Coverage for Yorkshire, West Riding (WRY)

Yorkshire, West Riding – 1861 / RG9 InformationRG9 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1861 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
3174 Sedburgh Sedburgh Online
3175 Garsdale Sedburgh Online
3176 Dent Sedburgh Online
3177 Bentham Thornton in Lonsdale, Bentham, Clapham Online
3178 Settle Clapham, Horton Ribblesdale, Giggleswick Online
3179 Long Preston Tosside, Long Preston, Gisburn Online
3180 Kirkby Malham Kirkby Malham Dale Online
3181 Arncliffe Arncliffe Online
3182 Kettlewell Arncliffe, Kettlewell, Burnsall Online
3183 Cargrave Burnsall, Kirkby Malham Dale, Cargrave Online
3184 Barnoldswick Marton, Bracewell, Barnoldswick, Thorton in Craven Online
3185 Kildwick Kildwick Online
3186 Kildwick Kildwick Online
3187 Kildwick Kildwick Online
3188 Skipton Broughton, Carlton, Skipton Online
3189 Skipton Skipton, Burnsall Online
3190 Addingham Ilkley, Addingham, Skipton Online
3191 Grassington Burnsall, Linton Online
3192 Ramsgill Kirkby Malzeard Online
3193 Pateley Bridge Ripon Online
3194 Thornthwaite Fewston, Hempsthwaite Online
3195 Dacre Banks Ripon, Kirkby Malzeard, Warsill, Ripley Online
3196 Ripon Ripon Online
3197 Ripon Ripon, Markingfield Hall Online
3198 Kirkby Malzeard Ripon, Kirkby Malzeard Online
3199 Wath West Tanfield, Kirklington, Wath, Ripon Online
3200 Dishforth Topcliffe, Cundall, Ripon Online
3201 Boroughbridge Kirkby Hill, Cundall, Brafferton, Aldborough, Great Ouseburn, Copgrove, Ripon, Marton cum Grafton, Staveley, Farnham, Knaresborough Online
3202 Whixley Great Ouseburn, Alne, Nun-Monkton, Little Ouseburn, Allerton-Mauleverer, Goldsborough, Whixley, Kirk Hammerton Online
3203 Poppleton Overton, Monkton Moor, Nether Poppleton, St Mary Bishopshill, Acomb, Holy Trinity Mickleg, Rufforth Online
3204 Knaresborough Knaresborough Online
3205 Knaresborough Knaresborough, Spofforth, Goldsborough, Walkingham Hill, Farnham, Burton Leonard, South Stainley, Nidd Online
3206 Harrogate Ripley, Hampsthwaite, Haverah Park, Pannal, Spofforth, Knaresborough Online
3207 Harrogate Online
3208 Wetherby Kirkby Overblow, Harewood, Thorner, Bardsey, Micklethwaite, Spofforth, Healaugh, Long Marston, Bilton, Cowthorp, Kirk Deighton Online
3209 Wetherby Kirkby Overblow, Harewood, Spofforth, Wighill Online
3210 Kirk Deighton Kirk Deighton, Hunsingore, Whixley, Kirkby Overblow Online
3211 Harewood Harewood, Addle Online
3212 Otley Weston, Otley Online
3213 Otley Otley, Guiseley, Ilkley Online
3214 Otley Ilkley, Otley Online
3215 Otley Otley, Guiseley, Weston Online
3216 Yeadon Guiseley, Otley Online
3217 Horsforth Otley, Harewood, Guiseley Online
3218 Fewston Otley, Fewston, Kirkby Overblow, Leathley Online
3219 Bingley Bingley Online
3220 Bingley Bingley Online
3221 Bingley Bingley Online
3222 Keighley Kildwick Online
3223 Keighley Kildwick, Keighley Online
3224 Keighley Keighley Online
3225 Keighley Keighley Online
3226 Keighley Keighley
3227 Keighley Keighley Online
3228 Haworth Bradford Online
3229 Haworth Bradford Online
3230 Hebden Bridge Halifax Online
3231 Hebden Bridge Halifax Online
3232 Hebden Bridge Halifax Online
3233 Todmorden Halifax Online
3234 Todmorden Halifax Online
3235 Todmorden Halifax, Rochdale Online
3236 Todmorden Rochdale Online
3237 Todmorden Rochdale Online
3238 Delph Rochdale Online
3239 Delph Rochdale Online
3240 Delph Rochdale Online
3241 Upper Mill Rochdale Online
3242 Upper Mill Rochdale Online
3243 Slaithwaite Almondbury Online
3244 Slaithwaite Almondbury, Huddersfield Online
3245 Meltham Almondbury Online
3246 Meltham Almondbury Online
3247 Honley Almondbury Online
3248 Honley Almondbury Online
3249 Holmfirth Almondbury
3250 Holmfirth Kirkburton
3251 Newmill Kirkburton
3252 Kirkburton Kirkburton, Elmley Online
3253 Kirkburton Elmley, Kirkburton Online
3254 Kirkburton Kirkburton, High Hoyland, Silkstone Online
3255 Almondbury Almondbury Online
3256 Almondbury Almondbury Online
3257 Almondbury Almondbury Online
3258 Kirkheaton Kirkheaton Online
3259 Kirkheaton Kirkheaton Online
3260 Kirkheaton Kirkheaton Online
3261 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3262 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3263 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3264 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3265 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3266 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3267 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3268 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3269 Lockwood Almondbury Online
3270 Lockwood Almondbury Online
3271 Golcar Huddersfield Online
3272 Golcar Huddersfield Online
3273 Golcar Huddersfield
3274 Rastrick Halifax Online
3275 Brighouse Halifax Online
3276 Brighouse Halifax, Dewsbury Online
3277 Southowram Halifax Online
3278 Halifax Halifax Online
3279 Halifax Halifax Online
3280 Halifax Halifax Online
3281 Halifax Halifax Online
3282 Halifax Halifax Online
3283 Halifax Halifax Online
3284 Halifax Halifax Online
3285 Halifax Halifax Online
3286 Elland Halifax Online
3287 Elland Halifax Online
3288 Elland Halifax Online
3289 Ripponden Halifax Online
3290 Ripponden Halifax Online
3291 Sowerby Halifax Online
3292 Sowerby Halifax Online
3293 Sowerby Halifax Online
3294 Sowerby Halifax Online
3295 Luddenden Halifax Online
3296 Luddenden Halifax Online
3297 Luddenden Halifax Online
3298 Luddenden Halifax Online
3299 Northowram Halifax Online
3300 Northowram Halifax Online
3301 Northowram Halifax Online
3302 Northowram Halifax Online
3303 Northowram Halifax Online
3304 Northowram Halifax Online
3305 Cleckheaton Birstal Online
3306 Cleckheaton Birstal
3307 Cleckheaton Birstal
3308 Drighlington Birstal
3309 Drighlington Birstal
3310 North Bierley Bradford
3311 North Bierley Bradford
3312 North Bierley Bradford Online
3313 Bowling Bradford Online
3314 Bowling Bradford Online
3315 Bowling Bradford Online
3316 Bradford East Bradford Error message: Validation of FreecenDwelling failed. summary: The following errors were found: Place can't be blank resolution: Try persisting the document with valid data or remove the validations.
