green, Abinger, Wotton, Oakwood Hill, Ockham Glebe, Broadmoor, Newdigate
828 Dorking Dorking, Holmwood, Westcott, Milton, Coldharbour
829 Dorking Dorking, Effingham, Mickleham
830 Reigate Reigate, Reigate Foreign
831 Reigate Reigate, Reigate Foreign
832 Reigate Reigate, Reigate Foreign, Reigate Borough, Betchworth
833 Reigate Betchworth, Brockham Green, Buckland, Chaldon, Chipstead, Gatton, Ewell, Kingswood, Walton On The Hill, Headley
834 Horley Burstow, Charlwood, Horley
835 Horley Horley, Leigh, Nutfield, Merstham
836 Godstone Bletchingley, Caterham, Crowhurst, Chelsham
837 Godstone Godstone, Horne And Harrowsley, Horne, Harrowsley, Outwood, Limpsfield
838 Godstone Oxted, Tatsfield, Titsey, Tandridge, Warlingham, Farley, Woldingham
839 Croydon Addington, Sanderstead, Coulsden, Croydon, Shirley
840 Croydon Croydon, Waddon
841 Croydon Croydon
842 Croydon Croydon, Broad Green
843 Croydon Croydon, Addiscombe, Thornton Heath
844 Croydon Croydon
845 Croydon Croydon
846 Croydon Croydon
847 Croydon Croydon
848 Croydon Croydon, Woodside
849 Croydon Battersea, Penge
850 Croydon Battersea, Penge
851 Croydon Battersea, Penge, Croydon, Upper Norwood
852 Mitcham Beddington, Wallington, Woodmansterne
853 Mitcham Mitcham
854 Mitcham Mitcham, Morden
855 Mitcham Merton
856 Wimbledon Wimbledon
857 Wimbledon Wimbledon Online
858 Kingston Kingston, Norbiton, New Malden
859 Kingston Kingston
860 Kingston Surbiton
861 Kingston Kingston
862 Kingston Kingston, Ham With Hatch, Ham, Hatch, Hook, Malden, Church Malden, Malden Rushett
863 Esher Esher, Ember And Weston, Ember, Weston, Claygate, Thames Ditton, Long Ditton
864 Esher Long Ditton, Tolworth, Rushett, East Moulsey, East Molesey, West Moulsey, West Molesey
865 Hampton Hampton (MDX), Hampton Wick (MDX)
866 Hampton Hampton (MDX), Hampton Wick (MDX), Teddington
867 Richmond Petersham, Richmond
868 Richmond Richmond
869 Richmond Richmond, Kew
870 Mortlake Mortlake
871 Mortlake Mortlake, Barnes

Surrey – 1891 / RG12 InformationRG12 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1891 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
542 Epsom Banstead, Burgh Heath, Carshalton
543 Epsom Carshalton, Cheam, Sutton
544 Epsom Sutton
545 Epsom Banstead, Sutton
546 Epsom Ashtead, Chessington, Cuddington, Epsom, Horton, Rushett, Worcester Park
547 Epsom Epsom, Ewell, Headley, Tot Hill
548 Epsom Fetcham, Leatherhead, Oxshott, Stoke D'Abernon
549 Epsom Cobham, Great Bookham, Leatherhead, Little Bookham
550 Chertsey Hersham, Oatlands, Walton on Thames
551 Chertsey Hersham, Walton on Thames, Weybridge
552 Chertsey Addlestone, Botleys, Chertsey, Longcross, Lyne, New Haw, Ottershaw
553 Chertsey Addlestone, Brox, Byfleet, Chertsey, Ottershaw, Pyrford, Row Town Online
554 Chertsey Bagshott, Bisley, Brimshot, Chobham, Donkey Town, Horsell, Sunningdale, Valley End, Windlesham
555 Guildford Brookwood, Kingford, Maybury, Mayford, Shackleford, St Johns, Sutton, Woking, Wych Street
556 Guildford Broad Street, Knaphill, Pirbright, St Johns, Woking, Wood Street, Worplesdon
557 Guildford Ockham, Send and Ripley, Wisley
558 Guildford Albury, East Clandon, East Horsley, Felday, Gomshall, Holmbury, Peaslake, Shere, West Clandon, West Horsley
559 Guildford Stoke
560 Guildford Guildford, Guildford Artington, Guildford Holy Trin, Guildford St Mary, Guildford St Nichol, Guildford The Friar, Merrow, Stoke