3317 Bradford East Bradford
3318 Bradford East Bradford Online
3319 Bradford East Bradford Online
3320 Bradford East Bradford Online
3321 Bradford East Bradford
3322 Bradford West Bradford Online
3323 Bradford West Bradford Online
3324 Bradford West Bradford Online
3325 Bradford West Bradford Online
3326 Bradford West Bradford Online
3327 Horton Bradford Online
3328 Horton Bradford Online
3329 Horton Bradford Online
3330 Horton Bradford Online
3331 Horton Bradford Online
3332 Horton Bradford Online
3333 Horton Bradford Online
3334 Horton Bradford
3335 Horton Bradford
3336 Thornton Bradford Online
3337 Thornton Bradford Online
3338 Thornton Bradford Online
3339 Wilsden Bradford Online
3340 Shipley Bradford Online
3341 Shipley Bradford Online
3342 Idle Calverley Online
3343 Idle Calverley, Bradford Online
3344 Idle Bradford, Calverley Online
3345 Calverley Calverley Online
3346 Pudsey Calverley Online
3347 Pudsey Calverley Online
3348 Pudsey Calverley Online
3349 Wortley Leeds Online
3350 Wortley Leeds Online
3351 Wortley Leeds
3352 Wortley Leeds, Batley
3353 Kirkstall Leeds Online
3354 Kirkstall Leeds Online
3355 Kirkstall Leeds Online
3356 Kirkstall Leeds Online
3357 Chapletown Leeds, Thorner, Barwick-in-Elmet Online
3358 Whitkirk Whitkirk, Leeds, Swillington
3359 Rothwell Rothwell Online
3360 Rothwell Rothwell Online
3361 Holbeck Batley Online
3362 Holbeck Leeds Online
3363 Holbeck Leeds Online
3364 Holbeck Leeds Online
3365 Hunslet Leeds Online
3366 Hunslet Leeds Online
3367 Hunslet Leeds Online
3368 Hunslet Leeds Online
3369 Hunslet Leeds Online
3370 South East Leeds Leeds Online
3371 South East Leeds Leeds Online
3372 South East Leeds Leeds Online
3373 South East Leeds Leeds Online
3374 South East Leeds Leeds
3375 South East Leeds Leeds
3376 South East Leeds Leeds Online
3377 North Leeds Leeds Online
3378 North Leeds Leeds Online
3379 North Leeds Leeds Online
3380 North Leeds Leeds Online
3381 North Leeds Leeds Online
3382 North Leeds Leeds
3383 North Leeds Leeds Online
3384 North Leeds Leeds Online
3385 North Leeds Leeds
3386 North Leeds Leeds Online
3387 West Leeds Leeds Online
3388 West Leeds Leeds Online
3389 West Leeds Leeds
3390 West Leeds Leeds Online
3391 West Leeds Leeds Online
3392 West Leeds Leeds Online
3393 West Leeds Leeds
3394 West Leeds Leeds
3395 West Leeds Leeds
3396 West Leeds Leeds
3397 Morley Batley Online
3398 Morley Batley Online
3399 Batley Batley Online
3400 Batley Batley Online
3401 Batley Batley Online
3402 Gomersal Birstal Online
3403 Gomersal Birstal Online
3404 Liversedge Birstal Online
3405 Liversedge Birstal Online
3406 Liversedge Birstal Online
3407 Mirfield Mirfield Online
3408 Mirfield Mirfield Online
3409 Dewsbury Dewsbury Online
3410 Dewsbury Dewsbury Online
3411 Dewsbury Dewsbury Online
3412 Dewsbury Dewsbury Online
3413 Soothill Dewsbury Online
3414 Ossett Dewsbury Online
3415 Ossett Dewsbury Online
3416 Thornhill Thornhill Online
3417 Bretton Thornhill, Elmley, Silkstone, Sandal Magna Online
3418 Sandal Sandal Magna Online
3419 Sandal Sandal Magna, Roystone, Crofton Online
3420 Stanley Warmfield Online
3421 Stanley Wakefield Online
3422 Wakefield Wakefield Online
3423 Wakefield Wakefield Online
3424 Wakefield Wakefield Online
3425 Wakefield Wakefield Online
3426 Horbury Wakefield Online
3427 Alverthorpe Wakefield Online
3428 Alverthorpe Wakefield Online
3429 Ardsley East Ardsley, West Ardsley, Rothwell Online
3430 Oulton Rothwell Online
3431 Kippax Kippax, Ledsham, Sherburn Online
3432 Kippax Methley, Garforth Online
3433 Knottingley Pontefract Online
3434 Knottingley Sherburn Online
3435 Knottingley Ferry Frystone, Sherburn, Monk Frystone, Birking, Brotherton, Womersley, Kellington, Monk Frystone, Brotherton, Kellington, Ferry Frystone
3436 Whitley Kellington, Snaith, Womersley Online
3437 Pontefract Darrington, Pontefract Online
3438 Pontefract Pontefract, Pontefract Park, Featherstone Online
3439 Pontefract Castleford, Featherstone Online
3440 Hemsworth Ackworth, Wragby, Foulby, Nostell, Hunwick, Badsworth, South Kirby, Hemsworth Online
3441 Hemsworth Felkirk, Wragby, Badsworth, Kirk Smeaton, Womersley, South Kirby, Darfield Online
3442 Darton Roystone, Darton Online
3443 Barnsley Darfield, Silkstone
3444 Barnsley Silkstone Online
3445 Barnsley Silkstone Online
3446 Barnsley Silkstone Online
3447 Barnsley Silkstone Online
3448 Barnsley Silkstone, Darton Online
3449 Barnsley Silkstone, Roystone Online
3450 Darfield Darfield Online
3451 Darfield Wath upon Dearne
3452 Worsbrough Darfield, Silkstone Online
3453 Cawthorne Silkstone, Cawthorne, Darton Online
3454 High Hoyland High Hoyland, Penistone
3455 Penistone Silkstone, penistone Online
3456 Wortley Wortley
3457 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield
3458 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield
3459 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield
3460 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield
3461 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield
3462 Nether Hallam Sheffield Online
3463 Nether Hallam Sheffield Online
3464 Nether Hallam Sheffield
3465 Nether Hallam Sheffield
3466 Upper Hallam Sheffield, Dronfield
3467 Norton Beauchief Abbey, Norton
3468 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3469 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3470 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3471 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield
3472 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3473 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3474 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3475 Ecclesall Bierlow Sheffield Online
3476 West Sheffield Sheffield
3477 West Sheffield Sheffield Online
3478 West Sheffield Sheffield Online
3479 West Sheffield Sheffield Online
3480 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3481 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3482 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3483 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3484 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3485 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3486 North Sheffield Sheffield Online
3487 South Sheffield Sheffield Online
3488 South Sheffield Sheffield Online
3489 South Sheffield Sheffield Online
3490 Sheffield Park Sheffield Online
3491 Sheffield Park Sheffield Online
3492 Sheffield Park Sheffield Online
3493 Sheffield Park Sheffield Online
3494 Brightside Sheffield Online
3495 Brightside Sheffield Online
3496 Brightside Sheffield Online
3497 Brightside Sheffield Online
3498 Brightside Sheffield Online
3499 Brightside Sheffield Online
3500 Attercliffe Sheffield Online
3501 Handsworth Handsworth Online
3502 Beighton Beighton, Aston with Aughton, Treeton, Rotherham Online
3503 Rotherham Rotherham Online
3504 Rotherham Rotherham Online
3505 Rotherham Rotherham, Thrybergh, Wickersley, Whiston Online
3506 Kimberworth Rotherham Online
3507 Kimberworth Rotherham
3508 Kimberworth Rotherham, Rawmarsh Online
3509 Kimberworth Rawmarsh, Rotherham Online
3510 Wath Wath upon Dearne Online
3511 Wath Wath upon Dearne
3512 Maltby Hooton Roberts, Thrybergh, Ravenfield, Braithwell, Laughton le Morthern, Maltby
3513 Tickhill Stainton cum Hellaby, Tickhill, Braithwell, Edlington, Loversall, Conisbrough Online
3514 Tickhill Conisbrough, Wadworth, Doncaster, Carr House, Warmsworth, Mexbrough Online
3515 Barmbrough Adwick upon Dearne, Barmbrough, Bolton upon Dearne, Brodsworth, Clayton wth Frickley, Hickleton, High Melton, Hooton Pagnell, Marr
3516 Barmbrough Mexbrough, Sprotborough, Stotfold, Thurnscoe
3517 Doncaster Doncaster Online
3518 Doncaster Doncaster Online
3519 Doncaster Doncaster Online
3520 Doncaster Doncaster Online
3521 Campsall Bentley with Arksey, Kirk-Bramwith, Doncaster, Adwick le Street, Owston, Burgh Wallis, Campsall, Barnby upon Don Online
3522 Bawtry Barnby upon Don, Sandall, Doncaster, Wheatley, Armthorpe, Cantley, Rossington, Finningley, Misson Online
3523 Epworth Wroot, Epworth, Belton Online
3524 Thorne Hatfield, Fishlake Online
3525 Thorne Thorne Online
3526 Crowle Althorpe Online
3527 Swinefleet Luddington, Adlingfleet, Whitgift Online
3528 Goole Snaith
3529 Goole Snaith
3530 Snaith Snaith Online
3531 Carlton Snaith, Drax, Birkin
3532 Selby Birkin, Brayton, Selby
3533 Selby Selby Online
3534 Selby Selby, Wistow, Cawood, Ryther, Kirk-Fenton Online
3535 Riccall Stillingfleet, Riccall, Hemingbrough, Skipwith
3536 Appleton-Roebuck Stillingfleet, Bolton-Percy
3537 Aberford Kirk-Fenton, Aberford, Barwick-in-Elmet
3538 Aberford Sherburn, Saxton
3539 Bramham Thorner, Bramham Online
3540 Bramham Bramham, Collingham, Thorp-Arch Online
3541 Newton-Kyme Ryther, Saxton, Kirkby-Wharf, Tadcaster, Bilbrough Online
3542 Bilton Walton, Bilton, Long Marston, Kirk-Hammerton Online

Yorkshire, West Riding – 1871 / RG10 InformationRG10 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1871 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
4248 Sedburgh Sedburgh, Howgill, Marthwaite, Frostrow, Soolbank, Cautley, Bland Online
4249 Garsdale Garsdale Online
4250 Dent Dent, Deepdale, Kirkthwaite, North Lordland, South Lordland Online
4251 Settle Bentham, Mewith, Ingleton Online
4252 Settle Bentham, Ingleton, Coldcotes, Twisleton, Moorgath, Newby, Clapham, Burton in Lonsdale, Thornton in Lonsdale Online
4253 Settle Settle Online
4254 Settle Giggleswick, Langcliffe, Stainforth, Rathmell Online
4255 Settle Austwick, Lawkland, Horton Ribblesdale Online
4256 Settle Long Preston, Hellifield, Swinden, Nappa, West Halton, Wigglesworth, Tosside Online
4257 Settle Kirkby Malham, Malham Moor, Malham, Hanlith, Scosthrop, Otterburn, Airton Online
4258 Settle Arncliffe, Hawkswick, Halton Gillll, Litton Online
4259 Skipton Kettlewell, Starbotton, Conistone w Kilnsey, Buckden Online
4260 Skipton Gargrave, Hetton, Bordley, Calton, Flasby w Winterburn, Eshton, Coniston Cold, Bank Newton Online
4261 Barnoldswick Barnoldswick Online
4262 Skipton Barnoldswick, Marton in Craven, Coates, Bracewell, Brogden, Admergill, Salterforth, Thornton in Craven Online
4263 Skipton Kildwick, Conoley, Cowling Online
4264 Skipton Kildwick, Cowling, Glusburn, Farnhill, Bradleys Both Online
4265 Kildwick Brunthwaite, Silsden Moor Online
4266 Skipton Skipton, Elslack, Broughton, Carlton, Lothersdale, Stirton with Thorlby Online
4267 Skipton Skipton Online
4268 Skipton Skipton, Embsay with Eastby, Halton East, Rilston Online
4269 Skipton Addingham, Beamsley in Skipton, Beamsley in Adding, Hazlewood, Storiths, Draughton, Bolton Abbey, Barden Online
4270 Skipton Grassington, Hebden, Linton, Thresfield, Skirethorn, Thorpe, Cracoe, Burnsall, Hartlington, Appletreewick, Woodhouse Manor, Skirholme Online
4271 Pateley Bridge Ramsgill, Upper Stonebeck, Down Stonebeck, Middlesmoor, Fountains Earth, Lofthouse Online
4272 Pateley Bridge Pateley Bridge, High Bishopside, Bewerley, Low Bishopside Online
4273 Pateley Bridge Thornthwaite, Padside, Leeming Stile, Follygill, Thruscross, Menwith, Darley, Maltkin, Clapham Green, Wreakes, Birthwith Online
4274 Pateley Bridge Dacre Banks, Dacre, Hartwith w Winsley, Summer Bridge, New York, Low Laite, Wysing, Warsill, Bishop Thornton, Shaw Mills, Clint, Burnt Yates Online
4275 Ripon Ripon Online
4276 Ripon Ripon, Markington, Wallerthwaite Online
4277 Ripon Ripon, Markington, Ingerthorpe, Bishops Monckton, Aldfield, Studley Roger, Lindrick, Studley Royal, Fountains, Bishopton, Clotherholme, Sutton Grange, North Stainley, Sleningford, Whitcliffe, Thorpe, Aismunderby, Bondgate, Sharow, Bridge Hewick, Givendale, Copt Hewick Online
4278 Ripon Kirkby Malzeard, Grewelthorpe, Bramley, Laverton, Azerle in Ripon, Galphay, Mickley, Grantley, Skelden, Winksley, Eavestone, Sawley Online
4279 Ripon Wath, Norton Conyers, Melmerby, Middleton Quernhow, Howgrave, Sutton Howgrave, East Tanfield, West Tanfield, Nosterfield, Thornborough, Hutton Conyers, Nunwick w Howgrave Online
4280 Ripon Dishforth, Marton Moor Topclif, Marton Moor Kirkby, Newby, Mulwith, Baldersby, Rainton, Cundall, Leckby, Asenby Online
4281 Great Ouseburn Aldborough, Minskip, Roecliffe, Westwick, Lower Dunsforth, Upper Dunsforth, Martin with Grafton, Staveley, Copgrove, Arkendale in Farnham, Milby in Aldborough, Milby in Kirby Hill, Humberton, Kirby Hill, Langthorpe, Ellenthorpe, Norton le Clay, Thornton Bridge, Helperby, Skelton Online
4282 Great Ouseburn Whixley, Green Hammerton, Kirk Hammerton, Thornville, Cattal, Tollerton, Youlton, Great Ouseburn, Kirby Hall, Thorpe Underwoods, Nun Monkton, Widdington, Allerton Mauleverer, Hopperton, Allerton in Whixley, Coneythorpe, Great Ribston, Walshford, Hunsingore, Clareton Online
4283 Great Ouseburn Poppleton, Acomb, Shipton, Moor Monkton, Hessay, Knapton in Accomb, Knapton Holy Trinity, Micklegate, Upper Poppleton, Nether Poppleton, Rufforth Online
4284 Knaresborough Knaresborough, Scriven w Tentergate Online
4285 Knaresborough Knaresborough, Scriven w Tentergate Online
4286 Knaresborough Knaresborough, Ripley, Brearton, Scriven w Tentergate, Nidd Online
4287 Knaresborough Knaresborough, South Ttainley, Cayton, Burton Leonard, Walkingham Hill, Ockaney, Ferrensby, Farnham, Scotton, Plompton, Goldsborough, Flaxby Online
4288 Knaresborough Harrogate, Ripley, Killinghall, Hampsthwaite, Felliscliffe, Follifoot Online
4289 Knaresborough Harrogate, Pannal, Haverah Park, Bilton w Harrogate Online
4290 Harrogate Bilton w Harrogate Online
4291 Harrogate Bilton w Harrogate Online
4292 Wetherby Wetherby, Spofforth, Stockeld, Kirk Deighton, Little Ribstone, Micklethwaite, Linton
4293 Wetherby Wetherby, North Deighton, Kirk Deighton, Igmanthorpe, Weeton, Huby, Woodgate, Dunkeswick, Newby, Wescoe Hill, Healthwaite Hill, MoorLodge, Rigton, Walton, Bilton, Cowthorpe, Bickerton Online
4294 Wetherby Wetherby, Wighill, Tockwith, Wilstrop, Long Marston, Hutton wandesley, Angram, Kirkby Overblow, Sicklinghall, Kearby, Netherby, Swinden Online
4295 Wetherby Boston, Wothersome, Bardsey, Rigton, Wike, Wike in Harewood, Bramham, Oglethorpe, Clifford Online
4296 Wetherby Boston, Bramham, Clifford, Collingham, Thorp Arch, East keswick, Harewood Online
4297 Wetherby Boston, Harewood, Weardley, Shadwell, Wigton, Thorner, Scarcroft Online
4298 Horsforth Horsforth Online
4299 Wharfedale Horsforth, Rawden
4300 Wharfedale Horsforth, Rawden, Alwoodley, Adel cum Eccup, Cookridge, Bramhope Online
4301 Wharfedale Fewston, Blubberhouses, GreatTimble, Little Timble, Clifton with Norwood, Lindley, Leathley, Castley, Stainburn, Farnley, Newall with Clifton, Pool, Arthington Online
4302 Wharfedale Otley, Askwith with Snowdon, Burley in Wharfedale, Denton, Ilkeley Online
4303 Wharfedale Otley, Ilkeley, Menstone, Middleton, Nesfield, Langbar Online
4304 Wharfedale Otley, Weston Online
4305 Yeadon Baildon Online
4306 Wharfedale Yeadon, Baildon, Carlton, Esholt, Guiseley Online
4307 Wharfedale Yeadon, Hawksworth Online