561 Guildford Catteshall, Eashing, Farncombe, Godalming, Shackleford
562 Guildford Compton, Crownpitts, Godalming, Puttenham, Wanborough
563 Farnham Aldershot (HAM)
564 Farnham Aldershot (HAM), Ash, Normandy, Shawfield, Wyke
565 Farnham Aldershot (HAM), Camberley, Crooksbury, Frimley, Military/South Camp, Seal, Tongham, York Town
566 Farnham Military/South Camp
567 Farnham Military/South Camp
568 Farnham Farnham
569 Farnham Badshot Lea, Bourne, Farnham, Hale, Hoghatch, Runfold, Tilford, Waverley, Weybourne
570 Farnham Churt, Dockenfield (HAM), Farnham, Frensham, Rowledge, Shottermill, Wrecclesham
571 Hambledon Brook Street, Chiddingfold, Elstead, Hambledon, Hascombe, Haslemere, Milford, Mousehill, Peper Harow, Thursley, Witley
572 Hambledon Alfold, Bramley, Cranley, Dunsfold, Graffham, Shamley Green, Wonersh Online
573 Hambledon Blackheath, Ewhurst, Shalford, Shamley Green, St Martha Chilworth, Wonersh Online
574 Dorking Abinger, Beare Green, Capel, Coldharbour, Forest Green, Newdigate, Oakwood, Ockley, Wotton
575 Dorking Coldharbour, Dorking, Holmwood, Milton, Westcott Online
576 Dorking Dorking, Effingham, Mickleham
577 Reigate Reigate Foreign, South Park
578 Reigate Redhill, Reigate Foreign
579 Reigate Betchworth, Redhill, Reigate Borough, Reigate Foreign
580 Reigate Betchworth, Brockham, Buckland, Chaldon, Chipstead, Gatton, Kingswood, Merstham, Reigate Foreign, Walton on the Hill
581 Reigate Burstow, Charlwood, Copthorne, Horley, Leigh, Lowfield Heath, Nutfield, Outwood, Smallfield
582 Godstone Bletchingley, Caterham, Chelsham
583 Godstone Blindley Heath, Copthorne, Crowhurst, Godstone, Horne, Limpsfield, Newchapel, Oxted
584 Godstone Caterham, Farley, Godstone, Tandridge, Tatsfield, Titsey, Warlingham, Whiteleafe, Woldingham
585 Croydon Addington, Coulsdon, Croydon, Kenley, Purley, Sanderstead, Selsdon
586 Croydon Croydon
587 Croydon Croydon
588 Croydon Croydon, Waddon
589 Croydon Croydon
590 Croydon Croydon, Thornton
591 Croydon Croydon
592 Croydon Croydon, Selhurst
593 Croydon Croydon, Selhurst
594 Croydon Croydon, Norwood
595 Croydon Addiscombe, Croydon, Norwood, Shirley, Woodside
596 Croydon Croydon, Norwood, Thornton Heath
597 Croydon Croydon, Penge (LND), Thornton Heath
598 Croydon Penge (LND)
599 Croydon Penge (LND)
600 Croydon Coulsdon, Croydon, Penge (LND)
601 Croydon Beddington, Mitcham, Wallington, Woodmansterne
602 Croydon Mitcham
603 Croydon Beddington, Merton, Mitcham, Morden
604 Kingston Wimbledon
605 Kingston Wimbledon
606 Kingston Wimbledon
607 Kingston Wimbledon
608 Kingston Kingston, Kingston Vale, Norbiton
609 Kingston Coombe, Kingston, New Malden, Norbiton
610 Kingston Kingston
611 Kingston Kingston
612 Kingston Kingston, Surbiton
613 Kingston Ham with Hatch, Hook, Kingston, Kingston Vale, Malden, Southborough, Surbiton
614 Kingston Claygate, Esher, Long Ditton, Stony Hill, Thames Ditton, West End, Weston Green
615 Kingston East Moulsey, Kent Town, Long Ditton, Tolworth, West Moulsey
616 Kingston Hampton (MDX)
617 Kingston Hampton (MDX), Teddington (MDX)
618 Kingston Teddington (MDX)
619 Richmond Richmond
620 Richmond Richmond
621 Richmond Richmond
622 Richmond Kew, Petersham, Richmond
623 Richmond East Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond
624 Richmond Barnes