4308 Bingley Bingley, Micklethwaite Online
4309 Bingley Bingley, Micklethwaite Online
4310 Bingley Bingley, Micklethwaite, Cottingley, Eldwick, Harden Online
4311 Bingley Bind, Harden Online
4312 Bingley Bingley, Harden Online
4313 Bingley Morton Online
4314 Keighley Keighley, Steeton w Eastburn, Sutton Online
4315 Keighley Keighley, Lane ends Online
4316 Keighley Keighley Online
4317 Keighley Keighley Online
4318 Keighley Keighley Online
4319 Keighley Keighley Online
4320 Keighley Keighley Online
4321 Keighley Keighley Online
4322 Haworth Haworth Online
4323 Haworth Haworth, Stanbury, Far Oxenhope, Near Oxenhope
4324 Hebden Bridge Wadsworth Online
4325 Todmorden Wadsworth, Erringden Online
4326 Hebden Bridge Heptonstall Online
4327 Todmorden Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall, Stansfield Online
4328 Todmorden Todmorden, Walsden (Lancs) Online
4329 Todmorden Todmorden Online
4330 Todmorden Stansfield
4331 Todmorden Stansfield Online
4332 Todmorden Langfield
4333 Delph Saddleworth, Springhead
4334 Saddleworth Delph, Saddleworth, Austerlands, Lydgate Online
4335 Delph Saddleworth Online
4336 Upper Mill Saddleworth Online
4337 Upper Mill Saddleworth, New Delph Online
4338 Upper Mill Saddleworth, Lydgate
4339 Huddersfield Slaithwaite, Linthwaite, Marsden in Almdonbry Online
4340 Slaithwaite Marsden in Huddfld Online
4341 Slaithwaite Slaithwaite Online
4342 Meltham South Crossland, Maglordship Online
4343 Huddersfield Meltham, South Crossland Online
4344 Meltham Meltham Online
4345 Meltham Honley Online
4346 Huddersfield Meltham, Honley, Netherthong Online
4347 Huddersfield Holmfirth, Upperthong, Austonley Online
4348 Huddersfield Holmfirth, Austonley, Holme, Cartworth Online
4349 Huddersfield Holmfirth, Cartworth, Wooldale, Scholes, Totties Online
4350 Huddersfield Newmill, Wooldale, Fulstone Online
4351 Huddersfield Newmill, Fulstone, Hepworth, Cartworth, Wooldale Online
4352 Huddersfield Kirkburton, Thurstonland, Shepley, Cumberworth Half Online
4353 Huddersfield Kirkburton, Cumberworth Half, Shelley Online
4354 Kirkburton Kirkburton Online
4355 Huddersfield Kirkburton, Cumberworth, Lower Cumberworth, Denby hall Online
4356 Almondbury Almondbury Online
4357 Almondbury Almondbury Online
4358 Almondbury Almondbury Online
4359 Huddersfield Almondbury, Farnley Tyas Online
4360 Kirkheaton Lepton Online
4361 Huddersfield Kirkheaton, Whitley Online
4362 Kirkheaton Dalton Online
4363 Kirkheaton Dalton Online
4364 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4365 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4366 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4367 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4368 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4369 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4370 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4371 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4372 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
4373 Lockwood Lockwood Online
4374 Lockwood Lockwood Online
4375 Huddersfield Lockwood, Linthwaite Online
4376 Lockwood Linthwaite Online
4377 Golcar Golcar Online
4378 Huddersfield Golcar, Scammonden Online
4379 Golcar Longwood Online
4380 Huddersfield Golcar, Longwood, Lindley, Quarmby Online
4381 Golcar Lindley Online
4382 Halifax Rastrick, Fixby Online
4383 Rastrick Rastrick Online
4384 Brighouse Hipperholme, Brighouse Online
4385 Brighouse Hipperholme Online
4386 Brighouse Hipperholme Online
4387 Halifax Brighouse, Clifton, Hartshead Online
4388 Southowram SouthowRam Online
4389 Southowram SouthowRam Online
4390 Halifax Halifax Online
4391 Halifax Halifax
4392 Halifax Halifax Online
4393 Halifax Halifax Online
4394 Halifax Halifax Online
4395 Halifax Halifax Online
4396 Halifax Halifax Online
4397 Halifax Halifax
4398 Halifax Halifax Online
4399 Halifax Halifax Online
4400 Halifax Skircoat Online
4401 Halifax Skircoat Online
4402 Halifax Halifax, Skircoat Online
4403 Elland Greetland Online
4404 Elland Elland Online
4405 Elland Elland, Greetland Online
4406 Elland Elland Online
4407 Elland Stainland Online
4408 Ripponden Soyland Online
4409 Halifax Ripponden, Barkisland, Rishworth Online
4410 Halifax Sowerby, Norland, Warley Online
4411 Sowerby Warley Online
4412 Halifax Sowerby, Norland Online
4413 Sowerby Sowerby Online
4414 Sowerby Sowerby Online
4415 Sowerby Sowerby Online
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4490 Thornton Thornton Online
4491 Bradford Thornton, Clayton Online
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4493 Thornton Clayton Online
4494 Wilsden Wilsden Online
4495 Bradford Wilsden, Allerton Online
4496 Wilsden Allerton Online
4497 Shipley Shipley Online
4498 Shipley Shipley
4499 Shipley Shipley
4500 Bradford Shipley, Heaton
4501 Idle Idle Online
4502 Idle Idle Online
4503 Bradford Idle, Eccleshill Online
4504 Bradford Idle, Eccleshill, Bolton
4505 Calverley Calverley w Farsley, Farsley Beck Botton, Farsley Bagley, Priesthorpe, Woodhall Hills, Calverley, Thornbury
4506 Pudsey Pudsey
4507 Pudsey Pudsey Online
4508 Pudsey Pudsey
4509 Pudsey Pudsey
4510 Hunslet Hunslet Online
4511 Hunslet Hunslet Online
4512 Hunslet Hunslet Online
4513 Hunslet Hunslet Online
4514 Hunslet Hunslet Online
4515 Hunslet Hunslet
4516 Hunslet whitkirk, Templenewsam, Leeds, Oulton, Woodlesford, Newsom, Thorpe Stapleton
4517 Hunslet Rothwell, Middleton
4518 Rothwell Rothwell, Rothwell Haigh, Royds Green
4519 Holbeck Churwell, Beeston
4520 Holbeck Holbeck, Churwell
4521 Holbeck Holbeck
4522 Holbeck Holbeck
4523 Holbeck Holbeck
4524 Holbeck Holbeck
4525 Bramley Bramley
4526 Bramley Bramley
4527 Bramley Bramley
4528 Bramley Bramley
4529 Gildersome Gildersome
4530 Wortley Wortley
4531 Wortley Wortley
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4574 Chapeltown Chapel Allerton Online
4575 Leeds Chapeltown, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, Seacroft in Whitkirk, Seacroft in Leeds Online
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4611 Ossett Ossett w Gawthorpe Online
4612 Dewsbury Thornhill, Lees, Saville Town, Whitley,Lower, Briestfield Online
4613 Wakefield Bretton, Sandal Magna, Silkstone, Emley, Flockton Online
4614 Wakefield Bretton, Flockton, Shitlington, Middlestown, Midgley, Overton, Netherton
4615 Wakefield Sandal, Crigglestone, Dirt Car, Sandal Magna
4616 Wakefield Sandal, Sandal Magna, Chevet, Walton, Crofton, Sharlstone, Normanton Online
4617 Wakefield Sandal, Normanton, Woodhouse, Altofts, Newland, Warmfield with Heath Online
4618 Wakefield Stanley, Warmfield with Heath, Eastmoor, Stanley c Wrenthorpe Online
4619 Stanley Stanley c Wrenthorpe Online
4620 Stanley Stanley c Wrenthorpe Online
4621 Stanley Stanley c Wrenthorpe Online
4622 Stanley Stanley c Wrenthorpe Online
4623 Wakefield Wakefield Online
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4625 Wakefield Wakefield Online
4626 Horbury Horbury Online
4627 Alverthorpe Alverthorpe & Thorne Online
4628 Alverthorpe Alverthorpe & Thorne Online
4629 Wakefield Ardsley, Ardsley West, Ardsley East Online
4630 Wakefield Ardsley, Ardsley East, Lofthouse w Carlton, Thorpe
4631 Pontefract Knottingley, Brotherton Online
4632 Pontefract Knottingley, Brotherton, Sutton, Hillam, Beaghall, Fairburn, Ferry Frystone, Ferry Bridge, Water Frystone, Darrington, Womersley, Cridling Stubbs, Monk Frystone, Burton Salmon, Byram, Poole, Birkin
4633 Pontefract Whitley, Kellington, Eggbrough, Hensall, Balne, Womersley, Stapleton, Heck Online
4634 Pontefract Pontefract, Ackton, Snydale, Carleton, East Hardwick, Darrington, Featherstone, Purston Jaglin Online
4635 Pontefract Pontefract
4636 Pontefract Pontefract, Monkhill, Tanshelf, Pontefract Park
4637 Castleford Whitwood
4638 Castleford Castleford
4639 Pontefract Castleford, Methley
4640 Pontefract Castleford, Methley, Glass Houghton
4641 Hemsworth Ackworth, Brackenhill, Badsworth, North Emsall, South Emsall, Huntwick, Foulby & Nostell, Hemsworth, Felkirk, Brierley, Grimethorpe, Wragby, West Hardwick, Hessel, Hilltop
4642 Hemsworth Hemsworth, Wragby, Wintersett, Ryhill, Santingley, Felkirk, Shafton, South Hiendley, Upon, Thorpe Audlin, Kirk Smeaton, Little Smeaton, Walden Stubbs, Skelbrooke, Hamphall Stubbs, South Kirkby, Great Houghton, Little Houghton Online
4643 Barnsley Darton, Cudworth, Carlton, MApplewell, Blacker, Carr Green, Swallow Hill, Broadroyd Head, Staincross, Notton, Roystone, Woolley Online
4644 Barnsley Barnsley, Ardsley Online
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4651 Barnsley Worsborough, Swaith, Hollingwell, Goosehulls, Berry Row, King Well, Stainbrough Online
4652 Wortley Cawthorne, Kexbrough, Thurgoland, Silkstone Online
4653 Wortley High Hoyland, West Clayton, Denby Online
4654 Wortley Thurlstone, Langsett, Hunshelf, Penistone, Ingbirchworth, Gunthwaite, Oxspring, Hoyland Swaine Online
4655 Wortley Wortley, Tankersley, Pilley Online
4656 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield Online
4657 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield Online
4658 Ecclesfield Ecclesfield Online
4659 Bradfield Bradfield, Low Bradfield, Wigtwizzle, Worrall, Smallfield, Holdworth, Brightholmlee Gate Online
4660 Bradfield Bolsterstone, Moorwood
4661 Nether Hallam Nether Hallam Online
4662 Nether Hallam Nether Hallam Online
4663 Nether Hallam Nether Hallam
4664 Nether Hallam Nether Hallam
4665 Nether Hallam Nether Hallam Online
4666 Ecclesall Bierlow Upper Hallam, Ranmoor, Fulwood, Ringinglow, Dore (Derby), Totley (Derby) Online
4667 Ecclesall Bierlow Norton (Derby), Greenhill (Derby), Bradway (Derby), MeadhowheAd (Derby), Beauchief Abbey(Dby), Norton Online
4668 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow Online
4669 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow Online
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4690 Brightside Brightside Bierlow Online
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4698 Attercliffe Attercliffe c Darnal
4699 Attercliffe Attercliffe c Darnal
4700 Handsworth Handsworth, Birley Vale, Richmond, Woodhouse, Woodhouse Mill, Normanton Spring, Hollinsend, Gleadless, Intake, Hagg Lane, Myrtle Spring, Hurlfield, Commonside, Woodhouse Junction
4701 Rotherham Beighton, Beighton (Derby), Sothal (Derby), Hackenthorpe (Derby), Bierley (Derby), Aston, Augton, Woodhouse Mill, Park Lane, Swallowrest, West Lane, Treeton, Ulley, Treeton Mill, Boal Hill, Kiveton, Waleswood, Brookhouse, Brampton le Morthen, Catcliffe, Orgreave Online
4702 Rotherham Rotherham, Whiston
4703 Rotherham Rotherham, Whiston
4704 Rotherham Whiston, Rotherham, Dalton in Rotherham, Dalton in Trybergh, Brinsworth, Ickles, New York, Tinsley, Wickersley
4705 Kimberworth Kimberworth
4706 Kimberworth Kimberworth
4707 Kimberworth Kimberworth, Thorpe Hesley, Blackburn
4708 Kimberworth Rawmarsh
4709 Kimberworth Kimberworth, Rawmarsh, Kilnhurst, Greasbrough
4710 Kimberworth Wath, Wath upon Dearne, Wentworth, Ashes, Barrow, Spittle Houses, Thorpe Hesley
4711 Kimberworth Wath, Brampton Bierlow, New Hill, Swinton, Foxlands, Kilnhurst
4712 Wath Swinton
4713 Kimberworth Maltby, Hooton Levett, Laughton le Morthen, Hooton Roberts, BRamley, Ravenfield, Thrybergh
4714 Doncaster Tickhill, Stainton cum Hellaby, Braithwell, Micklebring, Edlington, Loversall, Stancill, Wellingley, Wilseck, Conisbrough Online
4715 Doncaster Tickhill, Conisbrough, Denaby, Warmsworth, Levitt Hagg, Balby, Hexthorpe, WAdworth, Carr House, Elm Field Online
4716 Doncaster Barmbrough, Brodsworth, Bolton upon Dearne, Adwick upon Dearne, Clayton w Frickley, Hooton Pagnell, Bilham, Harlington, Stotfold, Hickleton, Melton High, Marr, Cadeby, Sprotborough, Thurnscoe, Scawsby, Cusworth Online
4717 Barmbrough Mexborough
4718 Doncaster Doncaster
4719 Doncaster Doncaster Online
4720 Doncaster Doncaster Online
4721 Doncaster Campsall, Arksey, Bentley, Langthwaite, Tilts, Adwick le Street, Hampole, Skellow, Owston Online
4722 Doncaster Askern, Burghwallis, Barnby upon Don, Owston, Sutton, Norton, Fenwick, Moss, Kirk Bramwith, Thorpe in Balne Online
4723 Doncaster Bawtry, Austerfield, Armthorpe, Awkley (pt Notts), Finningley (Notts), Misson (Notts) Online
4724 Doncaster Bawtry, Barnby upon Don, Blaxton, Cantley, Branton, Streetthorpe, Kirk Sandall, Trunfleet, Long Sandall, Wheatley, Rossington
4725 Thorne Epworth, Epworth (Lincs), Belton (Lincs), Wrott (Lincs) Online
4726 Thorne Thorne, Hatfield, Woodhouse, Stainforth, Bramwith, Fishlake, Haygreen Online
4727 Thorne Thorne, Sykehouse Online
4728 Thorne Crowle, Crowle (pt Lincs), Ealand, Eastoft (Lincs), Amcotts (Lincs), KeAdby (Lincs), Althorpe (Lincs), Derrythorpe (Lincs) Online
4729 Goole Swinefleet, Reedness, Whitgift, Ousefleet, Adlingfleet, Garthorpe (Lincs), Fockerby, Eastoft (Missing), Haldenby (Missing), Luddington (Lincs) Online
4730 Goole Goole, Armin
4731 Goole Hook Online
4732 Goole Snaith, Cowick, Rawcliffe, Gowdall, Pollington
4733 Selby Carlton, Newland, Long Drax, Langrick, Drax, Camblesforth, Hirst Courtney, Temple Hirst, Chapel HAddlesey Online
4734 Selby Brayton, Barlow, Burn, Gateforth, Hambleton, Thorpe Willoughby, West HAddlesey, Selby Online
4735 Selby Selby, Cawood, Wistow, Biggin, Little Fenton Online
4736 Selby Riccall, Barlby (ERY), Cliff cum Lund (ERY), North Duffield (ERY), Skipwith (ERY), South Duffield (ERY), Kelfield (ERY), Osbodby (ERY), Riccall (ERY) Online
4737 Tadcaster Aberford, Parlington, Sturton Grange, Allerton Bywater, Austhorp in Whitkirk, Austhorp in Garforth, Barwick in Elmet, Potterton, Coals Staith, Scholes, Cross Gates Online
4738 Tadcaster Aberford, Barwick in Elmet, Stanks, Whinmoor, Hobberley, Garforth, Huddleston & Lumby, Newthorpe, Kippax, Ledstone
4739 Tadcaster Aberford, Kippax, Ledstone, Ledsham, Lotherton c Aberford, LeAd Hall, Micklefield, Great Preston, Little Preston, Swillington, Ashley
4740 Tadcaster Tadcaster, West Tadcaster, East Tadcaster, Oxton, Stutton, Hazlewood, Newton Kyme, Toulston, Catterton, Healaugh, Bilbrough, Colton, Askham Bryan, Grimston, Towton, Kirkby Wharf, North Milford, Bolton-Percy
4741 Tadcaster Appleton Roebuck, Bolton-Percy, Steeton, Acaster Selby, Ulleskelf, Ryther, Ossendyke, Kirk Fenton, Saxton, Scarthingwell, Barkstone Ash, Sherburn, South Milford

Yorkshire, West Riding – 1891 / RG12 InformationRG12 is the Public Record Office (now The National Archives) identifier for the England/Wales 1891 Census

Piece Place Comprising Status Remarks
3489 Sedburgh Howgill, Milnthorpe, Sedburgh
3490 Sedburgh Garsdale
3491 Sedburgh Dent, Gawthorp
3492 Settle Bentham, Burton in Lonsdale, Clapham with Newby, Coldcotes, High Bentham, Ingleton, Low Bentham, Masongill, Thornton in Lonsdal, Westhouse
3493 Settle Austwick, Birkwith, Eldroth, Frizor, Giggleswick, Horton Ribblesdale, Langcliffe, Lawkland, Rathmell, Selside, Settle, Stainforth, Wharfe
3494 Settle Arnford cum Newton, Hellifield, Long Preston, Nappa, Swinden, Tosside, West Halton, Wigglesworth
3495 Settle Airton, Hanlith, Kirkby Malham, Malham, Malham Moor, Otterburn, Scosthrop
3496 Settle Arncliffe, Halton Gill, Hawkswick, Litton
3497 Skipton Beckermonds, Buckden, Conistone & Kilnsey, Cray, Kettlewell, Northcote, Oughtershaw, Starbotton, Yockenthwaite
3498 Skipton Bank Newton, Bordley, Calton, Coniston Cold, Eshton, Flasby & Winterburn, Gargrave, Hetton
3499 Skipton Barnoldswick, Bracewell, Brogden, Coates, Earby, Kelbrook, Marton in Craven, Salterforth, Thornton in Craven
3500 Skipton Conoley, Cowling, Cowling Hill, Cross Hills, Glusburn, Ickornshaw
3501 Skipton Bradleys Both, Brunthwaite, Cringles, Farnhill, Holden, Kildwick, Silsden, Swartha Online
3502 Skipton Broughton, Carlton, Dale End, Elslack, Skipton, Stirton & Thorlby
3503 Skipton Embsay with Eastby, Halton East, Rilston, Skipton
3504 Skipton Addingham, Barden, Beamsley, Bolton Abbey, Draughton, Drebley, Hazlewood, Storiths
3505 Skipton Appletreewick, Burnsall, Cracoe, Grassington, Harlington, Hebden, Linton, Skirethorns, Skyrcholme, Thorpe, Threapland, Threshfield
3506 Pateley Bridge Bowthwaite, Down Stonebeck, Fountains Earth, Heathfield, Lofthouse, Middlesmoor, Ramsgill, Stone, Upper Stonebeck
3507 Pateley Bridge Bewerley, Fellbeck, Glasshouses, High Bishopside, Low Bishopside, Pateley Bridge, Smelthouses, Wath, Wilsill Online
3508 Pateley Bridge Birstwith, Menwith with Darley, Padside, Thornthwaite, Thruscross
3509 Pateley Bridge Bishop Thornton, Braisty Woods, Burnt Yates, Clint, Dacre, Dacre Banks, Hartwith & Winsley, Heyshaw, Shaw Mills, Smelthouses, Summer Bridge, Warsill
3510 Ripon Ripon
3511 Ripon Aismunderby, Aldfield, Bishop Monkton, Bishopton, Bondgate, Bridge Hewick, Clotherholme, Copt Hewick, Givendale, Ingerthorpe, Lindrick, Little Studley, Markingfield Hall, Markington, North Lees, North Stainley, Ripon, Sharow, Sleningford, Studley Roger, Sutton Grange, Whitcliffe & Thorpe
3512 Ripon Azerley, Carlesmoor, Dallowgill, Eavestone, Galphay, Grantley, Grewelthorpe, Kexmoor, Kirkby Malzeard, Laverton, Mickley, Risplith, Sawley, Skelden, Winksley
3513 Ripon East Tanfield NRY, Howgrave NRY, Hutton Conyers NRY, Melmerby NRY, Norton Conyers NRY, Nosterfield NRY, Nunwick & Howgrave, Sutton Howgrave NRY, Thornborough NRY, Wath NRY, West Tanfield NRY
3514 Ripon Asenby NRY, Baldersby NRY, Dishforth NRY, Marton le Moor NRY, Newby & Mulwith NRY, Rainton & Newby NRY
3515 Great Ouseburn Aldborough, Arkendale, Boroughbridge, Branton pt NRY, Copgrove, Ellenthorpe NRY, Helperby NRY, Humberton pt NRY, Kirby Hill NRY, Langthorpe NRY, Lower Dunsforth pt, Marton with Grafton, Milby pt NRY, Minskip, Norton le Clay NRY, Roecliffe, Skelton, Staveley, Thornton Bridge NRY, Upper Dunsforth pt, Westwick
3516 Great Ouseburn Allerton Mauleverer, Cattal, Clareton, Coneythorpe, Great Ouseburn, Great Ribston, Green Hammerton, Hopperton, Hunsingore, Kirby Hall, Kirk Hammerton, Little Ouseburn, Nun Monkton, Thornville, Thorpe Underwoods, Tollerton NRY, Walshford, Whixley, Widdington, Youlton NRY
3517 Great Ouseburn Acomb, Hessay, Knapton, Moor Monkton, Nether Poppleton, Rufforth, Skipton NRY, Upper Poppleton
3518 Knaresborough Brearton, Burton Leonard, Cayton, Farnham, Ferrensby, Flaxby, Goldborough, Knaresborough, Nidd, Ockany, Plompton, Scotton, Scriven, South Stainley, Tentergate, Walkingham Hill
3519 Knaresborough Beckwith, Bilton & Harrogate, Felliscliffe, Follifoot, Hampsthwaite, Haverah Park, Killinghall, Pannal, Ripley
3520 Knaresborough Bilton & Harrogate
3521 Knaresborough Bilton & Harrogate
3522 Wetherby Angram, Barrowby, Bickerton, Bigton, Cowthorpe, Dunkeswick, Healthwaite Hill, Huby, Hutton Wandesley, Ingmanthorpe, Kearby & Netherby, Kirk Deighton, Kirkby Overblow, Linton, Little Ribston, Long Marston, Micklethwaite, Newby, North Deighton, Rigton, Sicklinghall, Spofforth, Swindon, Tockwith, Walton, Weeton, Wescoe Hill, Wetherby, Wighill, Wilstrop
3523 Wetherby Bardsley & Rigton, Bramham, Clifford & Boston, Collingham, Compton, East Keswick, Harewood, Oglethorpe, Scarcroft, Shadwell, Thorner, Thorp Arch, Weardley, Wigton, Wike, Wothersome
3524 Wharfedale Horsforth
3525 Wharfedale Adel cum Eccup, Alwoodley, Bramhope, Horsforth, Rawdon, Scotland, West End
3526 Wharfedale Arthington, Bland Hill, Blubberhouses, Castley, Clifton & Norwood, Farnley, Fewston, Great Timble, Jack Hill, Leathley, Lindley, Little Timble, Newall & Clifton, Poole, Stainburn
3527 Wharfedale Askwith, Burley Wharfedale, Denton, Ilkeley, Moorside, Snowden
3528 Wharfedale Ilkeley, Menston, Middleton, Nesfield & Langbar, Otley
3529 Wharfedale Menston, Otley, Weston
3530 Wharfedale Baildon, Carlton, Esholt
3531 Wharfedale Guiseley, Hawksworth, Yeadon
3532 Wharfedale Hennshaw, Yeadon
3533 Keighley Bingley
3534 Keighley Bingley, Collingworth, Cottingley, Gilsetad, Harden
3535 Keighley Bingley, East Morton, Hainworth, West Morton
3536 Keighley Keighley, Lane Ends, Oakworth, Steeton & Eastburn, Sutton
3537 Keighley Braithwaite, Keighley, Oakworth, Utley
3538 Keighley Keighley
3539 Keighley Keighley
3540 Keighley Keighley
3541 Keighley Keighley
3542 Keighley Haworth, Keighley, Oxenhope, Stanbury
3543 Todmorden Crimsworth, Erringden, Hawksclough, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Shackleton, Wadsworth
3544 Todmorden Backshawhead, Erringden, Hebden Bridge, Heptonstall, Mytholmroyd, Slack, Stansfield Lower Online
3545 Todmorden Cross Stones, Eastwood, Stansfield Middle, Stansfield Upper Online
3546 Todmorden Langfield, Stansfield Middle, Stansfield Upper Online
3547 Todmorden Gauxholme, Langfield, Todmorden & Walsden Online
3548 Todmorden Bottomley, Gauxholme, Langfield, Todmorden & Walsden
3549 Saddleworth Ansterlands, Lydgate, Saddleworth pt LAN Online
3550 Saddleworth Dob Cross, New Delph, Old Delph, Saddleworth pt LAN, Strians Online
3551 Saddleworth Diggle, Dob Cross, New Delph, Saddleworth pt LAN, Uppermill Online
3552 Saddleworth Saddleworth pt LAN, Wicken Online
3553 Huddersfield Lingards, Linthwaithe, Marsden Almondbury Online
3554 Huddersfield Marsden Almondbury, Marsden Huddersfiel, Slaithwaite Online
3555 Huddersfield Maglordship, Meltham, South Crosland Online
3556 Huddersfield Honley, Meltham, Netherthong Online
3557 Huddersfield Austonley, Holmbridge, Holme, Holmfirth, Upperthong Online
3558 Huddersfield Cartworth, Holmfirth, Wooldale Online
3559 Huddersfield Foolstone, Hepworth, Holmfirth, Jackson Bridge, Scholes, Wooldale Online
3560 Huddersfield Cumberworth, Lower Cumberworth, Shelley, Shepley, Thurstonland Online
3561 Huddersfield Burton, Kirkburton, Skelmanthorpe Online
3562 Huddersfield Almondbury, Longley, Lower Houses, Newsome Cross Online
3563 Huddersfield Almondbury, Berry Brow, Blagden, Farnley Tyas, Lockwood Online
3564 Huddersfield Bogden, Coln Bridge, Dalton, Denby, Kirkheaton, Lascelles Hall, Lepton, Rowley, Upper Heaton, Whitley Upper Online
3565 Huddersfield Dalton Online
3566 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3567 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3568 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3569 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3570 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3571 Huddersfield Huddersfield Online
3572 Huddersfield Cowcliffe, Huddersfield Online
3573 Huddersfield Huddersfield, Sheepridge Online
3574 Huddersfield Lockwood Online
3575 Huddersfield Lockwood Online
3576 Huddersfield Linthwaite, Lockwood Online
3577 Huddersfield Golcar Online
3578 Huddersfield Golcar, Lidley & Quarmby, Longwood, Scammonden Online
3579 Huddersfield Lidley & Quarmby Online
3580 Halifax Rastrick, Woodhouse
3581 Halifax Fixby, Rastrick
3582 Halifax Brighouse, Hipperholme, Lightcliffe
3583 Halifax Brighouse, Hipperholme
3584 Halifax Brighouse, Clifton, Hartshead, Hipperholme
3585 Halifax Southowram
3586 Halifax Southowram
3587 Halifax Halifax
3588 Halifax Halifax
3589 Halifax Halifax
3590 Halifax Halifax
3591 Halifax Halifax
3592 Halifax Halifax
3593 Halifax Halifax, Salterhebble, Skircoat
3594 Halifax Halifax, Kings Cross, Skircoat
3595 Halifax Elland & Greetland
3596 Halifax Blackley, Elland & Greetland
3597 Halifax Elland & Greetland, Sowood, Stainland
3598 Halifax Barkisland, Light Hazels, Ripponden, Rishworth, Soyland
3599 Halifax Skircoat, Sowerby Bridge, Warley Lower
3600 Halifax Norland, Sowerby, Sowerby Bridge, Warley Lower
3601 Halifax Mytholmroyd, Sowerby, Triangle
3602 Halifax Luddenden, Luddenden Foot, Midgley, Mytholmroyd, Warley Upper
3603 Halifax Illingworth, Mount Pellon, Ovenden, Wheatley
3604 Halifax Holdsworth, Illingworth, Ovenden
3605 Halifax Northowram
3606 Halifax Ambler Thorne, Boothtown, Northowram, Shibden Head
3607 Halifax Northowram, Shelf
3608 Bradford East Bierley, Hunsworth, Wike or Wyke
3609 Bradford Cleckheaton, East Bierley, Hunsworth, Oakenshaw, Scholes
3610 Bradford Cleckheaton
3611 Bradford Adwalton, Drighlington, Tong
3612 Bradford Tong
3613 Bradford Bierley, Bierley Lane, Buttershaw, Low Moor, North Bierley, Woodhouse Hill
3614 Bradford Buttershaw, Low Moor, North Bierley, Wibsey
3615 Bradford Bowling
3616 Bradford Bierley, Bowling
3617 Bradford Bierley, Bowling
3618 Bradford Bowling
3619 Bradford Bowling
3620 Bradford Bradford
3621 Bradford Bradford
3622 Bradford Bradford
3623 Bradford Bradford
3624 Bradford Bradford
3625 Bradford Bradford
3626 Bradford Bradford
3627 Bradford Bolton, Bradford
3628 Bradford Bradford
3629 Bradford Bradford
3630 Bradford Bradford, Manningham
3631 Bradford Manningham
3632 Bradford Manningham
3633 Bradford Manningham
3634 Bradford Manningham
3635 Bradford Manningham
3636 Bradford Bradford, Manningham
3637 Bradford Horton
3638 Bradford Horton
3639 Bradford Horton
3640 Bradford Horton
3641 Bradford Horton
3642 Bradford Horton
3643 Bradford Horton
3644 Bradford Thornton
3645 Bradford Clayton, Clayton Heights, Denholme, Thornton
3646 Bradford Clayton, Queensbury
3647 Bradford Allerton, Cullingworth Gate, Wilsden
3648 Bradford Saltaire, Shipley
3649 Bradford Frizinghall, Heaton, Shipley
3650 Bradford Heaton, Saltaire, Shipley
3651 Bradford Eccleshill
3652 Bradford Apperley Bridge, Eccleshill, Idle, Thackley
3653 Bradford Eccleshill, Idle, Windhill
3654 Bradford Calverley, Farsley
3655 Bradford Calverley, Farsley
3656 Bradford Pudsey, Upper Moor
3657 Bradford Fulneck, Pudsey
3658 Bradford Pudsey
3659 Hunslet Hunslet
3660 Hunslet Hunslet
3661 Hunslet Hunslet
3662 Hunslet Hunslet
3663 Hunslet Hunslet
3664 Hunslet Hunslet
3665 Hunslet Hunslet
3666 Hunslet Hunslet
3667 Hunslet Colton, Halton, Newsam Green, Oulton, Templenewsam, Thorpe Stapleton, Whitkirk, Woodlesford
3668 Hunslet Middleton, Rothwell, Royds Green
3669 Holbeck Beeston, Churwell, Holbeck
3670 Holbeck Holbeck
3671 Holbeck Holbeck
3672 Holbeck Holbeck
3673 Bramley Bramley, Rodley, Stanningley
3674 Bramley Bramley, Hough End
3675 Bramley Gildersome
3676 Bramley Wortley Online
3677 Bramley Wortley
3678 Bramley Wortley
3679 Bramley Farnley, Wortley
3680 Bramley Armley, Farnley
3681 Bramley Armley
3682 Bramley Armley, Wortley
3683 Leeds Leeds
3684 Leeds Leeds
3685 Leeds Leeds
3686 Leeds Leeds
3687 Leeds Leeds
3688 Leeds Leeds
3689 Leeds Leeds
3690 Leeds Leeds
3691 Leeds Leeds
3692 Leeds Leeds
3693 Leeds Leeds
3694 Leeds Leeds
3695 Leeds Leeds
3696 Leeds Leeds
3697 Leeds Leeds
3698 Leeds Leeds
3699 Leeds Leeds
3700 Leeds Leeds
3701 Leeds Leeds
3702 Leeds Leeds
3703 Leeds Leeds
3704 Leeds Leeds
3705 Leeds Leeds
3706 Leeds Leeds
3707 Leeds Leeds
3708 Leeds Leeds
3709 Leeds Headingley & Burley, Kirkstall
3710 Leeds Headingley & Burley, Kirkstall
3711 Leeds Headingley & Burley, Kirkstall
3712 Leeds Headingley & Burley
3713 Leeds Chapel Allerton, Gipton, Gledhow, Meanwood, Moor Allerton, Potter Newton
3714 Leeds Cross Gates, Potter Newton, Roundhay, Seacroft
3715 Dewsbury Bruntcliffe, Morley
3716 Dewsbury Morley
3717 Dewsbury Morley
3718 Dewsbury Batley, Batley Carr
3719 Dewsbury Batley, Batley Carr
3720 Dewsbury Batley
3721 Dewsbury Batley
3722 Dewsbury Birstall, Gomersal
3723 Dewsbury Birkenshaw, Gomersal
3724 Dewsbury Heckmondwike
3725 Dewsbury Heckmondwike, Liversedge
3726 Dewsbury Hightown, Liversedge
3727 Dewsbury Hightown, Liversedge
3728 Dewsbury Hopton, Mirfield
3729 Dewsbury Hopton, Mirfield, Northope
3730 Dewsbury Mirfield, Northope
3731 Dewsbury Dewsbury
3732 Dewsbury Dewsbury
3733 Dewsbury Dewsbury
3734 Dewsbury Dewsbury
3735 Dewsbury Dewsbury
3736 Dewsbury Chidswell, Hanging Heaton, Soothill
3737 Dewsbury Chickenley, Earls Heaton, Soothill
3738 Dewsbury Ossett & Gawthorpe
3739 Dewsbury Ossett & Gawthorpe
3740 Dewsbury Thornhill, Thornhill Lees
3741 Dewsbury Thornhill, Whitley Lower
3742 Wakefield Bretton West, Emley, Flockton, Middlestown, Midgley, Netherton, Overton, Shitlington Online
3743 Wakefield Bell Vue, Chapelthorpe, Chevet, Crigglestone, Dirt Car, Hollingthorpe, Milnthorpe, Painthorpe, Sandal Magna, Walton, Woodthorpe
3744 Wakefield Agbrigg, Crofton, Kirkthorpe, Newland, Normanton, Sharlstone, Warmfield & Heath, Woodhouse Moor
3745 Wakefield Altofts, Normanton
3746 Wakefield Eastmoor, Newton, Potovens, Stanley, Wrenthorpe Online
3747 Wakefield Eastmoor, Stanley, Wrenthorpe
3748 Wakefield Wakefield
3749 Wakefield Wakefield
3750 Wakefield Wakefield
3751 Wakefield Horbury Online
3752 Wakefield Alverthorpe, Thornes
3753 Wakefield Alverthorpe, Thornes
3754 Wakefield Ardsley East, Ardsley West Online
3755 Wakefield Ardsley East, Lofthouse & Carlton, Thorpe
3756 Pontefract Brotherton, Knottingley
3757 Pontefract Beaghall, Birkin, Brotherton, Burton Salmon, Byram cum Sutton, Cridling Stubbs, Fairburn, Ferry Bridge, Ferry Fryston, Hillam, Knottingley, Monk Fryton, Poole, Water Fryston
3758 Pontefract Balne, Egbrough, Hensall, Kellington, Stapleton, Whitley, Womersley
3759 Pontefract Ackton, Carleton, Darrington, East Hardwick, Featherstone, Snydale, Street House
3760 Pontefract Featherstone, Pontefract, Purston Jaglin
3761 Pontefract Monkhill, Pontefract, Pontefract Park, Tanshelf
3762 Pontefract Glass Houghton, Methley, Whitwood
3763 Pontefract Castleford, Methley, Mickletown
3764 Pontefract Castleford, Methley
3765 Hemsworth Ackworth, Brackenhill, Brierley, Cold Hiendley, Felkirk, Grimethorpe, Havercroft, Hessle & Hill Top, Huntwick & Foulby, Nostel, Ryhill, Shafton, South Hiendley, West Hardwick, Wintersett, Wragby
3766 Hemsworth Badsworth, Hamphall Stubbs, Hemsworth, Kingsley, Kirk Smeaton, Lane Ends, Little Smeaton, Royds Moor, Skelbrooke, Thorpe Audlin, Upton, Walden Stubbs
3767 Hemsworth Ackworth, Great Houghton, Little Houghton, Minsthorpe, Moorthorpe, North Elmsall, South Elmsall, South Kirkby, Wrangbrook
3768 Barnsley Carlton, Cudworth, Darton, Lane End, Mapplewell, Stair Cross Online
3769 Barnsley Moorhouse, Notton, Roystone, Woolley
3770 Barnsley Ardsley, Barnsley
3771 Barnsley Barnsley
3772 Barnsley Barnsley
3773 Barnsley Barnsley
3774 Barnsley Barnsley Online
3775 Barnsley Barnsley, Barugh, Dodworth, Gawber, Higham Online
3776 Barnsley Ardsley, Barnsley, Burton Grange, Dodworth, Monk Bretton
3777 Barnsley Billingley, Broomhill, Darfield, Eddersthorpe, Tyers Hill, Wombwell Online
3778 Barnsley Hemingfield, Smithley, Wombwell Online
3779 Barnsley Nether Hoyland, Wombwell
3780 Barnsley Nether Hoyland, Upper Hoyland, Wombwell
3781 Barnsley Worsborough, Worsborough Bridge, Worsborough Common, Worsborough Dale
3782 Barnsley Birdwell, Faithwaite, Hay Green, Kendal Green, Rockley, Stainborough, Worsborough, Worsborough Bridge
3783 Wortley Cawthorne, Haigh, Kexbrough, Silkstone, Swithen, Thurgoland
3784 Wortley Denby, High Hoyland, West Clayton Online
3785 Wortley Carlcoates, Ecklands, Gunthwaite, Hoyland Swaine, Hunshelf, Ingbirchworth, Langsett, Oxspring, Penistone, Thurlstone Online
3786 Wortley Bromley, Holbrook, Pilley, Tankersley, Wortley Online
3787 Wortley Butterthwaite, Ecclesfield, Grenoside, Shire Green, Wincobank
3788 Wortley Birley Carr, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield, Southey, Wadsley Bridge, Whitley Online
3789 Wortley Ecclesfield, Wadsley
3790 Wortley Ecclesfield, High Green, Lane End, Mortomley
3791 Wortley Bradfield, Low Bradfield, Stannington, Storrs, Wigtwizle, Worrall Online
3792 Wortley Bolsterstone, Bradfield, Midhope, Stannington Online
3793 Ecclesall Bierlow Nether Hallam
3794 Ecclesall Bierlow Nether Hallam
3795 Ecclesall Bierlow Nether Hallam
3796 Ecclesall Bierlow Nether Hallam
3797 Ecclesall Bierlow Nether Hallam
3798 Ecclesall Bierlow Crookes, Nether Hallam
3799 Ecclesall Bierlow Crookes, Nether Hallam
3800 Ecclesall Bierlow Dore DBY, Fulwood, Ranmoor, Ringinglowe, Totley DBY, Upper Hallam
3801 Ecclesall Bierlow Beauchief DBY, Bradway DBY, Greenhill DBY, Hemsworth DBY, Little Norton DBY, Norton DBY, Norton Lees DBY, Woodseats DBY
3802 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3803 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3804 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3805 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3806 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3807 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3808 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3809 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3810 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3811 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow
3812 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow, Heeley
3813 Ecclesall Bierlow Ecclesall Bierlow, Heeley
3814 Sheffield Sheffield Online
3815 Sheffield Sheffield
3816 Sheffield Sheffield
3817 Sheffield Sheffield Online
3818 Sheffield Sheffield Online
3819 Sheffield Sheffield
3820 Sheffield Sheffield
3821 Sheffield Sheffield
3822 Sheffield Sheffield
3823 Sheffield Sheffield
3824 Sheffield Sheffield
3825 Sheffield Sheffield
3826 Sheffield Sheffield Online
3827 Sheffield Sheffield
3828 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Online
3829 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow
3830 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Online
3831 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow
3832 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow, New Grimsthorpe
3833 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow
3834 Sheffield Brightside Bierlow
3835 Sheffield Brightside, Brightside Bierlow, New Grimsthorpe
3836 Sheffield Brightside, Brightside Bierlow
3837 Sheffield Attercliffe Darnall
3838 Sheffield Attercliffe Darnall
3839 Sheffield Attercliffe Darnall
3840 Sheffield Attercliffe Darnall
3841 Sheffield Attercliffe Darnall
3842 Sheffield Handsworth, Richmond, Woodhouse
3843 Sheffield Gleadless, Handsworth, Hollinsend, Intake, Woodhouse
3844 Rotherham Aston with Aughton, Beighton DBY, Birley DBY, Brampton le Morthen, Catcliffe, Hackenthorpe DBY, Netherthorpe, Orgreave, Sothal DBY, Treeton, Ulley Online
3845 Rotherham Brinsworth, Herringthorpe, Rotherham, Whiston
3846 Rotherham Rotherham
3847 Rotherham Brinsworth, Rotherham, Whiston
3848 Rotherham Dalton, Guildthwaite, Morthen, Rotherham, Tinsley, Upper Whiston, Whiston, Wickersley Online
3849 Rotherham Bradgate, Kimberworth
3850 Rotherham Kimberworth, Rotherham Online
3851 Rotherham Blackburn, Kimberworth, Rawmarsh, Scholes, Thorpe Hesley
3852 Rotherham Parkgates, Rawmarsh, Upper Haugh Online
3853 Rotherham Greasbrough, Kilnhurst, Nether Haugh, Rawmarsh Online
3854 Rotherham Brampton Bierlow, Elsecar, Thorpe Hesley, Wath upon Dearne, Wentworth
3855 Rotherham Brampton Bierlow, Swinton, West Melton Online
3856 Rotherham Brampton Bierlow, Kilnhurst, Swinton, Wath upon Dearne Online
3857 Rotherham Bramley, Brookhouse, Carr, Hellaby, Hooton Levett, Hooton Roberts, Laughton le Morthen, Maltby, Ravenfield, Slade Hooton, Thrybergh, Yews
3858 Doncaster Braithwell, Clifton, Conisbrough, Edlington, Loversall, Micklebring, Stainton, Tickhill, Wilsick
3859 Doncaster Balby & Hexthorpe, Carr House, Denaby, Elm Field, Stancill, Wadworth, Warmsworth, Wellingley
3860 Doncaster Adwick upon Dearne, Barmbrough, Bilham, Bolton upon Dearne, Brodsworth, Cadeby, Clayton & Frickley, Cusworth, Goldthorpe, Hartington, Hickleton, Hooton Pagnell, Marr, Melton High, Mexborough, Moorhouse, Newton, Pigburn, Scausby, Sprotbrough, Stotfold, Thurnscoe
3861 Doncaster Mexborough
3862 Doncaster Doncaster
3863 Doncaster Doncaster
3864 Doncaster Doncaster
3865 Doncaster Doncaster
3866 Doncaster Adwick le Street, Almholme, Askern, Bentley & Arksey, Braithwaite, Burghwallis, Campsall, Carcroft, Fenwick, Hampole, Holme, Kirk Bramwith, Kirkhouse Green, Moss, Norton, Owston, Scawthorpe, Shaftholme, Skellow, Stockbridge, Sutton, Thorpe in Balne, Trumfleet
3867 Doncaster Armthorpe, Auckley pt NTT, Austerfield, Barnby upon Don, Bawtry, Bessacarr, Blaxton, Brampton, Cantley, Finningley NTT, Kirk Sandall, Misson NTT, Rossington, Wheatley, Wilby
3868 Thorne Beltoft LIN, Belton LIN, Epworth LIN, Woodhouse LIN, Wroot LIN
3869 Thorne Dunscroft, Dykesmarsh, Fishlake, Hatfield, Hatfield Woodhouse, Moor Ends, Stainforth, Sykehouse, Thorne
3870 Thorne Althorpe LIN, Amcotts LIN, Crowle LIN, Derrythorpe LIN, Ealand LIN, Eastoft LIN, Keadby LIN
3871 Goole Adlingfleet, Eastoft, Fockerby, Garthorpw LIN, Haldenby, Luddington LIN, Ousefleet, Reedness, Swinefleet, Whitgift
3872 Goole Armin, Goole, Hook
3873 Goole Goole, Hook
3874 Goole Gowdall, Pollington, Rawcliffe, Snaith & Cowick
3875 Selby Camblesforth, Carlton, Chapel Haddlesey, Drax, East Haddlesey, Hirst Courtney, Long Drax, Newland, Temple Hirst
3876 Selby Barlow, Brayton, Burn, Gateforth, Hambleton, Selby, Thorpe Willoughby, West Haddlesey
3877 Selby Biggin, Cawood, Little Fenton, Selby, Wistow
3878 Selby Barlby ERY, Cliff cum Lund ERY, Kelfield ERY, North Duffield ERY, Osgodby ERY, Riccall ERY, Skipwith ERY, South Duffield ERY
3879 Tadcaster Aberford, Allerton Bywater, Austhorpe, Barwick in Elmet, Church Garforth, Garforth, Manston, Parlington, Potterton, Scholes, Sturton Grange, West Garforth
3880 Tadcaster Garforth, Great Preston, Huddleston & Lumby, Kippax, Lead, Ledsham, Ledstone, Little Preston, Lotherton Aberford, Micklefield, Newthorpe, Newton, Swillington
3881 Tadcaster Askham Bryan, Bilbrough, Catterton, Colton, East Tadcaster, Grimston, Healaugh, Kirkby cum Milford, Newton Kyme, Oxton, Stutton & Hazlewood, Towton, West Tadcaster
3882 Tadcaster Acaster Selby, Appleton Roebuck, Barkston, Bolton Percy, Kirk Fenton, Ryther & Ossendyke, Saxton, Scarthingwell, Sherburn, South Milford, Steeton, Ulleskelf